Stephenie Meyer:Fan Junket Interview: Eclipse Flashbacks

Twilight Series Theories has the transcript of this next part of the luncheon discussion four fansites had with Stephenie Meyer.

“TST(Kallie): Ok, I have a question… It is movie related… In Eclipse we get a lot of background for Rosalie, Jasper and the Quileutes. Which I love, love, love!  it’s my favorite part of reading the book, and getting to know the characters.  So which of the backgrounds are you most excited, or have you been most excited to played out on film?

SM: I found Jasper’s really exciting.

TST(Kallie): That’s what I’m most excited about!

SM: I think that having read them… Well, when I was writing them I really liked the Quileute background.

TST(Kallie): I love the Quileutes, and so for me, I was so excited to see the third wife and all that.  But because reading Bree (The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner) I am so excited to see Jackson’s background being played out.

SM: They’re short in the movie, becasue they have to be.  That’s always the heartbreak of them. The biology scene… it kills you because you want to see Rob and Kristen do that.

LT: It’ll just be five hours long!

SM: Yah! So it was hard to have them shortened down.  I think that Nikki Reed will surprise you in her section, she does so great!”

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  1. Thanks for posting this!I am looking forward to the flashbacks too.Haven’t seen eclipse as it hasn’t released in India yet. 🙁

    PS. What biology scene is SM talking about??

    • I believe she is talking about the scene in Twilight when Edward “smells” Bella for the first time.

    • it could also be the blood typing scene…but then maybe she would call it

      • I was thinking the blood typing scene also. It breaks my heart to think about it.

        • It breaks my heart too.It was one of my favourite scenes in the book. Bella says “blood smells like rust and salt” and Edward goes “people can’t smel blood”…they could have shown this scene instead of the one in which they learn abt compost…*sigh*

  2. I did not care for back stories, so would of loved to of seen them glossed over and more Charlie/Bella stuff in movies. I find movies do not have enough of Charlie.

  3. So, just curious, but what’s the deal with releasing this SM interview in parts? It makes me feel like I’m watching TV.

  4. When I first learned that Stephenie Meyer had chosen 4 fansites to be invited to interview her and asked for ppl to submit questions they would like to have answered, I was soooooo excited. This has sure turned out to be a non-event, totally disappointing. First we only got the discussion abt Midnight Sun, and we were told that they “weren’t allowed” to reveal what else was discussed until Eclipse was released. Now, these rather boring little snippets.