Midnight Sun Quote Week!

Every day this week, a different website will host a quote from Midnight Sun! 

Today, Hypable had this quote:

As much as I would have loved to get out of the truck and stalk up to the helpless duo – to lean over them, intimidating, close enough. That all the little signs of what I was would feel like they were screaming at the old man, to bare my teeth and snarl a warning in a voice that would sound anything but human, to watch his hair stand on end and hear his heart splutter with panic – I knew it was a bad idea.

To us, this clearly references the moment Edward brings Bella home and see Jacob and Billy on the porch.  

Tomorrow, UK Twilight will have a quote. Wednesday, Fangurlish will have the quote of the day. We will host a quote on Thursday! And TwilightMoms will round out the quote on Friday.  

We’re actually wondering if OhMyCarlise, Rosmelie, Tashopolis, TwlightersDream or XtineMay will getting quotes since they seem to have been following and posting Twilight related content much more than the rest of us! Still, we’re thankful for any and all content we can get to take our minds off the pandemic.  

We will be discussing the all the released Midnight Sun book quotes this Thursday night on YouTube Live at 8:00 EST.