Midnight Sun Giveaways – There are THREE ways to win!!

Midnight Sun CoverWe have several give aways that we are sponsoring and multiple ways for you to enter to win some great products and signatures from Stephenie Meyer thanks to Fickle Fish Films and TheNovl

First – Leave a comment here on the Lexicon about what moment you are most looking forward to reading about in Midnight Sun.  We will pick one winner from the comments posted to receive a copy of Midnight Sun along with a signed book plate. This contest is open to all countries and international followers.  

Second – We will have a twitter contest for a second give away of the book along with a signed book plate.  Again, this is an international contest open to anyone. Check  our Twitter feed for details.  

Third – We are hosting a give away on Instagram for TheNovl Midnight Sun Box. This box includes a copy of Midnight Sun and a signed bookplate along with a whole host of other goodies!  We will choose one winner from our Instagram followers. Because of the content of this box, this give away is open to only the US.  

All winners will be chosen on Sunday Aug. 9, 2020.


  1. I’m excited to learn about Edward’s past. We’ve known his life as a vampire forward, but never knew much about his past life. I’m also interested to learn about his thoughts that go through his head when he’s with Bella. Does he feel angry? Confused? Broken?

  2. Megan J Johnson says

    I cannot wait to read the Meadow and their first night together. Can’t wait!

  3. Victoria Pearson says

    The meadow!

  4. Anxious to know Edward’s reaction to finding out when Bella ran away to find James.

  5. Connie Blasing says

    I’m looking forward to reading about Edward’s first thought about Bella!

  6. Ana Livia Lopes says

    I can’t wait to know how he felt when found out bella went to meet james and read the letter that bella wrote for him. #NowIt’sEdward’sTurn

  7. I’m curious to know where was Edward between the first day he met Bella and the day he introduces himself

  8. Lorena Angelotti says

    What I’m looking forward the most is the development of the Cullen’s relationship outside of Bella’s perspective. I love all the Cullens and I wish we had more of Esme, for instance, because she is such an interesting character but we didn’t get to see her as much. I’m also dying to know what was Edward’s first reaction after he got in the airport and saw that Bella wasn’t there!!! I already know I’m gonna love this book no matter what, we have waited for so long and to know that in a few days we get to read the story at it’s full is just amazing!! If I win this it would be a dream come true but no matter what I will love and cherish this story and saga forever! <3

  9. I am definitely looking forward to the meadow scene from Edwards POV, but mostly looking forward to what happens while they’re hunting James and Victoria while Alice and Jasper are keeping Bella safe in the hotel! I’m hoping it’s full of action and angsty emotional outbursts from Edward 🙂

  10. I’m most looking forward to see what Alice and Jasper are thinking when, after they have lost Bella, Edward is at the airport and sees them!!! But also all of the other things are that we didn’t have the opportunity to know because twilight is set to be in bella’s perspective

  11. I really want to know all of his awkward and cringe thoughts he had when he brough Bella home for the first time. And also, what he read in Charlie’s mind when Bella introduced him as her boyfriend! But this whole book is going to be so interesting and I am looking forward to reading it.

  12. When Edward tastes her tear.

  13. I am so stoked to hear what he thinks when he kisses her for the first time. Bella’s reaction was hilarious so it will be great to hear his POV for that.

  14. I’m looking forward to reading when Edward realized the moment he fell in love. I’m such a romantic lol

  15. Dulce Candy Areola says

    I’m so excited to finally read about Edwards thoughts on when he first met Bella and what made her so special for him to fall in love with someone who was so different from himself. Also what are his passions and interests that he’s developed over the decades that he’s been alive as that is part of what has shaped such a beautiful, romantic, strong minded man within him. So excited to enter Edwards mind and explore all the beauty and chaos within it.

  16. Mallory proverbs says

    Looking forward to every singleee line every single chapterrrrr everythingggg #stepheniemeyersaveduswithreleasingMIDNIGHTSUN

  17. Monica Waller says

    I would Really like to hear exactly what Edward was thinking after the Biology blood typing class and what happened while he was in Denali after the first meeting with Bella.

  18. Jess Draper says

    I’m so excited to read the section of when Edward arrives at the airport and Bella’s gone to find James and I’m also excited to read about a Edwards hunting trips with Emmett and Alice xx Also the meadow scene will be so romantic and lovely.

