Fan Encounter With Breaking Dawn Cast in Baton Rogue

A fan from Letters to Twilight was in Baton Rogue on business and she had a great encounter with the cast. She also describes the vibe of the area locals when it comes to filming in the area.

“I’m in Baton Rouge for a conference (they were really convinced after I suggested the location because “it’s more affordable and saving the extra money adds to our bottom line at the end of year”!) and have had the awesome privilege of hanging out with a number of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn cast. *Not Robsten. Damn.* But I have pictures to prove that they are actually here in Louisiana! I was with Erik Odom (Who? I know! He’s Peter, nomad- Jasper’s friend), Michael Sheen, and some others.

I read LTT all the time and also was curious about the lack of BR photos available. The thing is they really are blending in like regular people down here. (Like someone even thought I was Bella, told me to get on set & into bed with “Edward!” I didn’t ask questions) It’s crazy to imagine, but now that I’ve seen it myself I understand why the locals are keeping it quiet.

They are just nice people and you feel bad for interrupting them to be “that crazy Twihard” that has spotted the Twilight star. And now needs a picture… Or 3… They are just working, and have the same 24 hours in a day that we all do. I saw them in the lobby walking around and felt odd stopping them to say hi. It took me a day to speak to one. When I did he, was super nice and introduced me to everyone. It was epic.”

Check out her whole story and a bunch of photos over on Letters to Twilight.

Around the Twilight Blogs

The Peace, Love, and Twilight blog is doing an interview with the creator of the Twilight Board game.

They are asking for fan imput on the questions. So hop on over and tell them what you want to know.

The Cullen Boys have a great account with about a chance meeting with Rachelle LeFevere and Kellan Lutz. They later met Jackson Rathbone after his 100 Monkeys Concert.

“I see this shock of red hair. An lo and behold it’s Rachelle Lefevre! I couldn’t believe it, I had a mental block on her name and all I could say to Jamie was red hair… red hair… So we wander over and join the autograph seekers and I have her sign my book and she signed Jamie’s twilight poster. She was very gracious, and beautiful her hair is so remarkable such a vibrant red.”

Over on Twicrack, you can hear about the cast at the Dills show over at the Metropole.

Which is good that the cast got to unwind because, according to Twilight Gossip, it looks like they are back to night shoots over at the alleged Cullen House. They built the house to resemble the actual house located outside of Portland. Only this one has features to enable filming so the crew doesn’t find themselves stuffed into closests or half-hanging out a window to get the shot.

Nashville Fan Meets the Cast

Remember a couple of days ago when we reported on a Vancouver Sun article talking about a Nashville, TN fan and her quest to fly to Vancouver and meet members of the New Moon cast?

Well, guess who she ran into in Starbucks without even trying?

“There are two Starbucks at the corner of Thurlow and Robson and we picked the right one,” said an excited Leanne. Kellan Lutz was in line waiting to get a coffee wearing iPod ear buds.

“I said to Sara that’s Kellan and she didn’t believe it,” she told The Sun. “I said yes it is and she shut right down, she couldn’t get out of her seat.”

Leanne waited until Lutz had paid for his coffee and approached him, talking very, very fast.

“He couldn’t hear me, so I poked him in his enormous bicep,” she laughed. Lutz agreed to go around the corner to have his picture taken, to avoid further attention.

“When he went in to hug me for the photo it was very up close and personal,” she said. And it was great.”

Get the whole story via the Times Colonist.