Renesmee Cullen Is Being Made Into a Tonner Doll

So far there have been several versions of Edward and Bella, as well as Jacob, Alice, Jasper, Jane, Laurent, Victoria, and James. Now it looks like it is Renesmee’s turn. Check out the Twitter conversation between a Twilight Lexicon reader and Tonner Dolls

tonner doll

Breaking Dawn Part 2: Vampire Bella Doll Now Available from Tonner Dolls

Tonner Dolls has their vampire Bella model ready for purchase. Tonner had previously done a Twilight, New Moon, and Wedding version.
TY to Barbara for the heads up.
vamp bella tonner 1

vamp bella tonner 2

vamp bella tonner 3

vamp bella tonner 4

vamp bella tonner 5

Check it out on the Tonner site here.

Tonner Dolls Creates Breaking Dawn Wedding Bella

Tonner Dolls has a wedding Bella up on their website. They previously created dolls on the Twilight and New Moon theme. This is their first Breaking Dawn themed doll.

TY to CyCyn on Twitter



Here is the full product description:

*International Shipping Restrictions apply

  • Dressed Tonner Character Figure™
    Face includes hand-painted details
    Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
    Kristen Stewart head sculpt
    16″ Tyler bending wrist body
    Cameo skin tone
    Brown painted eyes
    Brown rooted saran hair
    Silver and Blue rhinestone hair decoration with white veil
    White dress with lace applique on sleeves and on the back of the dress,and faux pearl decoration
    White net with lace back of dress with faux pearl dress decoration
    Nude pantyhose
    Gold ring painted on left hand
    Silver ring on right hand
    Bouquet of faux flowers
    White satin shoes with silver glitter decoration
    LE 500

*SHIPPING NOTICE – our licensing agreement allows us to ship this item to the following countries:United States and Canada.Check it out on their website.

Tonner Doll To Begin Producing Breaking Dawn Line

Tonner Dolls has not had a new Twilight figure since the Alice, Jasper, and Jane looks from New Moon(see the available collection here).

Other Twilight based dolls have been retired. They just tweeted out the below information asking for suggestions for a Breaking Dawn line.

Make you you tweet your opinion to Tonner!

Last summer we visited the Tonner booth at Comic Con

Tonner Dolls Debuts Jane Doll

Here’s the best part folks via the Tonner website:

“Our New Roll Out Release – Robert Presents Jane of Twilight

We are pleased and delighted to present to you 5 brand new products that are currently in-stock (or VERY close!), which means you may begin placing your orders at any time! It also means there won’t be any agonizing wait before you can receive the latest and greatest Tonner creations…. and that means no agonizing wait between releases, either!

Okay, now the really, REALLY important stuff: There will be FREE SHIPPING on each of the 5 BRAND NEW Tonner products for FIVE DAYS ONLY! So, from now until Sunday at midnight EDT, any item from the Latest Tonner Release will ship for FREE! That’s right: this river of Love runneth deep!

Remember, look for the latest Tonner Releases on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, for, if there is new product in-stock, it will be revealed on those days!”



Tonner Dolls At Comic Con

The ladies over at Twilightish sent over this photo pf the dolls as well.

Via Twilightish

Who do you think will be the new doll they are releasing in a month?

Birthday Give Away #1: Edward from Tonner Dolls

This month we celebrate FIVE years on line with the Twilight fandom!  We posted a podcast a few days ago answering the questions you asked us about various Twilight moments and trivia.  Every Thursday this month we will be holding a giveaway using questions from that podcast as your way to enter the contest and win amazing prizes!  This is our way of saying thank you for all the support you’ve given the Lexicon for the last five years.

This week we have the Edward doll named Distant Devotion from Tonner Dolls.  If you would like a chance to win this prize, leave a comment below with the answer to this week’s trivia question.  This contest is open to everyone who has a mailing address!  We will leave the contest open for 48 hours and will choose a winner on Saturday March 5.

This week’s question is: Which actor does Lori (Alphie) name as changing the way she saw the character from the book, and which actor does Laura (Pel) name as being just how she saw the character from the book?

This week’s prize: Distant Devotion Edward from Tonner Dolls

Remember, all of our birthday giveaways are open to anyone, anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where!

Video: MTV Profiles the Jasper and Alice Dolls With Creator Robert Tonner

You can find the entire Tonner Twilight Doll collection here.

Tonner Dolls to Launch Jasper Doll

Entertainment Weekly was at the annual Toy Fair in New York City and what did they stumble upon? A Jasper doll by Tonner.

“Toys, toys, toys everywhere! This year’s Toy Fair kicked off yesterday, introducing a gaggle of action figures built around new movie franchises, upcoming videogames, and attractive vampire teenagers. Tons of photos from the event have shown up online, but I’d like to direct your attention to freakishly real-looking toys in particular. The “Jasper” figure (see left) from Twilight perfectly captures Jackson Rathbone’s elfen cheekbones — parents of 9-year-old girls, I present you with the only birthday present your daughter will really want this year.”

See more at EW

Tonner currently has several Bella and Edward models, Alice, Victoria, James, Laurent, and Jacob. Check out the collection on the Tonner website.