  19. I’m soo excited to read about when Edward gets to the airport and Bella is not there as she’s hunting for James xx I’m also excited to read about his hunting trips with Alice and emmett and also obviously the meadow scene as it is bound to be soo romantic. I also am looking forward to read (if it’s been kept from the draft) about Edward reading Charlie’s mind and what he can actually hear in it.

  20. Graciela Castillo says

    Good day, I’m most looking forward to reading the whole chase and fight with James, as well as the whole time he was away from Bella in those moments.
    I also really want to know everything Edward thought of Mike.
    But honestly I’m looking forward to everything!!
    Thank you for doing this giveaway!!!

  21. I’m excited to read about Edward’s thoughts when he smelled Bella for the first time, about his time in Alaska when he ran away, his first night creepy creeping on Bella while she slept, and to “see” Alice’s vision about Bella!

  22. Wow, first of all thank you for these amazing giveaways! The moment I’m looking forward to the most is finally holding the book in my hands after waiting for over a DECADE! I think every twihard knows how long the wait has been and feels the same – happy, overwhelmed, thankful. There are many things I’m looking forward to. First, I’m looking forward to reading the moment Edward finds out Bella went to James to save her mother. Second I can’t wait to read what he thought in the whole process from meeting Bella for the first time to getting closer to her; to see the conflict he has been in from his perspective. And we know that he ran away to the Denali coven for a while, I can’t wait to see what happens there!! But the moment I’m looking forward to THE MOST is to get closer to the Cullens. The Cullens are an amazing family and every family member is an interesting character. Because of the quotes that were published earlier I’m so excited to read the Cullen brother interactions, what they talk or don’t talk about, and I’m so curious because I want to know exactly how Rosalie reacted to the news that Edward is in love with a human. Stay safe everybody! 🙂

  23. I am so beyond excited for this giveaway and more importantly Midnight Sun!! My gosh since I first heard about this book back in high school and reaching out to all the fanfiction authors that did Edward’s POV online, I have been dying to see his reaction when he realizes Bella is gone. Cannot wait to finally read it!!! ECvampiregirl

  24. Ellie Buzyan says

    Literally any and every scene makes me so excited, however I am really excited to see how Edward hears Renee’s thoughts, as I know Edward only gets the gist of Charlies, so I’m eager to see what combination created a completely silent Bella! (as was mentioned in the draft) Also, the baseball scene. I mean, c’mon.

  25. Rachel leff says

    Im excited to see Edward arrive in the Phoenix SkyHarbor airport and realize Alice and Jasper lost Bella. Fury Edward is endlessly entertaining

  26. I want to read about what happened through Edward’s mind when Bella was in Phoenix with Alice and Jasper and how exactly they told Edward that Bella had gone alone to find James! Also! The ‘Mind over matter’ chapter!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  27. i am looking forward to seeing “behind the scenes” of the cullen family and really looking forward to family moments and getting to know them better! also looking forward to edward’s colorful comments about mike LOL

  28. When Bella was distracted from her talk with Edward, by staring at Rosalie. My question was always, what was Edward saying to her?!?!
    Or when they arrived at the airport and Bella had escaped, which was the first thing Edward thought about the situation??

    Looking forward to know what he thinks when he realized he’s falling in love with Bella, when James got Bella in the Ballet Studio, his thoughts on their first kiss, when he finally reveal his sparkling true self at the meadow, when he’s sucking the venom out of Bella’s hand cause by James, when Jacob warns Bella and says “We’ll be watching” at the prom, and on the baseball scene, did Edward tried to show off when Esme tells Bella that he’s the fastest. I’m sooo excited to read #MidnightSun like right now and i’m hoping that #StephenieMeyer will continue this side of Edward in New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! Thank you Twilight Lexicon for this giveaway! I’ve been following you for since a decade ago and thank you for your hard work and dedication for Twilight up to this day! Godbless!

  30. I want to know what went through Edward’s mind when he arrived at the airport and Bella wasn’t there waiting with Jasper and Alice! Also, i’m very interested in reading about the relationships between the Cullens behind the scenes, when Bella is not present.

