Alex Meraz Punks Charlie Bewley

Alex Meraz and Charlie Bewley are in Mexico as part of a Halloween/Horror festival. So, Alex decides to get onto Charlie’s autograph line…you have to love these guys!

Daniel Cudmore y Charlie Bewley Vienen a Mexico

¡Qué estupendo! Dan y Charlie vienen a México en el DF en octubre. For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, dan and Charlie are going to be in Mexico City October 30th and 31th as part of a Horror/Halloween convention being run by Blockbuster’s Mexican division.

Check out the full details over on Twilight Poison.

Twilight Stars Masterminds?

I’m a geek. If you’ve ever me (Laura) there would be little doubt in your mind. Part of my geekdom, is that I loved the game Mastermind. I got it when I was around 12 or so. I’ve always been a sucker for logic games. So the makers of Mastermind had a Mastermind tournament going backstage at the Teen Choice awards and several Twilight stars: Justin Chon, Charlie Bewley,Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelltier played. Watch the video and the final rankings to find out which Twilight star won!

Booboo Stewart and Fivel Stewart: What Makes the Twilight Cast Smile

Booboo and Fivel Stewart were on the Teen Choice red carpet working with Invisalign. They asked celebrities who they thought should win the Teen Choice Best Smile Award (it was won later that night by Taylor Lautner) and what personally makes them smile. They spoke with Justin Chon, Charlie Bewley, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, and Kiowa Gordon.

Charlie Bewley Plays With the Press

Poor Marc Malken at E! It looks like he never really experienced Charlie Bewley’s off-beat sense of humor before. Marc met Charlie recently and remarked, “Charlie Bewley is either really funny—or completely nuts.” (Trust us Marc, it’s both, and you never know which!)

How are they going to show the birth?
I think they should just go all the way and do it in 3D! The baby kind of like pops out and floats above the audience’s head. Everyone who goes to see the movie with a bunch of kids going, “What?!”

I just don’t think they’re going to go for that.
There will be blood going like this [tilts head back, opens mouth and slides fingers over his face].

Maybe that could be at like a midnight showing. But seriously, how are they going to show it?
I have no idea. [But] they have to keep it in there. It’s part of the book.

See more at E!

Charlie Bewley and Xavier Samuel Visit the Today Show

The footage from the actual studio isn’t online yet, but in the meantime enjoy the guys visiting with the fans in Rockefeller Plaza, just outside the studio, where the fans came to see them.

Eclipse Cast Surprise Audiences July 3

Charlie Bewley made his way to New Jersey after being in Minneapolis the day before.

Nikki Reed (she is really entertaining in these) and Xavier Samuel (sadly all video is too dark b/c management didn’t turn the lights in the theater up!) who were just back from European promotions handled Long Island and Manhattan.

Cameron Bright wowed in Atlanta

Bronson Pelletier was on the case in Ohio and Michigan.

Jodelle Ferland posed with fans in New Orleans

ME, @JODELLEMICAH, & @Benedictarnold9 at #Eclipsemovie (@... on Twitpic

Julia Jones traveled around Chicago on Friday

Charlie Bewley and Booboo Stewart on George Lopez

George Lopez is having what he called Twilight Week. Last night was Charlie Bewley and Booboo Stewart.

Tonight George has Kristen Stewart, Cee Cee Low,Billy Burke and Julia Jones

Blast: The Eclipse Cast Hit Twilight Nights

Around the country the Eclipse cast appeared at various Twilight night events sponsored by Summit and Moviefone. Usually in outdoor settings, you could watch Twilight and New Moon back-to-back for free. Here is some of that coverage.

A very blonde Justin Chon in Phoenix

San Diego featured Peter Facinelli and Christian Serratos with hosts Jenna Bush, Quddus, and Myriam from MSN Superfan.

Boston had Booboo Stewat and Tinsel Korey who braved flight cancellations to get there!

The Lexicon’s own Nena Cullen was in Salt Lake City to see Charlie Bewley and Julia Jones. Nena writes, “So this was an impromptu- spur of the moment decision, to go down to the park hauling my 2 month old with me. When I got there I realized my camera didn’t have a lot of charge, so I had to take  pictures with no flash to at least last me for a few pictures. As you well know, both Julia and Charley were awesome. They hugged and signed almost everybody there…only about 200-300 people showed up. It was at this huge park…they seemed to be having a great time.Summit gave some keychains, buttons, pens and make up, posters and some other stuff for free. Moviephone had a picture booth, popcorn stand, face painting stand and a twimom/Alex’s lemonade stand. Movies started around 8pm.

W: Five Minutes With Charlie Bewley


W interviewed Charlie Bewley:

Did you feel an obligation to play Demetri a certain way?
Well, as you go down the cast list, the characters are less scripted out, which is great for me because I don’t think that Stephanie [Meyer] for one second imagined that Demitri would be as flamboyant as I play the character.

Do you lose your British accent for the movie?
I keep the British accent because I think the history of film tells us that if there’s a bad guy from a foreign country, they’re probably going to have a British accent.”