MSN: Cameron Bright Interview

MSN was able to get a few moments with Cameron Bright who plays Alec in New Moon. Cameron probably had one of the easiest commutes to work during the film shooting as he is a Vancouver native.

Is there pressure to kind of come into a movie that’s so big, as a new person?

Well it’s definitely different. Like, I was in “X-Men 3,” right? So that was kind of the same, but that was the last one of it. So I was in the last one, but this one there’s still two more coming. So it’s kind of mixing in and you know, it might give me a chance to finally be recognized and get bigger. Because all my other movies didn’t really have anything going for them until they came out; that was when they got it. Whereas this one already has a huge fan base because of the books and everything.”

Check out Cameron’s full interview on MSN.


  1. the way he talks about it makes me feel like he’s just after fame

    • yah sounds like.. i just hope not because all twilight actors are very not after fame.. they just want to be part of something they love “Twilight book” like Ashley..

  2. thparkle says:

    He might be in it mostly for the fame. But cut him some slack, he’s quite young I think. And to his credit, he actually a pretty good actor. ‘Running Scared’ and ‘Thank You For Smoking.’

  3. annabelle says:

    Of course he’s after fame. Duh! He’s an actor. That’s why people get into acting. They like attention and being in the spotlight.

    You think any of the other cast members got into this movie hoping that it wouldn’t be a success? Of course not. I think he’s a very talented kid and hope this movie moves him on to even bigger and better things.

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