Tonner Dolls to Launch Jasper Doll

Entertainment Weekly was at the annual Toy Fair in New York City and what did they stumble upon? A Jasper doll by Tonner.

“Toys, toys, toys everywhere! This year’s Toy Fair kicked off yesterday, introducing a gaggle of action figures built around new movie franchises, upcoming videogames, and attractive vampire teenagers. Tons of photos from the event have shown up online, but I’d like to direct your attention to freakishly real-looking toys in particular. The “Jasper” figure (see left) from Twilight perfectly captures Jackson Rathbone’s elfen cheekbones — parents of 9-year-old girls, I present you with the only birthday present your daughter will really want this year.”

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Tonner currently has several Bella and Edward models, Alice, Victoria, James, Laurent, and Jacob. Check out the collection on the Tonner website.


  1. TroysMyAngel says:

    his pants need to be tighter^-^

  2. alice doesn’t look like this doll.
    this doll looks mature than what asley greene looks like as alice cullen

  3. I know what I am going to want for my birthday lol and im not where close to 9 years old lol

  4. I want the Jasper doll, but it costs $149.99.

  5. 9? Really? I know it’s a doll, but come on. The series is aimed at people 17 and up. And the price is certainly aimed more at collectors. My daughter gets Barbies she can play with, not collectors items. Is it just me or does it seem lately like the series is getting laughed at for being for younger and younger girls?? I won’t let my 10 year old son anywhere near my books for at least 6 years. And he actually showed interest because I seemed to enjoy them so much.

  6. Why does the Alice doll have such peachy-skin tones and when she’s a vampire just like Jasper (whose doll actually *is* pale). But he’s working the black jeans, you go, Jasper!Doll! 😉

  7. Sadly the Alice doll looks nothing like what its supposed to. Alice has prettier, more delicate facial features. Skin tone should be a lot lighter. Her hair is supposedly spiked and like a pixie. Most importantly, Alice is very SMALL. She could be less than 5 feet for all we know, and shouldn’t be that height in comparison to Jazz. Sorry!


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