What We’ve Learned from Stephenie Meyer’s Book Events Q&A

Stephenie Meyer has participated in a few virtual book tour events and has answered a few questions that fans will be very interested in! Here are a few of the details we have learned along the way. 

Will there be more Twilight Saga Books?

YES! But we don’t know when.  Stephenie said she has two more books planned. The first book would take place about 4 years after Breaking Dawn. And Freaky Fred from Bree Tanner would be important to the second book.  She also wouldn’t answer a particular question about the Volturi and even said that would lead to spoilers. She did say that the Volturi would have to be dealt with.  However, it’s going to be a while!  She has a whole chapter of the first book done, but she wants to work on something else before she writes more Twilight Saga.  

Will there be more books from Edward’s perspective?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! She was very clear about this.  Midnight Sun took too long to write and was too dark that she will not write from Edward’s PoV again.  

Will Midnight Sun be a movie?

She said there is always a film possibility. But she said the problem is that sound editing would be hard to fill in all the sounds Edward hears in his mind. Also she said that no human comes close to looking like the vampires in her mind. She suggested that animation would be a great way to do it!

How did they come up with the cover of Midnight Sun?

The cover went through several changes. Originally she wanted a hand squishing the pomegranate. This would echo the hands holding the apple on the cover of Twilight. But the photographer came back with an altered version that looked like a heart and that’s the one they eventually went with.  

What was she most proud of from Midnight Sun?

Without spoiling for anyone who hasn’t read… Stephenie was very proud of the moment that comes just after Edward watches James’ video near the end of the book.  

What was the most fun to write in Midnight Sun?

She said every moment that wasn’t in Twilight was fun.  All the parts where she had to stick to a script and make it fit was hard. Of those moments that were fun, the car chase was the most fun!

TheHostPBWill there be more Host books?

She has the books all planned and outlined and but she’s over planned and uncertain of when she will write it.  

What book will she write next?

Stephenie said she has about 23 different novels started on her computer.  Some are just basic outlines.  Some have full pinterest boards.  Some are more developed than others.  So she doesn’t know what’s coming next.  

Will there be any more films based on your books?

Stephenie finished a screenplay for the Chemist and said it’s ready to be filmed.  But she would really like to see Life and Death as a film because she loved the characters of Edythe and Archie so much.  

She also said that if the Twilight Saga books are ever filmed again they will be an extended episodic TV show, like the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice.

What’s her favorite scene from the book that wasn’t in the film?

Blood typing! Which tends to be everyone’s favorite missing moment.  

Special trivia Info…

Bella’s shield comes from Charlie’s muted quietness and Renee’s powerful volume. So Bella’s quietness is super strong.  

The Volturi were not originally in New Moon. They were added in at the end from a suggestion Stephenie’s mom made to add danger to the end. 

Bella went to Horizon High School in Arizona. 

Carlisle bought Esme an island because she is beautiful and he wanted to see her in the sun. 

Forever Dawn (the original sequel to twilight where Edward didn’t leave Bella) is copyrighted, so it’s at the Library of Congress should you want to read it. 

Special thanks to OhMyCarlisle and Rosmelie for some of the questions from the film event. 



  1. So sad, I would LOVE to see what Edward did during New Moon. So much of the book he was missing from could be fascinating! Also Edward/Bella/Edward take of Breaking Dawn. </3

  2. Nancy Eaton says

    I just searched the Library of Congress for Forever Dawn and did not find it, can you help

  3. Hello. Thank you very much for compiling this info and sharing it with us!! Do you know how we can access Forever Dawn from the Library of Congress? I tried to search it on the library’s website but came up blank.

  4. Thank you so much for compiling the info she gave on her book tours! The Isle Esme one is really heartwarming!

    Now, I’m not from the US, but I did try to search for Forever Dawn online on their site… Any idea how I can find it? My searches for “forever dawn”, “stephenie meyer” (and sorted by date) and others are… not helping me find it that I’m wondering if I ever could without physically going there. ^^;

  5. Jennifer Rogers says

    I was a bit sad when I realized that Midnight Sun would only cover the first book from Edwards perspective. Sad to see here should would not write more from Edwards perspective. I loved this book and was sad to come to the end. I found I really liked this story line maybe a bit better than the others. The reason I say that is the difference from the norm. To read the day to day life of Edward and this family while dealing with ‘human’ life was very fascinating. I have always wondered what Edward was thinking, what Alice was seeing and saying. How were Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle all reacting and dealing with what Edward was going through and putting them through. The interaction of such different beings in the same reality dealing with life unlike their own was very intriguing. The playfulness, the arguments, the camaraderie, and love between them. Not being a writer I can’t fully understand the ‘darkness’ that Stephenie has with this character. I would think there would be no way around that darkness to go into the next part of the story, So I can only go on wondering what happened during the ‘blank’ period of time from the Cullens. Maybe someday? Until then I will read some of her others and wait for new.
    Thank you for what you do here and the update.

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