Full Stephenie Meyer Interview on Twilight Saga Site

The complete version of an interivew with Stephenie Meyer now appears on the Twilight Saga website. Excerts from that interview appeared in USA Today earlier today; however,the full interview can be found here. Note that you have to join the site in order to see the content.

In Breaking Dawn, Bella feels what it’s like to be a newborn and now readers will get to see Bree do the same. Were you thinking about Bella’s experience while writing Bree’s, or vice versa?

Absolutely—I was always comparing the two in my head as I wrote, because they have very different experiences as newborns. Bella goes into her new vampire life with a ton of preparation, expectation, and stubborn determination. Bree didn’t have any idea of what was happening to her; she goes in blind. But both do exceptionally well given their circumstances. I imagine Bella’s behavior would have been very similar to Bree’s if she had been changed in a similar way.

Over the course of the Twilight Saga, we are introduced to a rich hierarchy of vampires. Is Bree the only vampire outside of the core Twilight cast you’ve established such a firm story for? Is there any other character you would enjoy exploring in a similarly involved way?

Given all the time in the world and no distractions, I could write a short story for every one of my characters; some would turn into novellas and some would turn into novels and some would turn into series. Some of the stories are pretty firm—Aro’s early days for example, Marcus and Didyme, Jane and Alec, Charlotte and Peter, Alistair, the Denalis—and some I haven’t given as much thought to. Most of these stories don’t feel as necessary as Bree’s, because Bree’s story affects the central story so directly. I don’t know that I’ll ever do a companion story like this again. It was a lot of fun, though.”

Check out the full interview here.

We also can’t wait until representatives of Twilight Source, Twilight Series Theories, TwiFans, Letters to Twilight get to interview Stephenie later this month about Eclipse and the Bree Tanner novella.


  1. I really enjoyed that interview. If anybody knows this world that would be Stephenie Meyer. And honestly she’s the only one I care to ever meet. I’m sorry I’m not a fan of the movies but I do love the books.

  2. Nice interview… but damn it… they forgot to work her over to “encourage” Stephanie that us Twilighters want another true novel in the series to be written.

    Bella. Edward…Reseemee…jacob..and the rest have a future full of adventure ahead.. and we readers don’t have eternity to wait.

  3. Stephenie is justAMAZING!!!

  4. Shannon says:

    I really enjoyed the interview. It helps to know how important Bree is to her, the stories and movies. Can’t wiat to read it!

  5. andy jackson says:

    You should stop those boring ass movies like twilight or the host

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