Urban Rush Talks to Charlie Bewley About His Marathon Plans

Urban Rush is a local Vancouver program (it’s kind of like the Today show in the US only more layed back and it covers more entertainment)

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DGTV also interviewed Charlie on the same topic.

On a personal level, how cool is it that Charlie ducked the opportunity to plug his first big film after Twilight (a film that went into a wild bidding war at Sundance) and just wanted to focus on the charity event. Serious kudos to Charlie!

The Province: Charlie Bewley Marathon Tribute

The Canadian site The Province is covering Charlie Bewley’s current Run For Your Life Project. Charlie wrapped his work on Breaking Dawn, and he is out there training every day.

“Twilight actor Charlie Bewley has traded in his fangs for running shoes.

The English actor, who plays the Volturi vampire Demetri in the Twilight Saga movies, is in town, busy training for the May 1 BMO Vancouver Marathon.

Bewley is running and raising money as a tribute to his late friend and colleague, stuntwoman Jocelyn Clarke, who passed away from lung cancer on Feb. 14 at the age of 36.

“She was a really brilliant girl,” said Bewley, who hopes his Run For Your Life campaign will be a lifelong endeavour.

“She is ingrained in my heart. I wanted to celebrate the life of this amazing person.”

While running a full marathon is certainly impressive, Bewley is picking up the pace, if you will, and actually adding another 21 kilometres to the 43-km marathon length, bringing his day’s run total to 64 km.

“For me, it’s an underlying message for anyone who feels they are stronger than what they are putting out right now,” said Bewley…”

See more on the Province.

The Official Twilight Convention in Nashville Comes Off as a Success!

Last weekend the Official Twilight Convention came to Nashville, TN for the second time. The original line up for the weekend was totally pulled due to a change in filming for Breaking Dawn for the wolf pack as well as some last minute family obligations for Peter Facinelli. I’m sure this left the staff at Creation Entertainment scrambling for alternate guests. What they came up with was a lineup of rarely seen and brand new faces to the convention circuit.
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Charlie Bewley To Run Ultra-Marathon In Memory of Friend

There is an opportunity for one lucky Twilight fan to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 a day early with 20 of your closest friends. Charlie Bewley is running an ultra-marathon (that’s 40 miles folks, instead of the regular 26) in the memory of a friend who recently passed away from cancer. His friend, Jocelyn, was also in New Moon, Charlie’s silver screen debut, as Dakota Fanning’s stand in.

Charlie took to his website to speak from the heart about Jocelyn, and how he is going to put himself out there to raise money in her memory to fight this disease.

“I have no idea if I can run a marathon, let alone an Ultra. I have a competitive 10km time but this is a completely different story. 40 miles, or 60 kilometers. One-and-a-half marathons. The punishment on the body will be crippling…

…But when the struggle begins, what extra incentive will I need when imagining the battle the subject of my cause endured every day during her illness. Since Jocelyn has passed away, I will now be running for the money you have kindly donated to those responsible for treating her illness… so that many others may be given the opportunity to fight as Jocelyn did. Through the BC Cancer Agency www.bccancer.bc.ca, Jocelyn received many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and naturopathic treatments to help battle her illness. It seems appropriate to give back to those wonderful people who fought alongside Jocelyn in her journey. “

See more on Charlie’s website

Charlie’s site explains what’s in it for Twilight fans:

“In support of this challenge, Summit Entertainment have very kindly donated the wonderful prize of a private screening of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 the day before general release to one lucky winner and 20 of their friends*. For every dollar sponsored, you will receive one ticket in the draw to win this and many other prizes. All funds raised will be donated to the British Columbia Cancer Foundation which, together with the BC Cancer Agency, helped Jocelyn throughout her illness.”

To donate go here.

The staff of the Lexicon has gotten to know Charlie during the Official Creation Entertainment Twilight conventions. He is absolutely a down-to-earth, and generous person. Charlie was also the only Twilight saga actor who came to our New Moon live podcast and did so for no appearance fee. Fame, in our opinion, hasn’t gotten to his head, and in a business where you go from an unknown to being catapulted into the spotlight, staying grounded is an accomplishment in of itself. We understand that there are many, many worthy causes supported by the actors. If you are able, please donate  because cancer is something that can strike any of us at any time.

Reelz Channel: Like Crazy With Charlie Bewley

Like Crazy | Felicity Jones | Anton Yelchin | Charlie Bewley | Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailer | Review

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Ross Matthews Interviews Charlie Bewley at Sundance

It’s a little surreal to see “Ross the Intern” interviewing Charlie.

Charlie Bewley Interviewed By HollyWire at Sundance

Charlie Bewley is in the cast of Like Crazy, which everyone went crazy for at Sundance this year. The film walked away with the festivals top prize and was the subject of an intense bidding war among three studios to acquire the distribution rights.

