“Thank You!” to the Fandom from Michael Welch

Michael Welch posted the following comment on his twitter yesterday. For those of you who have had a chance to meet Michael at a convention or DVD release, then you know how much he genuinely loves this fandom! And lets not forget that he was the one who coined the term “Twi-hard.”

Nearly 5 years ago, I walked into Deb Aquila’s casting office in Hollywood for the millionth time, to audition for the role of Edward Cullen in a new film that was picking up a lot of industry buzz called Twilight. Who knew that would be the moment that changed my life.

Having not had a particularly strong audition, I didn’t expect to be coming back for that role. But I knew there were plenty of other roles available and was excited to be able to return and read for Eric Yorkie, Bella’s enthusiastic new friend, eager to give her a shoulder to cry on. I had much more fun in that audition, especially having met Catherine Hardwicke and getting a sense that our visions for this high school world matched up pretty seamlessly. I had one more audition for Eric but had to leave early to work on an episode of Numbers (I think). But even having missed that round, Catherine still wanted me back for the final high school audition- This time, as Mike Newton.

That’s when I met Kristen, Justin, Christian, and Anna. I just had fun with it. I knew what I had to offer that role. They were either going to connect with my take on it, my flavor, or the other actor auditioning for Mike, a great young talent named Hunter Parish. Hunter and I were actually big fans of each other and talked in the waiting room for a long time before going in. I even expressed my admiration for Hunter to Catherine after my audition and told her I would have no problem losing out to him. There was no competition in that room; it was just a bunch of talented, confident young actors playing off each other, offering what we all had to bring to our respective roles. But I gotta tell you, the combination of the 5 of us who ended up in the movie together just felt right. I kinda knew it was gonna be us.

That’s when the journey began. The phenomenon spread like wildfire. During the making of the first film, no one knew exactly what to expect, but I think we all had a sense that we were a part of something special.

Before I knew it, I was traveling the country, the WORLD, meeting fans, visiting soldiers with the USO, seeing Paris, receiving hundreds of pairs of socks based on a blog I wrote, and most importantly, being put into a position to be able to get clean water to those around the world who don’t have it by working with The Thirst Project [Thirstproject.org :)]. It’s been quite a journey.

And now that we’re reaching the end of these films that have been such an integral part of my life over the years, I guess I just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you to the cast, with many of whom I will remain lifelong friends. Thank you to our various crews and directors, to Summit, to the cities of Portland, Vancouver, and Baton Rouge. Thank you to Stephanie Meyer for creating something so beautiful. Thanks to Charity, Amanda, Shirley, Larry, Candace and everyone who have been so selflessly supportive all these years. I think I may take you guys for granted sometimes but I really do appreciate everything you do for me. Thanks to my mom and dad for giving me EVERY opportunity to be able to build an incredible life that I wouldn’t trade for anything. And most of all, thanks to YOU, the fans. You literally make my dreams possible. I don’t lose sight for a second of the magic of what I get to do and I owe it ALL to you. You make it happen- For me, for all of us.

This is not the end of our relationship together, far from it. I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on these past several years. I will cherish them for the rest of my life. Thank you. 🙂 -Mike

Michael Welch: What Mike Newton Feels About Bella in Breaking Dawn

This interview was shot at the Thirst Project Gala where Michael Welch was recently honored. You want to watch starting at the 2:00 mark or so for the info on Breaking Dawn.

Remember that tonight Mike is starring in Born Bad on Lifetime.

Mike Welch: No More Mr. Nice Guy in Born Bad

Check out Mike on the Lifetime Network on July 11th.

Video: Michael Welch on The Thirst Gala Red Carpet

Justin Chon and Christian Serratos present Michael Welch with the award. They come in at around the 1:34 mark.

Via Larry 411

Michael Welch to be Honored at The Thirst Gala

Earlier this year, Michael Welch lead the charge with raising money to build a well in Africa so that people could have sustainable drinking water. Michael more than met his goal. For his dedication and more, The Thirst Project is honoring Michael at their annual gala. Best yet the gala will be streaming live tomorrow night. See the details in the video!


