Michael Sheen on Craig Ferguson

When Michael Sheen shows up on the Craig Ferguson show, it’s always a great laugh!  This time laughs are at a max when they talk about some things – body parts we mean – that may have ended up on screen accidentally!  Remember, this interview originally aired on late night TV so the topic is mature. Thanks to Twilightish for the vids.


  1. They are funny lol

  2. i absolutely love every single time Michael Sheen is on craig fergsuson. it cracks me up beyond belief. youtube them, it’s hilarious!

  3. Michael Sheen is so funny! What an entertaining interview. So many actors seem so subdued in real life but he was a joy to listen to.

  4. Twilibrarian says

    What a riot Michael Sheen is! I just hope we don’t get “Fat Aro” and “Thin Aro” in Breaking Dawn! Can we have the scratch and sniff cards, though?! 😉

  5. anahi S. says

    hilarious!!!! obsesion with Antonio Banderazzzzzz!I´m from Spain and that was so funny!! this page rocks! always open in my pc!

    • SilverTongueDevil says

      That was seriously the best part of the show last night. When he kept repeating Antonio Bandddarzzzzzz. I was happy Craig tweeted he was going to be on or I would have gone to bed earlier.

  6. Ok I need to watch “Fabuloso”

  7. What a riot. These two could easily pull off a sitcom. Benny Hill parodies and all! Ahaha!

  8. “I’m Big’s younger brother, Medium!” ROFL. Fave joke. 🙂 Micheal and Craig are hilarious 2gether!

  9. I love both of these guys! They are hysterical together!

  10. I saw the original broadcast and laughed my ass off…and I watched it again just now and still laughed hard!! Those two together are just hilarious.

  11. Best moments are these two together. hahaha

  12. I am probably showing my age here but I loved Benny Hill actually we still do Benny Hill’s in my household (we actually say Benny Hill and then pat on top of the head!) LOL! Love these two they are so funny!