Chaske Spencver and Charlie Bewley Sing Karaoke at Twilight Convention

Charlie Bewley Thunder Road and Like Crazy

Charlie Bewley has two new projects in the works.

First up, is the trailer for Like Crazy. The film releases October 27th. It was the hot property at Sundance this year resulting in at least a three-way bidding war for distribution.

Next is Thunder Road project that THR describes as, “Actor-writer-director Steven Grayhm, Kyle XY star Matt Dallas and Twilight’s Charlie Bewley are spending six weeks of their summer road tripping across the country. The purpose: research for their first feature film Thunder Road, which explores the difficulties many U.S. soldiers face upon their return to civilian life from active duty in Afghanistan.”

The trio recently appeared on FOX CT to talk about this project.You can also find the group on Facebook here.

Charlie Bewley Talks About Twilight With Premiere Scene

Charlie Bewley: How Twilight Has Impacted His Life

Charlie Bewley talks candidly at London Film and Comic Con 2011 (LFCC) about how the Twilight Saga has impacted his life.

Charlie Bewley Joins The Cancer Talk Initiative

To find out more about this group check out Our parents had the awkward talks with us about the facts of life. Time to talk to them about cancer screening.

Charlie Bewley Raises $20,000 In Run For Your Life

We’ve been telling you about Charlie Bewley running an ultra marathon to raise money to fight cancer. The Vancouver Sun covered the race that took place on Sunday:

“Actor Charlie Bewley, who raised $20,000 by running in the Bank of Montreal Vancouver marathon Sunday morning, had tears in his eyes as he crossed the finish line, a marathon spokeswoman said.

Deirdre Rowland said the funds raised by Bewley will go to the hospital that helped care for his friend Jocelyn Clarke, a local stunt double, who died of cancer in February.

The money raised by Bewley, who plays the vampire Demetri in the Twilight movie series, will go to the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation.

The marathon raises an estimated $40,000 a year for five different charities.”

See more on the Vancouver Sun.

Lexicon reader Pam tracked down Charlie’s exact times from the marathon’s official site (TY to Pam)

final place:  1515   middle of the list after running the half marathon first

place in division:  146/233

gun time: 4:12:45

chip time: 4:03:50

km pace: 5:47

On behalf of the Lexicon staff a special thank you to anyone who contributed.

Charlie Bewley Gears Up To Run For His Life On Sunday

We’ve been telling you about Charlie Bewley running an ultra marathon to raise money for cancer research in memory of a departed friend. The Vancouver Sun interviewed Charlie as he makes final preparations to run this Sunday.

“Of course, he could have chosen to run just the marathon or the half marathon but he has opted to do both, which will add up to 63.3 kilometres. It’s the farthest he has ever run. “It’s something I’m not quite sure of. It’s a very dark place.”

He is looking forward to the challenge.

If his friend Clarke could live full throttle to the very end without flinching, he can run headlong into the biggest challenge of his running career.

“The reason I decided to run a larger marathon is I just don’t think a marathon is that difficult. I would run it very, very easily, not as if my life depended on it. I preferred to do something I didn’t know I could do.”

See more on the Vancouver Sun

Charlie is another actor that we have gotten to know during Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Convention. We really respect that he it totally putting himself out their to raise awareness and money. If you are able, please consider donating to this cause.

Charlie Bewley and Bill Tangradi Talk Working with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

USA Weekend interviewed Bill Tangradi and Charlie Bewley at the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention in Virginia. They talked about everything from meeting fans, to getting involved in a large franchise film, to Rob and Kristen:

“So there I was hanging out with some of the cast of Twilight. I had to ask what Pattinson was like in real life. And the guys ran with that one.

“He’s really dreamy,” Tangradi quips.

“He moonwalks on water on one foot,” Bewley jokes. “Can you imagine?”

Then they got serious.

“I found Rob to be really charming,” Tangradi says. “I didn’t have too many encounters with him because I left him alone. He was really self-deprecating and giggly. He laughs a lot under his breathe.”

“Unfortunately, he’s in this position where he has to entertain everyone around him all the time,” adds Bewley, who has gotten to work with him a lot longer. “He takes that burden on him and I’ve seen it kind of progress, from the first time I chatted with – him being like, ‘What is this thing around me? This is so ridiculous. I just want to go home and make music’ – to where he is now. He’s a stand-up guy and he’s completely comfortable in his surroundings wherever that might be.”

And where you have Rob, you have Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, Pattinson’s on-screen love interest — and reportedly off-screen as well.

“I’ve always found her kind of endearing,” Bewley says. “Her awkwardness is wonderful.”

See more on USA Weekend, and don’t forget to check out the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention.

Charlie Bewley Talks About Acting Class

Charlie talks about what acting class he felt prepared him to give a great audition.

City Lights – Charlie Bewley of Twilight Runs For Your Life

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