Midnight Sun Chat – Edward Specific Version!

Last night the fandom friends got together to chat all things Edward Cullen and Midnight Sun! You can watch the replay below.  

We are taking next week off for the Isle Esme Virtual event.  Look for details about that in another post.  September 17th we will be focusing on all things Cullen Family related to Midnight Sun.  If you have questions or scenes you’d like us to discuss, let us know! 

What We’ve Learned from Stephenie Meyer’s Book Events Q&A

Stephenie Meyer has participated in a few virtual book tour events and has answered a few questions that fans will be very interested in! Here are a few of the details we have learned along the way. 

Will there be more Twilight Saga Books?

YES! But we don’t know when.  Stephenie said she has two more books planned. The first book would take place about 4 years after Breaking Dawn. And Freaky Fred from Bree Tanner would be important to the second book.  She also wouldn’t answer a particular question about the Volturi and even said that would lead to spoilers. She did say that the Volturi would have to be dealt with.  However, it’s going to be a while!  She has a whole chapter of the first book done, but she wants to work on something else before she writes more Twilight Saga.  

Will there be more books from Edward’s perspective?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! She was very clear about this.  Midnight Sun took too long to write and was too dark that she will not write from Edward’s PoV again.  

Will Midnight Sun be a movie?

She said there is always a film possibility. But she said the problem is that sound editing would be hard to fill in all the sounds Edward hears in his mind. Also she said that no human comes close to looking like the vampires in her mind. She suggested that animation would be a great way to do it!

How did they come up with the cover of Midnight Sun?

The cover went through several changes. Originally she wanted a hand squishing the pomegranate. This would echo the hands holding the apple on the cover of Twilight. But the photographer came back with an altered version that looked like a heart and that’s the one they eventually went with.  

What was she most proud of from Midnight Sun?

Without spoiling for anyone who hasn’t read… Stephenie was very proud of the moment that comes just after Edward watches James’ video near the end of the book.  

What was the most fun to write in Midnight Sun?

She said every moment that wasn’t in Twilight was fun.  All the parts where she had to stick to a script and make it fit was hard. Of those moments that were fun, the car chase was the most fun!

TheHostPBWill there be more Host books?

She has the books all planned and outlined and but she’s over planned and uncertain of when she will write it.  

What book will she write next?

Stephenie said she has about 23 different novels started on her computer.  Some are just basic outlines.  Some have full pinterest boards.  Some are more developed than others.  So she doesn’t know what’s coming next.  

Will there be any more films based on your books?

Stephenie finished a screenplay for the Chemist and said it’s ready to be filmed.  But she would really like to see Life and Death as a film because she loved the characters of Edythe and Archie so much.  

She also said that if the Twilight Saga books are ever filmed again they will be an extended episodic TV show, like the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice.

What’s her favorite scene from the book that wasn’t in the film?

Blood typing! Which tends to be everyone’s favorite missing moment.  

Special trivia Info…

Bella’s shield comes from Charlie’s muted quietness and Renee’s powerful volume. So Bella’s quietness is super strong.  

The Volturi were not originally in New Moon. They were added in at the end from a suggestion Stephenie’s mom made to add danger to the end. 

Bella went to Horizon High School in Arizona. 

Carlisle bought Esme an island because she is beautiful and he wanted to see her in the sun. 

Forever Dawn (the original sequel to twilight where Edward didn’t leave Bella) is copyrighted, so it’s at the Library of Congress should you want to read it. 

Special thanks to OhMyCarlisle and Rosmelie for some of the questions from the film event. 


Character Chat for Midnight Sun Thursday

We moved our usual Midnight Sun Monday chat to Thursday because of conflicts.  This week we chatted about our favorite characters and their stand out moments and lines from the books.  You can rewatch on YouTube.  We were joined by Amy (OhMyCarlisle), Mel (Rosmele), Heather, Shelley (SomethingBlue), and Emma (The Nutty Madam). We will take next week off and meet again on July 23. 


Happy Birthday Edward!

Today is Edward’s 110th birthday!  We’re celebrating by hosting a little party over on our special birthday forums.  Well, I should say that Alice is hosting mostly, but we’re letting her do what she would like to do on the forums.  We have a few new games being hosted by a few different Cullen family members.  We also have a contest for the best birthday card/banner, which we will feature here on the blog tomorrow.  So be sure to visit the forums for some Cullen family fun and to help us wish Edward a very happy birthday!

And yes, it IS raining Edward faces! We thought we owed it to all of you who suffered through the Bieberfication of the Lexicon on April Fools.  So enjoy it for the day.  And just sing along with me… “It’s raining Ed!  Hallelujah, it’s raining Ed!”

Happy Birthday Edward Cullen!

109 never looked so hot!

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EW lists Edward Cullen in top 100 Characters

Edward CullenEntertainment Weekly named Edward Cullen one of the greatest characters in the last 20 years.  The list includes the likes of Harry Potter, Captain Jack Sparrow, Rachael Green, and Homer Simpson.  Edward hits the list in the middle at #53.  Read more about it at HollywoodNews.com.

Happy Birthday Edward!

edward B-day banner As many of you have pointed out to us, today is Edward’s birthday!! Edward-Cullen.Net sent us this banner in honor of our most beloved vampire’s celebration.  To help us celebrate, leave us a post about your single most favorite thing regarding Edward, be it a quote, something he did, or any general trait.  Just let us know what you love about him and why!  My personal favorite moment, which kind of sealed the deal for me, was when he said, “I may not be human, but I am a man.”  Gotta love that!