Trailer Round Up: Michael Welch, Michael Sheen, Tinsel Korey

Michael Welch, Michael Sheen, Tinsel Korey each have upcoming projects whose trailers and previews have just come out.

According to his PR team, “Michael Welch has a BIG first week in April. On April 7TH he has a guest spot on BONES as Norman Hayes (EPISODE : FEET ON THE BEACH—see preview below) and on April 8 World Premiere of Unrequited (official selection of the First Glance Film Festival Hollywood April 8 at 7:30pm at Raleigh Studios. First Night Screening (143 MIN) Tickets are $12.00 Click here to order tickets. Doors open at 7:30PM & Screening Begins at 8:00 p.m.

Michael is finishing his shoot of Born Bad this week.

Michael’s Sheen’s new trailer for Midnight in Paris co-starring his current girlfriend Rachel McAdams just came out. Also for all you Dr. Who fans, episode writer Neil Gaiman stated that Michael will be in an episode this year! Hard to get better than writer extraordinaire Gaiman and Sheen teaming up in the Who franchise.

Tinsel Korey Tweeted about her new trailer for a film called Avarice (AK greed)

Fan Encounter With Breaking Dawn Cast in Baton Rogue

A fan from Letters to Twilight was in Baton Rogue on business and she had a great encounter with the cast. She also describes the vibe of the area locals when it comes to filming in the area.

“I’m in Baton Rouge for a conference (they were really convinced after I suggested the location because “it’s more affordable and saving the extra money adds to our bottom line at the end of year”!) and have had the awesome privilege of hanging out with a number of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn cast. *Not Robsten. Damn.* But I have pictures to prove that they are actually here in Louisiana! I was with Erik Odom (Who? I know! He’s Peter, nomad- Jasper’s friend), Michael Sheen, and some others.

I read LTT all the time and also was curious about the lack of BR photos available. The thing is they really are blending in like regular people down here. (Like someone even thought I was Bella, told me to get on set & into bed with “Edward!” I didn’t ask questions) It’s crazy to imagine, but now that I’ve seen it myself I understand why the locals are keeping it quiet.

They are just nice people and you feel bad for interrupting them to be “that crazy Twihard” that has spotted the Twilight star. And now needs a picture… Or 3… They are just working, and have the same 24 hours in a day that we all do. I saw them in the lobby walking around and felt odd stopping them to say hi. It took me a day to speak to one. When I did he, was super nice and introduced me to everyone. It was epic.”

Check out her whole story and a bunch of photos over on Letters to Twilight.

Robert Pattinson Heading to the BAFTA’s As a Presenter? The Ads Certainly Suggest The Possibility

Unlike the Golden Globes and the OSCARS that do weeks of PR for their awards including name dropping presenters at regularly scheduled intervals, the BAFTA’s are more low-key. You discover who is presenting maybe days before. The show airs on February 13th.

Here’s who we think is likely to be there from the Twilight cast in a presenting role assuming Breaking Dawn filming allows:

Robert Pattinson: As a UK Robert Pattinson site points out his face is splashed all over their promotional ads in the London Tube and in their TV adverts. He presented last year and with Water for Elephants, Bel Ami, and Breaking Dawn coming out this year he’s a big attraction. Also given his age, it’s a way to get younger viewers to tune in.

Kristen Stewart: Last year she won the Rising Star Award. It’s a bit of a tradition for the previous year’s winner to present the statue to the current year’s winner. See video below.

Michael Sheen: He’s producing a Passion Play for his hometown in Wales, Port Talbot. In the fall he’s slated to do Hamlet at the Old Vic, and then there are all the mega-hits he’s in from Alice in Wonderland to Tron to Breaking Dawn and then the smaller films like Midnight in Paris that’s currently in production.  He’s practically the poster boy for local Welsh Boy Makes Good.

Long shot: Jamie Campbell-Bower is making a name for himself starring as King Arthur in the upcoming Camelot. He’s also in the final Harry Potter movies. We’re actually wondering if Jamie might appear as a future Rising Star nominee.

Anna Kendrick: She was there last year for Up in the Air. She’s also a bit of an anglophile following UK shows like The X-Factor where she made a guest appearance this season.

Michael Sheen Can Be Your Romeo

The beauty of voice recording is you can be decades too  old to play a part, but if you are just reading it, who cares!

According to the press release:

“Mindconnex Learning Ltd today announced the availability of its Shakespeare In Bits titles on the new Mac App Store. Both Shakespeare In Bits: Romeo & Juliet and the newly released Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth are available in new versions that harness the unique capabilities of the Mac platform.

“We’re very excited about the Mac App Store,” said Michael Cordner, director and Lead Technologist at Mindconnex Learning. “It puts the entire Mac-using audience within easy reach, and is an ideal distribution platform for our educational titles. Our new Mac App Store versions of Shakespeare In Bits nicely complement the existing iOS versions, and provide new options for teachers looking for a compelling way to present Shakespeare to their classes.”

