Jack Morrissey Is Back: More Answers to Breaking Dawn Questions

Jack Morrissey just answered a bunch more questions about Breaking Dawn on the Team Jack Twitter. Here is the transcription:


Question: @Its_Who_I_Am: Who are the extra wolves in the Esme/Carlisle/Emmett escape scene?”

Answer: Uh, I don’t know. Anyone else know? Bueller? (JM)  [Lexicon Note: It’s Collin and Brady]


Question:@WickhamSpeaks: Is Bill the one who decides how music is used? Ex: Flightlss bird crescendo as E/B turn & bask in crowds love…

Answer: ABSOLUTELY. That’s in his job description. (JM)


Question:@WickhamSpeaks Who pairs the moment in film with the perfect moment in song?

Answer: The associate editor is usually the first to select and lay a song in, but Bill’s word is final. (JM)


Question: @isabelabau2: Now can you tell us you favorite scenes in BD1?”

Answer: Too many to mention, honestly! (JM)


Question: @Megonann: What’s the deal with Edward wearing so much blue? Is that symbolic of something?”

Answer: No, I don’t think so, honestly. Just a choice. (JM)


Question: @MissBTwihard: Is BD2 going to be as romantic as 1st 4?”

Answer: Do you think the first four movies were all equally romantic? (JM)

Response: @missbtwihard no the 4th is the best romantic


Question: @allthingsHHH: Is the Bach violin concerto in E Major playing during wedding 1st or 3rd movement?”

Answer: Ask me this again later. (JM)


Question: @Twilight_sigh: just wondering why they advertise with scenes that aren’t in the movie, like E/J fight, etc.”

Answer:  Trailers and tv spots are often created alongside editorial on the feature. (JM)


Question: @Chudygirl: What do actors typically spit out to mimic vomitting like Kristen did?”

Answer: Actual vomit. J/K. Probably soup. (JM)


Question: @DebbiePrins: I loved the “Bride of Frankenstein” clip. Was that a nod to “Gods and Monsters” or a play on E&B’s inequality?”

Answer: …or a bit of foreshadowing for the end of the movie. Or all of the above, plus more. (JM)


Question:  @AlyssaMcGann: Just wanted to know if Rob improvised the scene where he is trying to revive Bella?”

Answer: It’s possible, in concert with Bill directing. (JM)


Question: @vampirekaro: Why wasn’t the breakfast scene we’ve seen pics of in the movie?” WB- and what was going on in that scene?

Answer: A dialogue about how much Bella had been eating on the island, and wanting to stay human a bit longer… (JM)

Response: @vampirekaro: Why wasn’t the breakfast scene we’ve seen pics of in the movie?” WB- and what was going on in that scene?

Answer: …which exasperates Edward. (JM)

Response: @vampirekaro deleted scene in dvd? please!


Question: @WickedWitch: My 9 y/o sister wants to know if BD trading cards will come out. Will they?” WB- I’m waiting on these too! 🙂

Answer: No idea, sorry (JM)


Question:  @Chudygirl: Is there BTS footage of Kristen making faces at Rob from behind the camera during love scenes? Will we ever see it?

Answer: I don’t think there ‘s footage of that. (JM)


Bach Follow UP: after several back and forth questions here is the answer regarding wedding music: @arahan86 If it’s the portion when they looking at the yard/ Mike’s talking/ C&B b4 walk, Bach violin concerto


Question: @chrisska: Would be lovely if we ever got to see the 9 other dress designs Herrera did for BD. Any chance?”

Answer: No idea — maybe she’ll end up making them all anyway. (JM)


Question: @olemiss549: In the scene where Edward walks out into the ocean does Bella say yum yum or yummy, yummy?”

Answer: I didn’t know she said either. I thought it was “Nom nom nom.” 😉 (JM)


Question: @ShadowedHuman: don’t u think on flipside of “women degrading” aspect of Twilight it teaches men about not giving in to urges?”

Answer: Hmm, I dunno. (JM)


Question: @Twilight_sigh: Where is your copy of BD? Why did the movie open with the poem over the preface?”

Answer: My copy is in my home office. And I guess Bill just preferred the poem. (JM)


Question: @Chudygirl: Can u ask Bill about 1st scene with Bella, are those Kristen’s rings? oops or intentional? Thanks!”

Answer: Keep bugging me about this and I’ll get you your answer, as with all things! (JM)


Question: @socalmom2four: Was there a double used for Kristen/Bella at all during the dance scene with Taylor/Jacob?

Answer: No, I don’t think so. (JM) [Lexicon Note: According to the choergrapher, no]


Question: @Team_Jack in which scene Edward said “practice makes perfect” mentioned in edward’s character card? deleted breakfast scene?

Answer: Yes. (JM)

Response: @Team_Jack in the dvd please!!