Jack Morrissey Tweets a Few Breaking Dawn Secrets!

Bill Condon’s partner took to twitter the other day and answered a few questions about Breaking Dawn.  Here a few of the highlights:

Q: Will wee see Bella’s Mercedes Guardian in the movie?

A: No, we go straight to the Cullen house. Sorry! One of those scenes that doesn’t serve an overall movie story pace.

Q: Is the scene where B&E announce their wedding to Charlie in the movie?

A: Yeah sort of — you’ve seen it already.  He’ll (Charlie) will make you cry TWICE in part 1.  You’ll be very happy with the scenes and Billy has never been better.  He rocked it. (Then later…)  You will love his wedding toast.

Q:  One thing I’ve missed in the series is the emphasis on Alice’s and Bella’s friendship!  That has been lacking.

A:  Well, you won’t be missing that anymore, believe me.

You can read all the tweets via TwiFans.  Let us know in the comments if this makes you feel better about Breaking Dawn or if anything makes you worry.




  1. Makes sense to take out the Guardian scene, especially since a lot of that scene is explained through Bella’s inner monologue. Unless they added a voiceover or extra dialogue it wouldn’t make sense. I’d rather get more important stuff in 🙂

  2. That almost makes me hope they’ve left out the part where you see Bella calling Seth about Jacob and worrying about him just before she gets married to Edward.

  3. I’m a bit disappointed that they left out the part when B&E tell Charlie about the wedding..whyyy??!!! 🙁 I love that part in the book..

    • i know what you mean. i love that scene because i thought it was hilarious, and i could just picture rob, kristen and billy doing that scene.

      • Fiona Cullen says

        Me too!! 🙁 Ugh, I would rather them leave all the scenes in and stick to the book as much as possible and make the movie really really long than have them leave out important and interesting scenes.

        • Lynne Stringer says

          Is he definitely saying it won’t be in? He says we will see it – sort of. I’m not sure what he says above means that it won’t be there at all. In fact, his reply to that is a little confusing. So don’t lose hope. It might still be in in some form or another.

          • If you read the rest of his replies, you’ll see that he confirmed from someone else’s reply that we did see the scene when Charlie finds out about the wedding in the teaser trailer- when he got the invitation.

      • please someone tell me they will not have bella fake death for charlies sake???!!! that would be the worst ever. the scene with him crying in the clip has me really worried and he said they changed the script a little!

  4. They go straight to the Cullens house. So that is going to be the opening scene? Will Bella and Edward be there together. I was so looking forward to Bella driving her new car and her and Edward telling Charlie about how they are going to get married. I am happy they will leave out the stupid scene where she is calling Seth to check on Jacob out of guilt. That scene did not even make sense in the book since right after that her mind is filled with Edward and all of the things she wants to do with him. I hope they put in the make out scene with Bella and Edward in her room the night before their wedding.

    • Lynne Stringer says

      The scene with the car was always going to be difficult to film because apart from the bit where she talks to the guys at the petrol station there is no external dialogue at all, it’s all internal. And unless we have constant narration, which can get annoying, the scene itself won’t tell us very much.

  5. I hope they have the dog bowl scene in there. Or at least a little Jacob/Rosalie banter. The movies are so dark and serious it would be nice to have a few light hearted scenes in there

  6. There’s bound to be some changes from the books. After all, they’ve already shown in the trailer that Irina is at the wedding. We know from the book that Irina does not attend. She’s angry with the Cullens because the wolves killed Laurent and they won’t take retaliate because of their treaty with the Quileutes.

  7. I really hope we’ll get to see some of B&E going to tell Charlie they’re getting married. That’s one of my favorite scenes in the book. I’ll be kind of upset it’s not there. Just like in EC where they didn’t have the part where Alice tries to convince Bella to let her plan the wedding & then when they go to tell Alice she can & she already has the dress.

  8. i wonder the opening scene will be