The Twilight Saga Christmas Shopping Guide Part 1

Last year we got hammered with questions starting right after Thanksgiving from boyfriends, husbands, fans, you name it on “Where can I get Bella’s bedspread?” or “Do you have any idea how I can get my girlfriend Bella’s engagement ring?”  So this year, we decided to put together our very own Twilight Saga shopping guide. Now there are a million vendors out there who specialize in Twilight Crafts, and we’d close for all other business if we tried to list all of them. It’s not to say if something isn’t listed here that that product is bad; it just didn’t make our list. These are just a few of our personal favorites.

Tomorrow we will be back with part 2 which will be clothing focused.

Bella’s Bedspread at Target

edbellabedThis is the lovely bedspread, also known as the purple flocked comforter found exclusively at Target.

Here’s the product description:

  • Weave Type: Plain
  • Fabric Treatment: Flocked
  • Bed Topper Features: Jump and Tack Quilting
  • Bedskirt Features: 15″ Drop
  • Includes: Bedskirt, Comforter, 2 Shams included in Full, Queen, King, Cal King set, 1 Sham included in Twin/Twin XL set
  • Polyester
  • Fiber Content: 100 % Cotton
  • Number of Pieces: 4
  • Care and Cleaning: Dry Clean

The set comes with a comforter, 2 shams, and a bed skirt. It has an overwhelming number of 4 star reviews from satisfied customers. Occasionally Target has given us one to give away and it’s traditionally been one of our hotter giveaway items. It’s a nice subtle way of professing your Twilight love in the bedroom without having Robert Pattinson’s or Taylor Lautner’s faces loom up at you. Also, your significant other will probably never know it’s Twilight connected unless you tell him. Prices range from $89.99 to $99.99 depending on size. Target’s current holiday deal includes free shipping.

Bella’s Bracelet ™ and Bella’s Engagement Ring® at Infinite Jewelry

Before there was even a hint at a viable movie, Infinite Jewelry was producing the Bella’s Bracelet ™ and Bella’s Engagement Ring®. Their versions of the ring and bracelet were done in complete consultation with Stephenie Meyer. Lots of painstaking detail went into the wolf on the bracelet to get it just right. The wolf is also made of copper (to look like wood) and not wood because the designers realized that such an intricate wood carving would chip and damage in no time, and they wanted a durable product.

The engagement ring comes in yellow gold (just like the book description) and also white gold. There are various versions of the ring ranging from a fashion edition (given away on the Oprah Winfrey show last year, and mentioned on yahoo) all the way to a fine (real gold) and genuine (real gold and real diamonds) editions.

There are other versions of these products by other vendors, but we personally like this one better. One, the ring is more subtle than the version from the movie which we feel practically swallows your whole knuckle. Two, the wolf carving on the bracelet is the most intricate we’ve, seen and was done by consulting with Stephenie Meyer. In our opinion, it’s hard to go wrong when Stephenie consulted on the design.

They also have other merchandise: watches, necklaces, etc. that are inspired by the Twilight Saga.

Authentic Twilight Star Autographs and photographs at Creation Entertainment

If you are going to go out and spend money on an item signed by an actor, you want to know that that particular actor actually signed the item. Creation has it’s own autograph store. The actors actually signed the items at events run by Creation. We’ve seen a lot of fakes or misrepresentations on Ebay. Thanksgiving weekend Creation has a free shipping special going. Take advantage of it while it lasts.

Aside from their autograph area, they have a photo collection of high quality 8  X10, glossy studio stills and poses that are exclusively at their site (see photo at left). They are perfect for decorating rooms, lockers, etc, and at $ 6.00 it’s hard to go wrong. Call it an over-sized stocking stuffer.

Creation also runs the Official Twilight Tour in the US.  So if you need convention tickets, from a company that has been in the fan convention business for over 30 years, check them out here.

In fairness of full disclosure, the Lexicon has appeared on panels at a number of Creation Events.

Twilight Saga Calendars, Twilight Saga Deluxe Scene It and more at Amazon

There is every style of calendar that you can think of from various version of 16-month to the traditional 12-month. Amazon has some other great deals like the  complete Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse trading card sets, and the new, deluxe version of Scene It. The links go to the Lexicon Amazon store. A portion of the funds help to keep us running.

Twilight Saga Dolls at Tonner Dolls and Barbie

Tonner Dolls has been in the fine doll production business for years. They recently added new Bella and Edward models to their collection. They also have Alice for the first time, as well as all the villain vampires from Twilight. The Alice description reads:

“ALICE CULLEN is the latest member of the CULLEN clan to join Tonner®’s line of TWILIGHT TCF™s.  ALICE arrives wearing a costume reproduction from NEW MOON, and includes a striped blouse with bow tie collar, slim cut twill pants, plush corduroy vest, knit socks, and faux leather ballet flat.  ALICE’s CULLEN crest necklace is also included.   Ashley Greene Head Sculpt w/ 16″ Ballerina Bust Tyler Convertible Body; Amber Eyes with Wigged Hair and Cameo Skintone”

In fairness of full disclosure, they are an advertiser on the Lexicon.

Now if you are a Barbie collector, there are a series of dolls to fit the bill. Aside from the trio, there are Jane and Victoria. We just bought the Victoria doll and the detail is fantastic, especially the hair color and style

You can catch the entire collection on Amazon. The links go to the Lexicon Amazon store. A portion of the funds help to keep us running.