Stephenie Meyer on Writing Midnight Sun

In a new article with the New York Times, Stephenie Meyer addresses some of her nerves about writing Midnight Sun, publishing it after such a long wait, and why it did take so long to finish.   Stephenie first addresses the fact that she didn't think that many people would care about the book only … [Read More...]

YouTube Live chat about Midnight Sun Quotes!

We chatted on YouTube Live tonight about the Midnight Sun quotes, speculating on where everything falls, what the quotes mean, and what we think about all the teasing Stephenie has done leading up to the release. You can rewatch it here. … [Read More...]

Exclusive Lexicon Quote from Midnight Sun

We have today's fansite quote for you!   We're excited to see where this falls in the story! We've had access to the previously released 11 chapters of Midnight Sun and this quote doesn't fall in the material that was released. However, it obviously reads as a scene when Edward and Emmett are … [Read More...]

Midnight Sun Cover

Midnight Sun Quote Week!

Every day this week, a different website will host a quote from Midnight Sun!  Today, Hypable had this quote: As much as I would have loved to get out of the truck and stalk up to the helpless duo – to lean over them, intimidating, close enough. That all the little signs of what I was would feel … [Read More...]

Midnight Sun Drive-In and Virtual Book Tour Update

Stephenie updated the information on her book tour for Midnight Sun. With all the social distancing rules changing moment by moment, this may change again in the next few weeks.  But as of July 20, here is what we know from Stephenie... On Friday, August 7th I’ll be at the Skyline Drive-in … [Read More...]

Character Chat for Midnight Sun Thursday

We moved our usual Midnight Sun Monday chat to Thursday because of conflicts.  This week we chatted about our favorite characters and their stand out moments and lines from the books.  You can rewatch on YouTube.  We were joined by Amy (OhMyCarlisle), Mel (Rosmele), Heather, Shelley (SomethingBlue), … [Read More...]

Midnight Sun Book Tour

Stephenie Meyer has announced that she plans to do two book events for Midnight Sun at drive in theatres. Read more about it on her website.  … [Read More...]

Stephenie Meyer on Letters To…

Stephenie surprised some fans by doing a Q&A on Letters To... … [Read More...]

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Next Midnight Sun Monday Poll

What do YOU want to hear us chat about next week in our Midnight Sun Monday night chat? Take the poll below. If you have a suggestion other than the ones provided, leave us a comment! … [Read More...]

Midnight Sun Monday Chat on Conventions

The gang was back together for another Midnight Sun Monday night chat on conventions!  You can watch the replay on our YouTube channel! … [Read More...]