Bill Condon and Jack Morrissey Among Film Museum Backers

It looks like the historic May Building in Downtown Hollywood is being converted to a film museum slated to open in 2016. A number of film studios including Lionsgate are making donations, and they have some impressive patrons contributing to the 250 million dollar project.

According to the Hollywood Reporter


The Academy’s board of governors approved the plans unanimously at a meeting Wednesday night. The Academy and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which owns the May Co. building, have agreed to a 55-year lease, with a 55-year option to renew, the Academy said.

Launched in early 2012 by campaign chair Bob Iger and co-chairs Annette Bening and Tom Hanks, the campaign has raised $100 million through private donations toward a $250 million goal, which includes an endowment that will support the museum’s operations. “The early response to our fund-raising campaign has been outstanding and is incredibly encouraging,” Iger said.

The campaign chairs and their families have all made donations, along with such past Academy governors, presidents and their families as Bill Condon and Jack Morrissey, Richard and Bonnie Cook, Rob and Shari Friedman, Sid and Nancy Ganis, Jim and Ann Gianopulos, Gale Anne Hurd, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, Hawk and Molly Koch, John and Nancy Lasseter, Walter Mirisch and Lawrence Mirisch, Bob and Kay Rehme and Tom and Madeleine Sherak.

Breaking Dawn 2 Extra Filming to Include Michael Sheen

Bill Condon announced to the fandom that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would be returning to Vancouver to shoot additional material. It now looks like Michael Sheen will be there too. Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s partner revealed the following on his regular podcast.

“It’s less than a week, and we already know that Rob and Kristen will be there; I just tweeted yesterday that yes, there will be wigs involved, but I did blur the line by pointing out that Michael Sheen will also doubtless be spotted throughout the Vancouver airport to reprise for one last time his part of Aro the leader of the Volturi . . . As Bill mentioned in his letter to the fans, Rob and Kristen will be donning their gold contacts one last time . . . She’s donning both [red and gold], and Michael Sheen will be donning red.”

Morrissey further clarified that the shots being done do not involve dialogue and are all items from the second until. Usually second until is background footage, or things not involving one-on-one dialogue with the principals. In other words some typical examples would be long shots, action sequences, sweeping vistas. For example, during our New Moon set visit we saw Chris Weitz shooting the scene where Sam brings Bella back to Charlie. This was first unit director work. On that very same night, the second unit was in a different location shooting Victoria running through the woods. The was no dialogue but a lot of hoisting Rachelle Lefevre and her stunt double up and down in wire rigs.

As we previously reported, shooting additional footage has occurred on every film and is fairly common in the industry. Catherine Hardwicke reshoot part of the meadow scene in California after filming had wrapped. Chris Weitz shot the Cullen flashback scene after filming had wrapped. David Slade had to reshoot portions of the tent scene and. And not exactly a reshoot, but Bill Condon ended up shooting in the Virgin Islands on the last days of production when stormy weather mucked up honeymoon shots in Brazil.

You can see a summary of the podcast here on Twilight Examiner and you can listen to then entire podcast (not it’s not PG-13 and you probably want to skip the Smodcast intro if you are at work, it wouldn’t be considered worksafe at my place of business) here.

EDITED: I just spoke with Jack Morrissey who read your comments and he believes he spoke out of turn by stating Kristen would be in gold contacts. he now believes it’s red contacts only.

EW Exclusive Video: Booboo Stewart at Breaking Dawn Release Party With Erik Odom and Jack Morrissey

Booboo Stewart popped up at a Breaking Dawn release party in the Los Angeles area.

An especially gorgeous midwinter Friday night was not enough to deter Los Angeles Twilight fans from lining up inside the West Hollywood Target for a sneak peak of Breaking Dawn — Part 2. This infamous Target wasn’t only one to hold a midnight release party for the DVD-Blu-ray release of Breaking Dawn — Part 1 — in fact, it was one of nearly 500 – but it was definitely the only location to boast a surprise visit from one of the film’s stars, Booboo Stewart. EW was on the scene to check out the footage and chat with Stewart and the fans on their thoughts. Spoiler alert: The fans really liked it!