  31. allie besev says

    I absolutely cannot wait to read about the cafeteria scenes from Edward’s perspective, I love them so much! And if we have the blood type scene too it will be such a bonus to me because that part was hilarious! I hope we will see more of the Cullen family in general. You know how the saying goes, more Rosalie, the better ^^ I am curious to see how the relationship between Edward and Jacob will be, given that Edward can hear what Jake thinks of all the time. But most of all, I’m looking forward to hold the book in my hands after waiting for it for almost a decade. Sending y’all much much love

  32. PurpleBrina Honora says

    the meadow…..i can’t wait to read that part from EPOV

  33. Lynnett Dunaway says

    Im excited to see bella meeting his family from his point of view and through the thoughts of his family. We they as nervous, how was esme feeling her oldest son bringing a date home for the first time.

  34. I am so excited to read from Edwards point of view. I read the beginning of this online years ago. So excited this is finally coming out

  35. Kat Rodriguez says

    I am most excited to be in Edwards head and looking forward to hearing his thoughts as he was sucking the venom out of Bella’s wrist. In my original reading of the Saga I was a HUGE Team Jacob fan. It was only after reading the portion of Midnight Sun that Stephenie posted to her site that I switched and totally became Team Switzerland. I found a place in my heart for Edward after reading his point of view. I’m super excited to get this book in my hands!!!

  36. I’m excited to see how hearing other people’s thoughts impacts him. Like if its distracting or if he can tune it out.

  37. Rebekah Patton says

    I am looking forward to the meadow scene. Where it all started for Stephenie. ?

  38. Rebekah Patton says

    I am looking forward to the meadow scene. Where it all started for Stephenie. ?

  39. I want to know what Edward was thinking and feeling the first time he met Bella, what happened after she left the school and disappear for Few days

  40. What I would most like to see from the book in Edwards perspective is how he felt when he saw Bella for the first time, what were his feelings, also I want to know what Edward thought when he took her to her room and also when he played his piano, and also when Bella realizes that he is a vampire, well there are so many things I want to know but the ones i mentioned are the main ones. Thank you so much for giving us all the opportunity to win the book !!

  41. Claude Olson says

    I am personally super excited and also absolutely dreading the moment Edward arrives at the Airport in Pheonix and réalisés Bella has gone to James and isn’t there, the fear and sadness i’m expecting form edward will just about kill me i’m sure, don’t worry edward you can save her! i’m also very excited to read about what it’s like to suck the venom out of bella and how he’s it is for him to stop drinking her blood and how he manages to stop

  42. Crystal Harmon says

    I am most looking forward to Edward’s reaction once he reaches Phoenix and realizes Bella is gone and reads her letter to him. It is going to be heartbreaking and beautiful! I can’t wait!!!

  43. I’m really excited to read about the first time Bella said his name while she was sleeping! I’ve been waiting for this book for SO LONG, I can’t believe we are finally going to read it!

  44. Carmen Aguila says

    Im so excited for all of it but I really want to read the scene were Edward meets Charlie as the boyfriend for the first time. I just love Charlie and his little comments so hopefully Edward will be able to share what Charlie was thinking

  45. OMG! I’m excited for SO MUCH but first comes to mind is when they are eating together at Bella Italia in Port Angeles!

  46. Leslie Ramiro says

    I really want to know what goes through Edward’s head when he kisses Bella for the first time. <3

  47. First, thank you so much for this giveaway, this means a lot to so many people. I am most looking forward to the moment when Bella was bitten by James. I always wonder what was going through Edward’s mind when he was trying to save Bella from becoming a vampire. We all know Edward was against her becoming like him but I want to know if there was a moment when Edward also considered just letting the venom spread and change Bella. I am so excited for Midnight Sun!

  48. I’m looking forward to reading about the reasons that Edward fell in love with Bella. In the leaked draft, we get the sense that it was because of her goodness. I love that! Edward, with his ability to read minds, likely really gets what it means to be a good person. It would be so neat to see his perspective on the quality of someone’s character and how he falls in love with her for who she is, just as she is. Now that’s romantic – loving Bella for her being herself.

  49. Im really looking forward to read about Edward saving Bella by drinking her poisend blood. Im curious about his thoughts!

  50. Krizzia Tabuelog says

    I am most excited to read what Edward felt or was thinking when he did not see Bella in the airport AND THEN reading her letter for him when she goes to James ALONE!!!!!!!!

    It is that OR!! what Edward was thinking when he tried to ‘distract’ Bella before going to the baseball clearing sksksksjjdksbdhs

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