Jack Morrissey Answers Fan Questions on the Team Jack Twitter

It was a busy over night on the Team Jack Twitter. Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s Partner,  answered fan questions.  Here’s what came up:


Question: @_Dana_09 Was wondering what your and Bill’s thoughts were about TwiCon.”

Answer: Here’s our reaction in four words: see you next year! We both had a great time! (JM)


Question: @Hazeleyedkell21 What has been the best part of the Twilight fandom so far for you and Bill?”

Answer: The raw, unfiltered enthusiasm for his movie, I’d say. The tweets from fans going back again and again. (JM)


Question: @BreakingDawnMov: logistically, what were the most difficult parts of the Brazil shoot?”

Answer: For sure the waterfall location, which everyone had to hike up to, carrying gear. No hand went up empty. (JM)


Question: @xJazzix: With the film having had some cuts due to ratings, do you think it still has the same effect as before?”

Answer: I’ve seen every cut and yes, absolutely. Btw, not one frame – not one – was cut from the birth in North America. (JM)


Question: @ingrydpattinson: Did you see the SWATH trailer? What did you think?”

Answer: We both loved it — how great does that movie look!? And there’s already a billboard for it by Universal! (JM)


Question: @RobstenCuteness: Did you[meaning Jack not Bill ] have any creative input on BD? at all? a suggestion or idea?”

Answer: Yes. ;-D (JM)


Question: for the last three movies the script was released. Do you think BD will be?”[Lexicon note: it wasn’t officially released so much as versions leaked online]

Answer: In book form? I have no idea – I haven’t heard anything. (JM)


Question:  @Sashakrisbian27: Is there going to be an extra scene on DVD where B/E announce engagement to Charlie?” WB- was it even shot?

Answer: No, because it was never scripted or shot. Bill wanted that invitation sequence to carry that idea. (JM)


Question: @tlmfarmgirl will there be any fantasy wedding and/or Cullen family photo shoots? Would love a special ed. book w/ wedding pics”

Answer: Hmm, it’s possible, but again I haven’t heard anything. Sowwy! (JM)


Question: @AMB226606: How was the black carpet experience?”

Answer: Great and thrilling, ESPECIALLY knowing that every camper was getting in to the Nokia after the press was done! (JM)


Question: @tinkrbe1l3: Does Bill decide what deleted scenes are on the DVD?”

Answer: Somewhat. Not every deleted scene needs to be seen! (JM)


Question:  @ForRealBlog: Wolf fight after birth wasn’t in book. What was the idea they had for including it? was it an outake Meyer had…

Answer: I believe that was Bill’s concept – he felt that the siege needed to explode in movie terms. It’s all opera. (JM)


Question: @smurfy_tapz: Edward gets beat down by a wolf. WHY? Why is Edward always made a wimp in these movies?”

Answer: Uhhhh…conflict is drama, drama is conflict? (JM)


Question: @laramasen: why isn’t Bella wearing Bridal wedding shoes while dancing with Jacob? She choose to change to something comfy?”

Answer: I guesso. I dunno what the thinking was on that, sorry! (JM)


Question: @up4anything2: Were the flyover shots in Rio stock footage or 2nd unit?”

Answer: I believe that all the aerial material was shot for this film by the 2nd unit — no stock shots. (JM)


Question: @AMB226606: What does Bill think of fan response? Did you attend a midnight showing?”

Answer: He’s beyond happy with the fan response. We did not attend a midnight showing as he was in Barcelona. (JM)




  1. Jack answered my question!!! I’m so happy!! It was the one with Bella’s bridal shoes!! *does the happy dance* Thank you Jack for your reply!! :DD Happy Holidays to you and Bill!

  2. regarding wolves getting the better of the Cullens, remember that they had not been able to feed for awhile, so were in a weaker state.

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

      Great connection, Pam! I totally forgot about that.

      Also, in a visual medium, the tension between parties has to be more obvious—so here it is.

    • I’ve also heard people make the point that they were fighting defensively, not offensively. In other words, the Cullens weren’t fighting to KILL the pack – they were just trying to be a barrier between the pack and the baby.

      I don’t think the Cullens did so badly, actually. When they were losing in the beginning they were outnumbered more than 2 to 1 – and even so, nobody got any parts ripped off. They seemed pretty well matched when the rest of the Cullens and Leah and Seth showed up.

    • @Pam

      But according to SM’s own canon, not feeding for just a little while wouldn’t lessen their strength all that much. It would take a very long period of “fasting” to weaken them that badly. Also, Edward got rough with Jake again in this movie and Jake was able to walk away from it unscathed. SM walked off the set of Eclipse in anger after David Slade pulled something like that. She insists that when Jake is in his human form, Edward can easily rip his arm off just by grabbing it in a normal way.

      LOL picky details, but still….us fans notice them (and so does SM)

      • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

        But, remember, Edward can control himself–he never kills Bella or rips her arm off either and though Edward is “losing his cool”, he’s not losing it enough to really hurt Jake. He knows better than that.

        Also, where did you hear that SM walked off the set? That doesn’t sound right to me.

        • I remember hearing SM say something like that, too. Apparently she walked off the set of Eclipse or out of dailies or something along those lines. She wasn’t happy with the way they did the scene between Edward and Jacob when Jake brought her home after she slugged him for kissing her. I’m pretty sure it’s in the commentary track she did with Godfrey on the Eclipse DVD. She said she was mad about it at the time, but by the time I heard her talking about it, she had shrugged it off and said, “you can’t win them all.”

          • Stephanie wasn’t happy with the way David Slade did the scene between Edward and Jacob when Jake brought Bella home after he’d tried to kiss her and she’d hit him.

            Sorry, it’s very obviously time for bed, lol.

          • Twilight_News says:

            Actually I think it was the scene where Bella hops on the bike with Jake that made her walk out (see fansite interview ) vs. the shoving match just irritated her.

  3. I hate how they have to “amp up the action/drama/conflict” and make Edward look weak in the movies. I hate when they make changes like that, that are character changes.

  4. As far as why Bella wasn’t wearing her heels when dancing with Jake at the wedding–

    In these movies, there is a LOT of compensation for the fact that Taylor Lautner is not as tall as your typical heartthrob. I’ve noticed it since New Moon. There are lots of little tricks they use, camera angles, etc. Those were some high heels – if Bella had been wearing them with Jake, she would have been eye to eye with him. Nothing at all against shorter guys, but the filmmakers are concerned with audience perception.

    Also, it’s Bella! I thought it was totally in line with the character that she would change into sneakers at some point after the ceremony. And I actually loved when Jake spun her around and you could see her little white Keds! I think Keds have been part of her costuming from the beginning, so I thought it was great.

    • Twilight_News says:

      The other reason on that particular scene was that she would have gotten stuck in the swampy muddy ground with the spiky heels.

      • as a weddung/special events coordinator – changing into comfy shoes during the reception is a Very common thing to do – comfy shoes for post ceremony is actually on my checklist for
        brides. after the formal pictures of course. 🙂

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