Jack Morrissey Answers Fan Questions on the Team Jack Twitter

It was a busy over night on the Team Jack Twitter. Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s Partner,  answered fan questions.  Here’s what came up:


Question: @_Dana_09 Was wondering what your and Bill’s thoughts were about TwiCon.”

Answer: Here’s our reaction in four words: see you next year! We both had a great time! (JM)


Question: @Hazeleyedkell21 What has been the best part of the Twilight fandom so far for you and Bill?”

Answer: The raw, unfiltered enthusiasm for his movie, I’d say. The tweets from fans going back again and again. (JM)


Question: @BreakingDawnMov: logistically, what were the most difficult parts of the Brazil shoot?”

Answer: For sure the waterfall location, which everyone had to hike up to, carrying gear. No hand went up empty. (JM)


Question: @xJazzix: With the film having had some cuts due to ratings, do you think it still has the same effect as before?”

Answer: I’ve seen every cut and yes, absolutely. Btw, not one frame – not one – was cut from the birth in North America. (JM)


Question: @ingrydpattinson: Did you see the SWATH trailer? What did you think?”

Answer: We both loved it — how great does that movie look!? And there’s already a billboard for it by Universal! (JM)


Question: @RobstenCuteness: Did you[meaning Jack not Bill ] have any creative input on BD? at all? a suggestion or idea?”

Answer: Yes. ;-D (JM)


Question: for the last three movies the script was released. Do you think BD will be?”[Lexicon note: it wasn’t officially released so much as versions leaked online]

Answer: In book form? I have no idea – I haven’t heard anything. (JM)


Question:  @Sashakrisbian27: Is there going to be an extra scene on DVD where B/E announce engagement to Charlie?” WB- was it even shot?

Answer: No, because it was never scripted or shot. Bill wanted that invitation sequence to carry that idea. (JM)


Question: @tlmfarmgirl will there be any fantasy wedding and/or Cullen family photo shoots? Would love a special ed. book w/ wedding pics”

Answer: Hmm, it’s possible, but again I haven’t heard anything. Sowwy! (JM)


Question: @AMB226606: How was the black carpet experience?”

Answer: Great and thrilling, ESPECIALLY knowing that every camper was getting in to the Nokia after the press was done! (JM)


Question: @tinkrbe1l3: Does Bill decide what deleted scenes are on the DVD?”

Answer: Somewhat. Not every deleted scene needs to be seen! (JM)


Question:  @ForRealBlog: Wolf fight after birth wasn’t in book. What was the idea they had for including it? was it an outake Meyer had…

Answer: I believe that was Bill’s concept – he felt that the siege needed to explode in movie terms. It’s all opera. (JM)


Question: @smurfy_tapz: Edward gets beat down by a wolf. WHY? Why is Edward always made a wimp in these movies?”

Answer: Uhhhh…conflict is drama, drama is conflict? (JM)


Question: @laramasen: why isn’t Bella wearing Bridal wedding shoes while dancing with Jacob? She choose to change to something comfy?”

Answer: I guesso. I dunno what the thinking was on that, sorry! (JM)


Question: @up4anything2: Were the flyover shots in Rio stock footage or 2nd unit?”

Answer: I believe that all the aerial material was shot for this film by the 2nd unit — no stock shots. (JM)


Question: @AMB226606: What does Bill think of fan response? Did you attend a midnight showing?”

Answer: He’s beyond happy with the fan response. We did not attend a midnight showing as he was in Barcelona. (JM)