Released for iOS devices in May 2010 and featuring the voice talents of Michael Sheen (30 Rock, Frost/Nixon) and Kate Beckinsale (The Aviator, Underworld) as the tragic couple, Shakespeare In Bits: Romeo & Juliet continues to prove popular with students and educators alike. Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth, featuring Stephen Dillane (King Arthur, The Hours) and Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter series) extends the winning formula established by the Shakespeare In Bits series to one of Shakespeare’s most widely regarded titles.

Shakespeare In Bits is a new, integrated approach to the study of Shakespeare that promotes quicker learning, deeper understanding, and greater appreciation of Shakespeare’s plays. Leveraging the full capabilities of the Mac platform and iOS devices, each title presents an interactive, unabridged version of the play’s text alongside a fully animated presentation. It also includes a range of innovative study features, including dynamic translations of difficult terms, comprehensive synopses and study notes for each section, and a character map highlighting the relationships between the key characters.

Each Shakespeare In Bits Mac App Store title includes:

  • The unabridged original play text, broken into easily digested “bits”
  • A fully animated video presentation with audio provided by Naxos Audiobooks
  • A new Mac-exclusive subtitle feature with closed caption text window.
  • Comprehensive notes, summaries, and analyses for each section
  • A unique in-line translation system for obscure words and phrases
  • Biographies for each character, accessed from the main play or through the Cast browser
  • A character relationship map, demonstrating key relationships in the play

Pricing and Availability

Shakespeare In Bits: Romeo & Juliet and Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth Mac App Store editions will retail for $24.99 (USD) on the Mac App Store (with equivalent local pricing in other currencies).

About Mindconnex

Mindconnex Learning Limited is an educational software development company based in Dublin, Ireland. It employs 5 educational software and developer professionals. It was founded in 2008 to create genuinely innovative digital learning tools for today’s students and teachers.


Michael Sheen on Craig Ferguson and The Volturi Are Coming

Michael Sheen was on Craig Ferguson to promote Tron. His fellow Volturi members: Dan Cudmore, Charlie Bewley, Jamie Campbell-Bower, and Cameron Bright have all tweeted about going to Louisiana. Can Michael be far behind? Look out Baton Rouge, more vampires heading your way!

Michael Sheen Mentions Breaking Dawn to TV Guide

Michael was awarded the a BAFTA Britannia Awards and he talked to TV Guide on the Red Carpet.

You can get full coverage of Michael’s witty and very off-color speech that pretty much brought the house down in laughter that night over at Hitfix.

When the main BAFTAs come out later this year look for Welcome To the Rileys to score some nominations because director Jake Scott is a Brit. Also look for Kristen Stewart to make a reappearance and to give out the Rising Star Award.

Variety: Michael Sheen Is Signed For Breaking Dawn

Yesterday we got hit with a bunch of emails from people thinking Michael Sheen wasn’t coming back for Breaking Dawn. We’re not really sure how that one got started. In any case, Variety (that has an excellent industry reputation) confirms that Michael is in fact onboard with Breaking Dawn.

“Michael Sheen is returning as a vampire leader in Summit’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.”
The British thesp closed his deal with the studio to reprise his turn as Aro, the leader of the vampire royalty Volturi…Sheen’s upcoming credits include Disney’s “Tron” and “Beautiful Boy” opposite Maria Bello, Woody Allen’s romantic comedy “Midnight in Paris,” and “Jesus Henry Christ” opposite Toni Collette. He will return to the stage next year starring in “Hamlet,” which will premiere at the Young Vic in London.”

See more on Variety

The other members of the other members of the Volturi should be making a reappearance as well. In all likelihood, since their parts don’t film right away, they are just fine tuning contracts which is pretty typical.

Michael Sheen in Manic Street Preachers Video

It looks like Jamie Campbell Bower isn’t the only member of the Volturi to do a music video this week. Michael Sheen tweeted that hes was in a video for Manic Street Preachers.

“Manics video was thrilling. The whole thing is one take. Should be pretty cool. The guys were great. A real honour. Really like the song too.” As Michael says it’s pretty impressive that they did this video with one camera and in one take!

Michael then gave a link to when the video debuted on the UK’s GMTV.

British actress Anna Friel is the other chess player in this video. She’s best known to American audiences from her role on Pushing Daisies and to Harry Potter fans as the long-time partner of actor DAvid Thewlis who plays Remus Lupin. No matter what, we’re pretty sure that she’s the envy of just about everyone starting at the 2:45 mark or so.

Michael Sheen Talks Inner 11 Year Olds and More

HitFix talked to Michael Sheen at Comic Con where he was promoting Tron. He mentioned Twilight a few times.

Michael Sheen on Craig Ferguson

When Michael Sheen shows up on the Craig Ferguson show, it’s always a great laugh!  This time laughs are at a max when they talk about some things – body parts we mean – that may have ended up on screen accidentally!  Remember, this interview originally aired on late night TV so the topic is mature. Thanks to Twilightish for the vids.