Video: Maggie Grace Talks Breaking Dawn and French With Craig Ferguson

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 TV appearances are starting. Last night Maggie Grace who plays Irina was on teh Late Late Show.

Michael Sheen on Craig Ferguson

When Michael Sheen shows up on the Craig Ferguson show, it’s always a great laugh!  This time laughs are at a max when they talk about some things – body parts we mean – that may have ended up on screen accidentally!  Remember, this interview originally aired on late night TV so the topic is mature. Thanks to Twilightish for the vids.

Craig Ferguson Mentions Twilight Again

It’s a brief mention around the 5:35 mark or so. Looks like Craig now knows about the werewolves too. It will be fun to see if Robert Pattinson ends up on his show as part of the remember Me PR.

Anna Kendrick on Craig Ferguson

TY top Eliza

Craig Ferguson’s Twilight Dilemma

Ty to Eliza for the heads up on this one. Craig mentioned The Twilight Saga in his late-night TV monologue last night, and it along with Harry Potter is causing him a dilemma.

Craig Ferguson Spoof

We know how Late Night TV loves to spoof the popular kids. In this particular spoof Craig Ferguson pokes fun at Stephenie Meyer and J.K Rowling.  Remember this is a SPOOF and meant to be funny =)