Video: Behind the Scenes of the Wolves in BD1

We were sent a heads up about a video from Tippett Studio’s focusing on some behind the scenes footage of how the scene where Jacob becomes an Alpha was created.  Some of this is included on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD, but if you love to know all the details like I do, this is right up your alley!

Tippett Studio Breaking Dawn Wolves from Tippett Studio on Vimeo.


Join The Twitter Party and Win a DVD of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

Walmart is sponsoring a Twitter party on Thursday Feb. 9 from 6 – 7 PM EST to help build up the excitement for the release of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.  Join us on Twitter to talk about the film.  Walmart is providing us with five copies of the film to give away to those who participate in the twitter party.

Bella’s Wedding Special Edition features:

  • the collectible wedding dress packaging
  • Fabric poster of Bella and Edward’s big day
  • Music videos from Bruno Mars and Christina Perri

To help us out, we want to know what you want to discuss at the party!  Leave us a comment with what you want us to tweet about and we will pick a winner at random from those of you who leave a suggestion.

All winners must be from the continental United States.


Breaking Dawn Part 2 Clip To Be Shown At Target

Here’s one more incentive to pre-order your copy of Breaking Dawn Part 1 from Target: you can also see the first official clip of Breaking Dawn Part 2!  Select Target stores across the country will be holding DVD release parties on Feb. 10.  Fans can pick up their tickets at guests services starting at 9 pm and the party will begin at 11 pm.  They also have a complete shopping list of Twilight related supplies from water bottles to jewelry.

See the full details at  Thanks to Strictly Robsten for the heads up.

Video: Breaking Dawn Featurette – The Beginning of the End

This new featurette has loads of new material from interviews with Stephenie Meyer and Bill Condon to bits of never before seen footage. It’s available on iTunes.

Video: Breaking Dawn Featurette on ET

Entertainment Tonight has a new featurette with interviews from Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattenson, and Taylor Lautner.  The video also includes some rare footage of behind the scenes moments wit the actors getting direction from Bill Condon, working on fight sequences, and a glimpse at the birth sequence with Jacob saying, “Stay focused.  keep your heart betting, Bella.”  Let us know in the comments what was your favorite part of the video and what you wish they would show more of.

InStyle Contest for Breaking Dawn Premiere

The folks from InStyle and PRO Beauty, who recently released a line of products inspired by Breaking Dawn, are giving away a trip to the Breaking Dawn premier.  One fan will win air fare to L. A. and hotel accommodation for themselves and a friend as well as tickets to the Breaking Dawn premier and a set of PRO beauty tools to help them look great at the event.  To enter, all you have to do is “like” their facebook page found here.

Jack Morrissey Tweets a Few Breaking Dawn Secrets!

Bill Condon’s partner took to twitter the other day and answered a few questions about Breaking Dawn.  Here a few of the highlights:

Q: Will wee see Bella’s Mercedes Guardian in the movie?

A: No, we go straight to the Cullen house. Sorry! One of those scenes that doesn’t serve an overall movie story pace.

Q: Is the scene where B&E announce their wedding to Charlie in the movie?

A: Yeah sort of — you’ve seen it already.  He’ll (Charlie) will make you cry TWICE in part 1.  You’ll be very happy with the scenes and Billy has never been better.  He rocked it. (Then later…)  You will love his wedding toast.

Q:  One thing I’ve missed in the series is the emphasis on Alice’s and Bella’s friendship!  That has been lacking.

A:  Well, you won’t be missing that anymore, believe me.

You can read all the tweets via TwiFans.  Let us know in the comments if this makes you feel better about Breaking Dawn or if anything makes you worry.



Rob Pattinson Says Birth Scene “Tears Out My Heart”

Compiling a list of the most anticipated movies hitting theatres this fall, The Chicago Sun Times has a few quotes from Rob Pattinson about Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.

“I’m curious to see how it will carry out,” star Robert Pattinson tells the Sun-Times. “This movie is so different from the other ones. The stakes are so much higher because now it’s time to turn the entire saga upside down.”

“The birth scene is frightening,” Pattinson admits. “It’s a slap in the face. It’s failure to Edward, who has to choose between losing Bella and transforming her. It’s the toughest scene I’ve ever had to film in my career because this choice tears out my heart.”

Other films covered include Warrior, Contagion, and The Ides of March.

More Breaking Dawn Images

We’ve been seeing a few new images around the web today in various places like RobStenation and PattinsonWorld and even from the German article that we posted about earlier today.  We’re not sure if the foreign press were given different images than we were, but the photos are simply great! Let us know which of these new photos is your favorite in the comments. UPDATE: With Laura at the convention in Boston, Lori is doing the news!  I don’t speak Spanish so I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  But the photos were originally posted on Aurum Producciones Facebook page.  They are a distributor for the Twilight Saga in the Spanish market.  Mystery solved!


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German Interview with Rob and Kristen

Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Breaking DawnThe folks at Robsteners and Robstenation have been able to translate an interview that was done with Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at SDCC for a German magazine TVMovie.De.

TV Movie: Be honest: Was the film sex difficult for you?
Rob: Oh yes! I felt really uncomfortable.
TV Movie: Too many people on set?
Rob: No, a fear had rather something to do with Taylor and his fantastic body. Jacob, as a werewolf, has bared all already in the last two films. And to be honest, I can’t keep up with him.
TV Movie: The fans will be pleased with the new passion nevertheless…
Kristen: After for year it’s about time! (laughs)
Rob: They’re very emotional scenes. For the first time I felt like a human, not like a vampire.
Read the whole translation and see scans at Robstenation.  Thanks to TwilightPoison for the heads up!