We can’t embed the video, but you can see it here.

Also present at the very same store were Bill Condon’s partner Jack Morrissey (find him on Twitter on Team Jack) and Erik Odom who plays Peter in Breaking Dawn Part 2. Thanks to our friend Tina Gill for sending over photos.

Jack Morrissey Is Back: More Answers to Breaking Dawn Questions

Jack Morrissey just answered a bunch more questions about Breaking Dawn on the Team Jack Twitter. Here is the transcription:


Question: @Its_Who_I_Am: Who are the extra wolves in the Esme/Carlisle/Emmett escape scene?”

Answer: Uh, I don’t know. Anyone else know? Bueller? (JM)  [Lexicon Note: It’s Collin and Brady]


Question:@WickhamSpeaks: Is Bill the one who decides how music is used? Ex: Flightlss bird crescendo as E/B turn & bask in crowds love…

Answer: ABSOLUTELY. That’s in his job description. (JM)


Question:@WickhamSpeaks Who pairs the moment in film with the perfect moment in song?

Answer: The associate editor is usually the first to select and lay a song in, but Bill’s word is final. (JM)


Question: @isabelabau2: Now can you tell us you favorite scenes in BD1?”

Answer: Too many to mention, honestly! (JM)


Question: @Megonann: What’s the deal with Edward wearing so much blue? Is that symbolic of something?”

Answer: No, I don’t think so, honestly. Just a choice. (JM)


Question: @MissBTwihard: Is BD2 going to be as romantic as 1st 4?”

Answer: Do you think the first four movies were all equally romantic? (JM)

Response: @missbtwihard no the 4th is the best romantic


Question: @allthingsHHH: Is the Bach violin concerto in E Major playing during wedding 1st or 3rd movement?”

Answer: Ask me this again later. (JM)


Question: @Twilight_sigh: just wondering why they advertise with scenes that aren’t in the movie, like E/J fight, etc.”

Answer:  Trailers and tv spots are often created alongside editorial on the feature. (JM)


Question: @Chudygirl: What do actors typically spit out to mimic vomitting like Kristen did?”

Answer: Actual vomit. J/K. Probably soup. (JM)


Question: @DebbiePrins: I loved the “Bride of Frankenstein” clip. Was that a nod to “Gods and Monsters” or a play on E&B’s inequality?”

Answer: …or a bit of foreshadowing for the end of the movie. Or all of the above, plus more. (JM)


Question:  @AlyssaMcGann: Just wanted to know if Rob improvised the scene where he is trying to revive Bella?”

Answer: It’s possible, in concert with Bill directing. (JM)


Question: @vampirekaro: Why wasn’t the breakfast scene we’ve seen pics of in the movie?” WB- and what was going on in that scene?

Answer: A dialogue about how much Bella had been eating on the island, and wanting to stay human a bit longer… (JM)

Response: @vampirekaro: Why wasn’t the breakfast scene we’ve seen pics of in the movie?” WB- and what was going on in that scene?

Answer: …which exasperates Edward. (JM)

Response: @vampirekaro deleted scene in dvd? please!


Question: @WickedWitch: My 9 y/o sister wants to know if BD trading cards will come out. Will they?” WB- I’m waiting on these too! 🙂

Answer: No idea, sorry (JM)


Question:  @Chudygirl: Is there BTS footage of Kristen making faces at Rob from behind the camera during love scenes? Will we ever see it?

Answer: I don’t think there ‘s footage of that. (JM)


Bach Follow UP: after several back and forth questions here is the answer regarding wedding music: @arahan86 If it’s the portion when they looking at the yard/ Mike’s talking/ C&B b4 walk, Bach violin concerto


Question: @chrisska: Would be lovely if we ever got to see the 9 other dress designs Herrera did for BD. Any chance?”

