Breaking Dawn Part 2: Vampire Bella Doll Now Available from Tonner Dolls

Tonner Dolls has their vampire Bella model ready for purchase. Tonner had previously done a Twilight, New Moon, and Wedding version.
TY to Barbara for the heads up.
vamp bella tonner 1

vamp bella tonner 2

vamp bella tonner 3

vamp bella tonner 4

vamp bella tonner 5

Check it out on the Tonner site here.


  1. irrevocablysue says

    Actually, it looks like the chick from Bones.

  2. Christina says

    UHHHH…seriously?! It looks NOTHING like Bella. It looks cheap and just…ew. I haven’t bought any of their dolls due to the incredibly low quality and I will not be purchasing this one…