Tonner Doll To Begin Producing Breaking Dawn Line

Tonner Dolls has not had a new Twilight figure since the Alice, Jasper, and Jane looks from New Moon(see the available collection here).

Other Twilight based dolls have been retired. They just tweeted out the below information asking for suggestions for a Breaking Dawn line.

Make you you tweet your opinion to Tonner!

Last summer we visited the Tonner booth at Comic Con


  1. Wedding dress Bella and vamp bella. Possibly the Denalis

  2. I hope they come out with a Renesme doll . and bella and edward wedding dolls … that would be awesome to see the rest of the cullens too

  3. Yes lower prices would make it sound a little more reasonble

  4. That’s ridiculous on the prices for these dolls. Especially after seeing they definitely are NOT selling on Ebay nor Amazon for even a lower price even $10 to $20 bucks cheaper! I think I will just stick with my Pink Label Mattel dolls. Already have them all from Mattel anyways and they are REALLY NICE! Just like the wedding set and spent less than $30 bucks at Toys R Us!

    Some of the older dolls Tonner has made I’ve went on Ebay and they just ARE NOT worth the money spent. Sorry Barbies are more popular than these because of the price difference. If you would lower the price considerably I might even be interested in buying one. But rumor has it Mattel will beat you to the punch on the rest of the Cullen Clan along with Jacob/Reneesmee. So good luck with that!

  5. Gay Bunnell says:

    My problem with the Tonner dolls is that they are plastic. For that price they should be porcelain. They also should look more like the characters. I have seen some repainted ones that are breathtaking – and I’d pay a higher price for something on that line, but I agree my Mattel pink labels are just fine under these conditions!!!!

  6. Dawnika Stephenson says:

    I think they should come out with a Renesmee Tonner doll! I don’t care which age look from Breaking Dawn Part Two they have, It would still be cool! I have the Edward and Bella from the original Twilight In action figure and the Barbie. I admit the Tonner dolls are too expensive.Although If they didn’t have the cheaper action figures, Barbie,or any other dolls of It I’d consider splurging, but luckily they do have cheaper. Although I still might If they come up with a Renesmee! I wish I could make It to Comic-Con, because while $50.00 Is still more expensive than the other dolls, It’s a good deal considering what the Tonner dolls normally cost! Besides I splurge at similar Twilight events like the conventions,more than a normal day at home,because some our like vacations!

  7. Im really disapointed not in the dolls the price of them they are way to expensive i am fifteen just turnned it there has been a costidy battle between my parents and i love my mom with all my heart and wouldent ask her to pay that mutch for one doll i just wanted them for my birthday but they are out of my price range i have to move on….

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