Answer: No idea — maybe she’ll end up making them all anyway. (JM)


Question: @olemiss549: In the scene where Edward walks out into the ocean does Bella say yum yum or yummy, yummy?”

Answer: I didn’t know she said either. I thought it was “Nom nom nom.” 😉 (JM)


Question: @ShadowedHuman: don’t u think on flipside of “women degrading” aspect of Twilight it teaches men about not giving in to urges?”

Answer: Hmm, I dunno. (JM)


Question: @Twilight_sigh: Where is your copy of BD? Why did the movie open with the poem over the preface?”

Answer: My copy is in my home office. And I guess Bill just preferred the poem. (JM)


Question: @Chudygirl: Can u ask Bill about 1st scene with Bella, are those Kristen’s rings? oops or intentional? Thanks!”

Answer: Keep bugging me about this and I’ll get you your answer, as with all things! (JM)


Question: @socalmom2four: Was there a double used for Kristen/Bella at all during the dance scene with Taylor/Jacob?

Answer: No, I don’t think so. (JM) [Lexicon Note: According to the choergrapher, no]


Question: @Team_Jack in which scene Edward said “practice makes perfect” mentioned in edward’s character card? deleted breakfast scene?

Answer: Yes. (JM)

Response: @Team_Jack in the dvd please!!

Jack Morrissey Answers Fan Questions on the Team Jack Twitter

It was a busy over night on the Team Jack Twitter. Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s Partner,  answered fan questions.  Here’s what came up:


Question: @_Dana_09 Was wondering what your and Bill’s thoughts were about TwiCon.”

Answer: Here’s our reaction in four words: see you next year! We both had a great time! (JM)


Question: @Hazeleyedkell21 What has been the best part of the Twilight fandom so far for you and Bill?”

Answer: The raw, unfiltered enthusiasm for his movie, I’d say. The tweets from fans going back again and again. (JM)


Question: @BreakingDawnMov: logistically, what were the most difficult parts of the Brazil shoot?”

Answer: For sure the waterfall location, which everyone had to hike up to, carrying gear. No hand went up empty. (JM)


Question: @xJazzix: With the film having had some cuts due to ratings, do you think it still has the same effect as before?”

Answer: I’ve seen every cut and yes, absolutely. Btw, not one frame – not one – was cut from the birth in North America. (JM)


Question: @ingrydpattinson: Did you see the SWATH trailer? What did you think?”

Answer: We both loved it — how great does that movie look!? And there’s already a billboard for it by Universal! (JM)


Question: @RobstenCuteness: Did you[meaning Jack not Bill ] have any creative input on BD? at all? a suggestion or idea?”

Answer: Yes. ;-D (JM)


Question: for the last three movies the script was released. Do you think BD will be?”[Lexicon note: it wasn’t officially released so much as versions leaked online]

Answer: In book form? I have no idea – I haven’t heard anything. (JM)


Question:  @Sashakrisbian27: Is there going to be an extra scene on DVD where B/E announce engagement to Charlie?” WB- was it even shot?

Answer: No, because it was never scripted or shot. Bill wanted that invitation sequence to carry that idea. (JM)


Question: @tlmfarmgirl will there be any fantasy wedding and/or Cullen family photo shoots? Would love a special ed. book w/ wedding pics”

Answer: Hmm, it’s possible, but again I haven’t heard anything. Sowwy! (JM)


Question: @AMB226606: How was the black carpet experience?”

Answer: Great and thrilling, ESPECIALLY knowing that every camper was getting in to the Nokia after the press was done! (JM)


Question: @tinkrbe1l3: Does Bill decide what deleted scenes are on the DVD?”

