Michael Sheen in HBO Movie

Michael Sheen steps into the role of former Prime Tony Blair once again in HBO’s “A Special Relationship.”  The film is about Blair’s relationship with Pres. Clinton, played by Dennis Quaid.  You can catch the movie on HBO at 9EST.  Read more about the film at The New York Times.

Fan Encounter with Michael Sheen

Just because he tops the list of Twilight stars I would love to meet, I couldn’t resist sharing this encounter a fan had with Aro – er, I mean Michael Sheen.

“I was with my family at the Festival of Books at UCLA and looked up to see Sheen right next to my husband. I said, “Hi Mr. Sheen” and he turned around and said “hello”. I asked if I could take a picture with him and if not because it might start a crowd it was okay and he said “of course”. He was so gracious and sweet. We took a picture, which I was not photo ready for, and after quick talk and we were off. What a nice addition to our afternoon!”

Congrats to you, Monica, and thanks for sharing your story.  I’m jealous!   Be sure to follow Michael Sheen on Twitter.

Michael Sheen: Adored by 13-Year-Olds Everywhere

Michael Sheen at the Alice in Wonderland Premiere

Michael Sheen at Alice premiereIf you’re one of the many people out there anxious for March 12 to get here for a Rob fix, use your waiting time to head to the theatre to see “Alice in Wonderland” which opens on  March 5 and catch Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit.

The premiere for the film was held in London where the stars braved the rain to walk the red carpet.  Sky News gives all the details about the event and has images of all the films stars.

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine Sheen said that he never gets spotted by Twilight fans even though he wants to.  “No one recognises me. It’s great – I get to be part of the whole [Twilight] phenomenon and yet I don’t get bothered – although I would like to be bothered!”

He also spoke with Trailer Addict on his character and working on this new project.

Michael Sheen at Ultimate Alice Event

There was a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan event featuring the star-studded cast (including Michael Sheen) and the bands that play on the soundtrack. Collider has the write up and a great photo gallery.

Michael Sheen Interviews Ashley Greene

Michael Sheen who co-stars with Ashley in the upcoming movie Apparition interviews Ashley in the aptly named Interview Magazine.

“In the Twilight movies, Ashley Greene plays the saga’s resident good-girl vampire, Alice Cullen—all pixie haircut and motherly touch, not a hint of bloodlust in her earnest high-school demeanor. Greene’s career—and her life—has changed dramatically since she was cast in the blockbuster series. For one thing, teenage girls shake uncontrollably and burst into tears when they see her on the street. For another, it was just a couple of years ago that the 22-year-old Greene was struggling to land guest spots with no dialogue, and almost had to leave Los Angeles and return to her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, where she’d originally planned to study psychology and law. But now, she’s booking movies faster than she can make them—including her first big lead, in the upcoming supernatural thriller, The Apparition. Michael Sheen, Greene’s co-star in Twilight and New Moon, recently caught up with the actress.”

Read the rest here.

Via Twilight Examiner.

Star VIP Access Interviews Chris Weitz and the New Moon Cast

You can see other videos with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Ashley Greene here.

Michael Sheen on Craig Ferguson

Michael Sheen stopped by the Craig Ferguson. It was just as hilarious as the last time.

Michael Sheen on Bonnie Hunt

Michael Sheen from paperboy, to burger boy, to star on Bonnie Hunt.

Access Hollywood Interviews: Cullens, Volturi, and more

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