Robert Pattinson Heading to the BAFTA’s As a Presenter? The Ads Certainly Suggest The Possibility

Unlike the Golden Globes and the OSCARS that do weeks of PR for their awards including name dropping presenters at regularly scheduled intervals, the BAFTA’s are more low-key. You discover who is presenting maybe days before. The show airs on February 13th.

Here’s who we think is likely to be there from the Twilight cast in a presenting role assuming Breaking Dawn filming allows:

Robert Pattinson: As a UK Robert Pattinson site points out his face is splashed all over their promotional ads in the London Tube and in their TV adverts. He presented last year and with Water for Elephants, Bel Ami, and Breaking Dawn coming out this year he’s a big attraction. Also given his age, it’s a way to get younger viewers to tune in.

Kristen Stewart: Last year she won the Rising Star Award. It’s a bit of a tradition for the previous year’s winner to present the statue to the current year’s winner. See video below.

Michael Sheen: He’s producing a Passion Play for his hometown in Wales, Port Talbot. In the fall he’s slated to do Hamlet at the Old Vic, and then there are all the mega-hits he’s in from Alice in Wonderland to Tron to Breaking Dawn and then the smaller films like Midnight in Paris that’s currently in production.  He’s practically the poster boy for local Welsh Boy Makes Good.

Long shot: Jamie Campbell-Bower is making a name for himself starring as King Arthur in the upcoming Camelot. He’s also in the final Harry Potter movies. We’re actually wondering if Jamie might appear as a future Rising Star nominee.

Anna Kendrick: She was there last year for Up in the Air. She’s also a bit of an anglophile following UK shows like The X-Factor where she made a guest appearance this season.


  1. Vanity Fair Magazine should do cover photo shoot of whole Twilight cast plus Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart since Breaking Dawn is the last
    book in the series.

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