Answer: Somewhat. Not every deleted scene needs to be seen! (JM)


Question:  @ForRealBlog: Wolf fight after birth wasn’t in book. What was the idea they had for including it? was it an outake Meyer had…

Answer: I believe that was Bill’s concept – he felt that the siege needed to explode in movie terms. It’s all opera. (JM)


Question: @smurfy_tapz: Edward gets beat down by a wolf. WHY? Why is Edward always made a wimp in these movies?”

Answer: Uhhhh…conflict is drama, drama is conflict? (JM)


Question: @laramasen: why isn’t Bella wearing Bridal wedding shoes while dancing with Jacob? She choose to change to something comfy?”

Answer: I guesso. I dunno what the thinking was on that, sorry! (JM)


Question: @up4anything2: Were the flyover shots in Rio stock footage or 2nd unit?”

Answer: I believe that all the aerial material was shot for this film by the 2nd unit — no stock shots. (JM)


Question: @AMB226606: What does Bill think of fan response? Did you attend a midnight showing?”

Answer: He’s beyond happy with the fan response. We did not attend a midnight showing as he was in Barcelona. (JM)



Team Jack Podcast

Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s partner, just recorded his inaugural podcast a the home of his good friends Kevin Smith(movie director/writer, podcaster, etc). As his co-caster, he had on Greg who has worked with Bill Condon on several projects.

During the podcast they ramble about on several topics from their backgrounds, to musing on life in Los Angeles, to recording the score in London. They aren’t sure where they are going with future shows and what information might be included in them, but they are having fun with it.

Click here to check out the Team Jack podcast and here to check out his guest appearance on Kevin Smith’s wife’s show earlier in the day. Warning: language and content on both shows is not always PG-13

Team Jack Gets His Own Blog

Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s partner, is rather prolific on Twitter. Now a new website, with his blessing, has sprung up to summarize all the goodies that Jack drops on Twitter so you won’t lose anything. Their signature image is Jack and Bill’s dog named Pigletmake that Pigpen (I’m so not going to hear the end of that from Jack…maybe he won’t notice). The site is called Team Jack FTW and you can check them out here.

Jack Morrissey Tweets a Few Breaking Dawn Secrets!

Bill Condon’s partner took to twitter the other day and answered a few questions about Breaking Dawn.  Here a few of the highlights:

Q: Will wee see Bella’s Mercedes Guardian in the movie?

A: No, we go straight to the Cullen house. Sorry! One of those scenes that doesn’t serve an overall movie story pace.

Q: Is the scene where B&E announce their wedding to Charlie in the movie?

A: Yeah sort of — you’ve seen it already.  He’ll (Charlie) will make you cry TWICE in part 1.  You’ll be very happy with the scenes and Billy has never been better.  He rocked it. (Then later…)  You will love his wedding toast.

Q:  One thing I’ve missed in the series is the emphasis on Alice’s and Bella’s friendship!  That has been lacking.

A:  Well, you won’t be missing that anymore, believe me.

You can read all the tweets via TwiFans.  Let us know in the comments if this makes you feel better about Breaking Dawn or if anything makes you worry.



Introducing Your Very Own Twilight Body Wash

Well, not exactly, but right now Bill Condon is in London in conjunction with the score for Breaking Dawn happening. His partner, Jack Morrissey just tweeted a photo of an unusual product he found on UK shelves.

EW Breaking Dawn Cover Eye Color Mystery Solved

When the Entertainment Weekly cover hit with Edward and Bella in the water, sharp-eyed readers noticed that Robert Pattinson’s eyes were not golden and Kristen Stewart’s were not brown. We figured since there was so much water involved in the scene wearing contacts wasn’t possible and that they’d fix it digitally in the final touches on the film (much in the same way Kristen Stewart couldn’t wear contacts in the New Moon cliff diving scene.)

Well it turns out there is another answer. Bill Condon’s partner, Jack Morrissey responded to fan inquiry and here is the answer. According to Bill Condon, the picture in EW is a rehearsal shot. They had the actual contacts in when the cameras actually rolled and things like that are also double checked in post production.

So no worries folks, the eye-color is correct in the film.