Breaking Dawn Part 2: Vampire Bella Doll Now Available from Tonner Dolls

Tonner Dolls has their vampire Bella model ready for purchase. Tonner had previously done a Twilight, New Moon, and Wedding version.
TY to Barbara for the heads up.
vamp bella tonner 1

vamp bella tonner 2

vamp bella tonner 3

vamp bella tonner 4

vamp bella tonner 5

Check it out on the Tonner site here.


  1. irrevocablysue says:

    Actually, it looks like the chick from Bones.

  2. Christina says:

    UHHHH…seriously?! It looks NOTHING like Bella. It looks cheap and just…ew. I haven’t bought any of their dolls due to the incredibly low quality and I will not be purchasing this one…

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