Julia Jones SEGN Interview Part 1

SEGN interviewed Julia Jones who is playing the Leah in Eclipse. There is an audio interview and a partial transcript.

On reading the books: “I got very obsessive and went through all 4 of them. In the last week and a half, I’ve read the first 3. I just finished Eclipse today. I think the books are incredible. Stephenie Mayer[sic] managed to capture a level of humanity, especially with Bella’s character. Her inner thoughts are the similar thoughts you’ve ha d in similar situations but they’re so deep down, ones that you sometimes don’t even admit to yourself.”

Get it all on SEGN. Via TA


  1. It’s good that she read the books and hope she can truley capture her character

  2. Oh, why do they always spell SM’s last name wrong…

  3. Spoken like a true fan…

  4. JGroIsMyEdward says:

    can u guys imagine all the casting needed (other covens, people, etc.) if/when they do Breaking Dawn? Can’t wait!

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