Black Friday, Shopping With Alice Giveaway

Tis the season where people start shopping! We will be coming out with our Christmas Twilight Saga buying guide later this week. We usually get bombarded at Christmas time with people emailing and asking “what do I get my daughter, girlfriend, wife, etc. This year we are going to do a list.

To kick things off we are giving away an Alice doll made by  Tonner Dolls.

The official product description reads(you can also see the full body photo here):

“Ashley Greene Head Sculpt w/ 16” Ballerina Bust Tyler Convertible Body; Amber Eyes with Wigged Hair and Cameo Skintone

ALICE CULLEN is the latest member of the CULLEN clan to join Tonner®’s line of TWILIGHT TCF™s. ALICE arrives wearing a costume reproduction from NEW MOON, and includes a striped blouse with bow tie collar, slim cut twill pants, plush corduroy vest, knit socks, and faux leather ballet flat. ALICE’s CULLEN crest necklace is also included. Includes display stand.”

So, if you would like a chance to get the Alice doll as your very own, just tell us in the comments why you like Alice Cullen. We will pick a random winner on Thursday at 11:59pm est, so you’ll know in time for Black Friday whether you have won or not. As with all of our giveaways where we are in charge of mailing the items out, you can be any place in the world to win.  So it doesn’t matter if you live in Topeka or Kuala Lumpur, we will find a way to ship the prize to you.

A huge thank you to Tonner Dolls for supplying the doll for the giveaway! You can see all their Twilight dolls including Bella, Edward, Jacob (award winner), Victoria, James, Laurent here

Bella’s Birthday Giveaway:Tonner Doll, Bella’s Birthday

As you know, Bella’s birthday is on September 13th. We are planning some fun games with prizes on our forums that will start on the 11th at 1:00 PM ET , and we wanted to kick things off early with our Bella’s birthday giveaway.

What better way to celebrate than with the Tonner Doll version on Bella in her New Moon birthday dress!

The description on the Tonner website reads: “A simple paper cut brings a birthday party to a screeching halt, when JASPER is taunted by the scent of BELLA’s blood.  BELLA’S BIRTHDAY arrives wearing a crisp taffeta dress with custom rose printing, a soft knit cardigan, bracelets, pantyhose, slip-on canvas shoes, and ribbon headband.   NEW Head Sculpt for 2010 – Kristen Stewart Head Sculpt w/ 16″ Ballerina Bust Tyler Convertible Body.”

So if you would like a chance to win this fabulous doll courtesy of Tonner Dolls (a huge THANK YOU to Tonner Dolls for donating the doll and being one of our advertisers), just wish Bella a happy birthday in the comments. We will pick a random winner at 11:59pm est on September 13, 201o.

Make sure you check out the other new dolls in Tonner’s line: The New Moon Edward, the New Moon Jacob, and the New Moon Alice!

Back in 2008, we did an interview with Robert Tonner, company founder, designer, and sculpter, to see what goes into the entire doll making process. Check out that interview here.

Tonner Dolls: New Bella and Edward and More On the Way

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“He doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight – he’s plastic. He can’t hunt for prey – he’s immobile. And he’s only 17 inches tall – not exactly a towering Byronic presence.

Still, for some fans of Stephenie Meyer’s immensely popular Twilight series, the Edward Cullen doll by Tonner is the next best thing to the books’ vampiric hero.

The high-end dollmaker, known for its realistic figures based on popular movie characters, saw sales hit a record high with its first Edward doll, released in 2009.

But next month at San Diego’s Comic-Con, Tonner is set to introduce another Edward – and a new Bella Swan (Edward’s human girlfriend) and an Alice Cullen (Edward’s vampire sister). The company also sells a Jacob (Bella’s werewolf best friend) and several villains from the first Twilight book.

Get more details here

Twilight Saga New Moon Wins Licensing Award

Given how many products from Burger King, Volvo, NECA and others came out for New Moon, we doubt this surprises anyone.  According to the press release by LIMA (Licensing Industry Merchants Association):

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the second installment of Summit Entertainment’s blockbuster film series based on the popular vampire romance novels, was named License of the Year at last night’s Opening Night Awards Ceremony at Licensing International Expo 2010 in Las Vegas. In addition, licensing programs supporting the Twilight property were honored in the entertainment and retail awards categories:

FILM, TELEVISION, CELEBRITY OR ENTERTAINMENT(Lexicon note: New Moon swept this category)
• Best Film, Television, Celebrity or Entertainment Program: The Twilight Saga: New Moon
• Best Film, Television, Celebrity or Entertainment Licensee – Hard Goods: Cardinal Industries, Inc. (for The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Movie Board Game)
• Best Film, Television, Celebrity or Entertainment Licensee – Soft Goods: National Entertainment Collectibles Association (for The Twilight Saga: New Moon apparel and accessories)

• Best Retailer: Nordstrom (for The Twilight Saga: New Moon)

• The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Summit Entertainment, LLC

See more from LIMA. Via Hollywood News

Twilight Saga Eclipse has already started their campaign with NECA, Nordstroms, Tonner Dolls , Barbie (Alice Doll pictured left) continuing to be strong players.

Taylor Lautner Now a Jacob Tonner Doll

Tonner Dolls, the company that has Edward, Bella, Victoria, James, and Laurent dolls now has added a Jacob doll to the line. MTV’s Hollywood Crush got the exclusive look.

Which Tonner doll do you like best?  We’re kind of partial to the Victoria one.

Tonner Dolls Features The Nomadic Vampires

If this isn’t ironic in light of recent news, we don’t know what is. Dread Central got a peak:

“Tonner Doll Company was the first collectibles outfit to recognize the potential of the Twilight franchise and (along with some prodding from Dread toy junkies) quickly jumped at the chance to bring this world of supernatural beings into their family of licenses. To date only Edward and Bella have been realized in doll form, but as the Dread crew closed up shop at San Diego Comic-Con, our excellent Tonner friends flagged us down for a sneak preview of what’s to come.”

See the rest of their story here.

Jacob Black Doll

EDITED: Stop the Presses! The below just in:

The picture of the three dolls are indeed Tonner dolls, but are all three repaints and the one of Jacob is actually a Basic Matt O’Neill painted to resemble Jacob by a friend of mine. Here is the ebay link(auction now expired) so you can see what I am talking about:

Twilight Poison has scored a look at Tonner Dolls’ latest creation, Jacob Black.

If you want more info on their upcoming line, you can attend the Tonner Convention.