EW Breaking Dawn Cover Eye Color Mystery Solved

When the Entertainment Weekly cover hit with Edward and Bella in the water, sharp-eyed readers noticed that Robert Pattinson’s eyes were not golden and Kristen Stewart’s were not brown. We figured since there was so much water involved in the scene wearing contacts wasn’t possible and that they’d fix it digitally in the final touches on the film (much in the same way Kristen Stewart couldn’t wear contacts in the New Moon cliff diving scene.)

Well it turns out there is another answer. Bill Condon’s partner, Jack Morrissey responded to fan inquiry and here is the answer. According to Bill Condon, the picture in EW is a rehearsal shot. They had the actual contacts in when the cameras actually rolled and things like that are also double checked in post production.

So no worries folks, the eye-color is correct in the film.


  1. I’m glad that was clarified but I will admit when I first saw the picture, I thought it was a paparazzi shot more than a shot for the film. Let’s keep it real, everyone knows with 99% positively what is going on personally so with them using that picture as the cover without their contacts is a bit misleading because I can see it as they(Robert & Kristen) were caught in the midst of a private moment rather than their characters (Edward and Bella)..but as long as they get it right in the film, its fine.

  2. I wasn’t worried. I thought the same as you guys that it was because they were in water. I’ve had contacts in water before & it’s not easy & I almost lost them.

  3. I definitely thought because of the quality of the shot that it was not an actual still from the film so it is nice to know it is a rehearsal shot.

  4. Lynne Stringer says:

    Sharp eyed readers? I could see they were contact-free without my glasses on! 😉


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