Artists on Demand Interviews, Booboo Stewart, Chaske Spencer, Dan Cudmore and Charlie Bewley

Artists on Demand had a chance to interview Booboo Stewart, Chaske Spencer, Dan Cudmore and Charlie Bewley when they were on a break at Orlando’s Official Twilight Convention this past weekend.

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Twilight Tweets-December 8

We thought we’d start doing a regular feature called Twilight Tweets. There are now so many cast members on Twitter, we thought we do a weekly round up of the most interesting stuff. Also we need a cute graphic for this regular feature. If anyone would like to make us one, we’d really appreciate it!

Erik Odom who plays Peter in response to a fan asking if he was excited, “Trust me, my walls are covered in bounce marks…and yes, I’ve been talking with my mate Charlotte (Valorie Curry) often…:). He also mentioned that he is currently in LA, but shortly heading to Baton Rouge.

Guri Weinberg who plays Stefan is already in Baton Rouge. We had a little Twitter chat with him telling him our nickname for the characters of Vladimir and Stefan—Creeptastic 1 & 2. He liked the name and said he’d tell Noel Fisher who plays Vladimir. He also promised, “Will do. I am going to post some photos of cast on our off-time, I will try and get one of us looking especially creepy.”

The cast is very limited in what they are allowed to say about the specifics of the production, but Guri did state the following:

  • “The BD costume designer, MIchael Wilkinson, did an amazing job with all the characters. So many covens and time periods to handle…”(Cameron Bright also made similar comments)
  • Bill Condon is SO passionate about BD that I imagine the crew is the best of the best.
  • I met the special effects guy…he’s from Avatar. I was excited and a little star struck.
  • I get asked a lot about the cast of Twilight. They are so down to earth, I was surprised. They totally deserve their success.
  • I’ve met most of them at a dinner in Baton Rouge for the cast, writers and producers. I was personally a fan of Peter’s.(we are assuming he means Facinelli)
  • So, now that BD filming is a week away, I am starting to get a little nervous. I think if I mess this up, BD fans will kill me! Good point, I get more than one take for scenes…plus, I could always blame Noel…;) Noel and I are VERY excited about one particular scene.
  • (In response to being asked if he has seen the movies)Yep, I’ve seen them all, I like just about anything that involves vampires, that’s the “creepy” in me. 🙂 I think I liked Eclipse best so far but BD will definitely be the best (OK, maybe I am biased)
  • (In response to being asked if he has met Mackenzie Foy who plays Renesmee)I have met her, she is the most adorable, intelligent little girl I have ever met. I absolutely will post pics. She is sweet, adorable, really smart and stealing the cast’s hearts right and left.
  • I have met Kristen, she is very kind and unassuming.
  • I think Noel is really great, Lee is an amazing actor and Rami is also great…but don’t tell them I said this. 🙂

Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina Is fully into learning about Brazil, where her character comes from. She’s been asking Brazilian fans for things she should know.She also tweeted out her motto,  “ps My motto for life has always been : dont follow the path create your own and leave a trail 🙂 … guess thats what twitter is… :)”

Andrea Gabriel who plays Kebi is a seasoned actress (She played Nadia on LOST) but some industry items are new to her. She tweeted, “First all night shoot ever! Oh and turns out that stuff about me being a night owl is only true if I am in bed and watching bad television. Vampire schedule is in effect… I am hanging out all night going to sleep at around 6 a.m. and waking up around 1. Is that a good thing?”  Also Baton Rouge people might want to Tweet her and help her out because she having a little trouble with location items, “Oh where oh where to do laundry? Oh where oh where to find a CVS? Ah life on location.”

Cameron Bright is happy to be in Louisiana because one of his best friends lives there. As for his wardrobe, he is in full agreement with Guri Weinberg, “Holy wardrobe Batman! Wait til you all see this movie. Gonna have too, coz we can’t tell you anything…muahahahaha”

Charlie Bewley is looking forward to being in three locations, “In Louisiana for the whole of the Winter. It’s gunna be fun, cause there’s no other choice … home in UK for Xmas NYE:NYC” Charlie and Jamie Campbell-Bower had a very British humor conversation on their bringing their balls with them, and playing with them on their downtime—get your minds out of the gutter—their footballs and rugby balls. Charlie also has a film at Sundance, see an excellent article at TwiExaminer

Lisa Howard who plays Sibohan is doing her prep work, “Re-watching New Moon… Heading down to Baton Rouge soon. I’ve got to prepare :-)”

Charlie Bewley Plays Charades

At RingCon Charlie got asked about his jobs before becoming an actor. Charlie has made no secret about having a ton of jobs and pretty much drifting before getting into acting. Check out the ones he acts out. He didn’t get up to taxi driver which was also on the list.