Midnight Sun Book Tour

Midnight Sun CoverStephenie Meyer has announced that she plans to do two book events for Midnight Sun at drive in theatres. Read more about it on her website. 

International Links to the Meet Stephenie Meyer Sweepstakes

Please make sure you are reading the rules as they apply to your specific country carefully! Rules and minimum age vary greatly country to country due to different laws. Some countries it’s just the matter of sending in an entry postcard, others you have to make a video. MAKE SURE YOU ARE FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR COUNTRY! We will update this post when we get more information:

USA Sweepstakes http://thetwilightsaga.com/page/usa-rules

  • FINE PRINT WARNING! “Enter by regular mail”. This means NO FEDEX, UPS ETC!
  • FINE PRINT WARNING! Also note “3 x5” card and request for “HAND PRINTING”!
  • FINE PRINT WARNING! You must have ” valid passports” (realize that this event might take place in Canada where they will be filming Breaking Dawn. If you don’t have a passport apply NOW it takes time to process!
  • FINE PRINT WARNING! Limit one entry per person, per household (including immediate family members, e.g.,
    mother, father, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and spouse) and/or those living in the
    same household, whether or not related), per day, during the Sweepstakes Period.
  • Limited to the 50 states and the District of Columbia. the Pacific, Atlantic, and Caribbean territories are excluded.
  • Don’t get disqualified for not reading the fine print and doing/having what you will need!

Canada Sweepstakes http://thetwilightsaga.com/page/canada-rules

  • FINE PRINT WARNING! Submission rules are similar to the USA, note regular mail, number of entrants per day, size of card, etc. Also note Quebec not eligible(we have no idea why, just reporting the rules. Suspect it has something to do with the French translation.)

United Kingdom Sweepstakes http://www.stepheniemeyer.co.uk/superfan/

  • The UK contest is open to residents of the following countries according to the the terms and conditions posted here: Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom
  • FINE PRINT WARNING! This contest involves making a video and posting it on YouTube. WARNING they say the video must be UNLISTED and MUST BE 60 seconds or less. Don’t get disqualified for not following the rules!

Brazil http://www.intrinseca.com.br/crepusculo/home/index.php (Ty to TwiBlog Brasil for helping!) and http://www.intrinseca.com.br/crepusculo/concursocultural/

  • This contest involves answering the question”how has Twilight changed my life in 1,000 words or less and voting by fans to narrow the applicants. See the above link for full details.
  • NOTE: They state that there will not be translators present Both the prize winner and their companions must have knowledge of the English language because there is no interpreter at the meeting with the author Stephenie Meyer.”

Italy http://www.fazieditore.it/twilight/index.htm

France http://www.lecture-academy.com/rencontre-avec-stephenie-meyer

  • The contest involves making a one minute video explaining why you are the best representative  who is the French ultimate fan. At least 15 seconds of the video has to be a message in English from you to Stephenie Meyer.  The fan must speak English well enough not to need a translator as one will not be present.
  • “TY to Twilight France for the assistance.

Germany http://www.bella-und-edward.de/web/news/blog/article?wpaid=941

Mexico http://megafandemeyer.wordpress.com/

The contest involves a one page essay detailing the craziest thing you have done involving Twilight, a photo of your room all Twilight decked out, a photo of you. You need to also prove you reside in Mexico and you need the proper documents to travel to the USA or Canada. Although the Mexican contest makes no mention of this, every other contest has clearly stated that there will be no translator present and the winner must at least have a level of conversational English to participate.

Taiwan http://www.spp.com.tw/spp2006/other/07/twilight/news.htm

China http://www.jielibeijing.com/news/detail.php?id=249

Stephenie Meyer On Oprah

This on Stephenie’s Official Website:

“I wanted to apprise you all of a few upcoming things.

You know I’ve been doing the hermit thing this last year, in so far as media is concerned, and I’m not changing that now, but I am making an exception. I’m doing this for a good reason: I am so pleased and amazed and thrilled with what Chris Weitz has done with New Moon that I want to talk about it, and to show my support for him. And since I’m only doing one interview, better make it big. Really big. So….I will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday, November 13th. Check the local listings on Oprah’s website to find out what time it will be on where you live.

Of course, most of the questions for Oprah will be designed for a broader audience than just die-hard Twilight fans, and I imagine people who read this site and other fansites will already know most of the answers. To rectify this, I’m going to answer your more specific questions on-line. The official Twilight Saga website (www.TheTwilightSaga.com) will be taking any New Moon movie-related questions you might have for me, and then I’ll answer those most frequently asked. I’ll post the answers on the Twilight Saga website and also here on my own site. Questions can be submitted to TheTwilightSaga.com from noon (Eastern Standard Time) on Monday, November 9th through noon Tuesday, November 10th. The answers will be posted Monday, November 16th—or New Moon Premiere Day, as it is known around my house. (Details about submitting the questions will be posted first thing Monday morning at TheTwilightSaga.com, you can also get more information below.)

I’m so very excited that you’ll all get to see New Moon in just two weeks! Then you’ll see what I’m going on about. Until then, think up some good questions for me.



Save the Book Babe!

Hi All, Pel here. In just a few hours I am on my flight to Phoenix to attend the Project Book Babe event. If you are going to be there, post below so I know who to look for, come over and say hi.

I know economic times are tight right now, but I’m asking anyone who is in the Tempe area and who can afford the $25 admission to come down and support this event.  If it wasn’t for the encouragement of Faith and events like the Eclipse Prom, which Faith was instrumental in making happen, that captured the media eye, it would have been much tougher for Twilight to get to where it has today.

If you aren’t in the Tempe area, please make a donation (even if it’s $1.00 forgo a cup of coffee, a bag of chips, whatever is your usual treat) to this cause. If all the people who attended the Eclipse Prom two years ago donated $1.00, and if all the people who bought autographed merchandise from Changing Hands (that Faith used to co-ordinate) that amount of money raised would be quite staggering.

There is currently merchandise online that you can bid on from various authors to support this cause, and more merchandise will go up for bid in the coming weeks including items signed by Stephenie. There is also the fabulous tee shirt being done by Twilight Teez (Click their button in our side bar).

There are also items going up for bid at the event itself (have I mentioned a dress before?). There are at least three of us bidding on Stephenie’s E-Prom dress: Dano (Danyelle), Pel (Laura), Illumin8 (Kara from Twilight Moms).

When last we heard Kara was threatening to send Flying Monkeys after me, and now it seems she has her own bubble and wand! How in the heck am I supposed to compete with a legion of flying monkeys, a bubble, and now a wand?  I’m wondering if a pail of water will do any good, if nothing else it’s hard to bid if you are distracted and dripping wet! Watch out Kara, I want that dress!