Introducing Your Very Own Twilight Body Wash

Well, not exactly, but right now Bill Condon is in London in conjunction with the score for Breaking Dawn happening. His partner, Jack Morrissey just tweeted a photo of an unusual product he found on UK shelves.


  1. actually, I sent it to Jack from the US. My NSFW brain said: smells like getting F**ked to death by girl vampires! 🙂

  2. LOL!
    So that’s how the Denali have their money hmm interesting is there something about an Edward body wash ?

  3. Now I really want one of the Twilight vampires to do one of those random Old Spice commercials. “Did you know I’m riding this horse backwards?”

  4. They have been selling this body wash and deodorant in Canada for some time. I saw it in my father’s medicine cabinet. While he has read the entire Twilight series, I’m positive he failed to see the connection.

  5. I doubt that Old Spice intentionally made reference to the TW series considering that the vast majority of the TW consumers are female unless they are hoping that said consumer base goes out to buy the product for their man to use.

  6. I bought dh the Denali spray / body wash months ago (he unfortunately didn’t care for it, prefers Figi. I did initially buy it b/c of the twi reference!)
    A few weeks ago, I came across a line of Revlon Just Bitten lipstain, and one color was Twilight. They also have colors that remind me of the series – Beloved, Midnight, Forbidden, Frenzy, Dawn….just to name a few.

    Could be coincidence… or subliminal!

  7. Saw the Denali deodorant in the US several weeks ago and had to bite my lip to avoid ROTFLMAO in Safeway! Seen the Just Bitten commercials, set in a meadow, many times. Coincidence-not!

  8. What is funny is that my husband bought the exact same stuff except its body spray and I looked at it and made a Twilight reference that got a head shake and laugh from him but, looks like I’m not the only one 🙂 lol

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