Chyler Leigh and JR Bourne host the 2nd Annual Thirst Gala from The Thirst Project on Vimeo.

Also coming up for Mike is the Lifetime original movie called Born Bad that debuts on July 11. According to the official description, “It’s a nightmare for Brooke, pulled out of high school to a nowhere town, with a step-mom who’s expecting a new addition to this already dysfunctional family. Then she meets Denny. He’s gorgeous, charming, thrilling, everything her life isn’t. But as Denny reveals his dark side, Brooke must trust her stepmother if they are all to survive”. We hear that Mike has a real seductive charm in this one. Check it out.

Michael Welch: Walk on the Horizon PSA

To learn more about the New Horizon’s organization, see their website

Trailer Round Up: Michael Welch, Michael Sheen, Tinsel Korey

Michael Welch, Michael Sheen, Tinsel Korey each have upcoming projects whose trailers and previews have just come out.

According to his PR team, “Michael Welch has a BIG first week in April. On April 7TH he has a guest spot on BONES as Norman Hayes (EPISODE : FEET ON THE BEACH—see preview below) and on April 8 World Premiere of Unrequited (official selection of the First Glance Film Festival Hollywood April 8 at 7:30pm at Raleigh Studios. First Night Screening (143 MIN) Tickets are $12.00 Click here to order tickets. Doors open at 7:30PM & Screening Begins at 8:00 p.m.

Michael is finishing his shoot of Born Bad this week.

Michael’s Sheen’s new trailer for Midnight in Paris co-starring his current girlfriend Rachel McAdams just came out. Also for all you Dr. Who fans, episode writer Neil Gaiman stated that Michael will be in an episode this year! Hard to get better than writer extraordinaire Gaiman and Sheen teaming up in the Who franchise.

Tinsel Korey Tweeted about her new trailer for a film called Avarice (AK greed)

Michael Welch and The Thirst Project Reach Goal

About a month ago Mike Welch started a campaign to have fans contribute just $5.00 each to raise money to build a well for safe drinking water. The initial goal was $5,000. Mike had an anonymous sponsor who would match the $5,000 so that the $10,000 needed overall for the project would be there. When that goal was met, Mike was looking for an extra $2,500 to rehabilitate an old well. Mike released the results on Twitter last night and both goals were met and then some!

“In case you haven’t heard we raised $7,545 in our campaign, surpassing both our initial, AND revised goals! Thanks to your efforts, we’ll be able to build a clean water well in Swaziland and rehabilitate a well in Uganda. @thirstproject will be announcing a winner TOMORROW (Lexicon Note: January 17, 2011]to come with us to Swaziland in December. Thank you SO much for participating in this!You’re giving the gift of water, opportunity, education, disease prevention,and an enriched life to 2 communities (approximately 700 people), not to mention subsequent generations to follow. You’ve changed the world for the better. :)”

Check out The Thirst Project here.

Michael Welch is 154 People Away From Goal

Michael Tweeted an update on his efforts with The Thirst Project.

“At this point we’ve raised $4,241. Our goal is $5,000! We have $760 to go. If we can get 152 more donations at $5 over the next two weeks, we’ll be able to build a clean water well in Swaziland! I really appreciate your generosity so far. This is going to save and enhance the lives of thousands of people over the next several decades.”

So if you can give $5 to this cause please do!

Michael Welch to appear at Star Trek film festival

There are many fandom crossovers within the cast of Twilight, but none that make Alphie’s sci-fi loving heart leap with joy more than the fact that Michael Welch was in Star Trek: Insurrection. (He was in a really cool episode of Stargate SG1 too, but that’s for another post…) To refresh your memory, Michael plays Artim, the little boy who teaches Data how to play like a child. If there are any other Trekkies out there in the Twilight fandom, here is your chance to mix the two fandoms in a really fun way!

Michael Welch will be appearing at the Laemmle Royal Theatre off of Santa Monica Blvd in West Los Angeles on August 21. The event is a midnight showing of ST: Insurrection as well as the parody short Brokeback Enterprise, which I have never seen but sounds rather comical! Tickets are $10. For more information, visit Laemmle Theatres’ website.