The Twilight Saga Christmas Shopping Guide Part II-Twilight Apparel

If you missed our part one guide yesterday, check it out here.  Today’s version is going to focus on apparel and other products the apparel companies make. Tomorrow we will be back with our stocking stuffer edition.

Cafepress For Original Twilight Gear

Cafepress has been providing Twilight gear since the books first came out. They have it all from tees, to coffee mugs, now IPhone cases! All you need to do is go to Cafepress and put any twilight character name or saying through the search and tons of options will pop back up. The Lexicon has it’s own Cafepress store. Our most popular items are seen above. The bags make an excellent item to have celebrities sign at conventions.

Official Quileute Nation Store

It you are looking for authentic, look no further. The Quileuete Nation has its own store that sells tee shirts, hand-carved necklaces, even smoked salmon. All money goes to supporting the tribe and education for the kids who live there.

Everything Booboo a Booboo Stewart site

Did Booboo Stewart charm you in Eclipse or at a fan convention? Well there is a store that is all Booboo all the time! They have everything from various Team Booboo tee shirts to life-sized cardboard cutouts.

Actor Tees at Twi-Gear

Let’s say you want to profess you Charlie Bewley or Alex Meraz love. Twi-Gear has the answer for you. Pick and actor and there is a tee dedicated to that actor, often with their input. They also have fantastic general Twilight inspired tees. Not to be missed are their track jackets and warm ups not seen elsewhere.

Licensed Gear at Hot Topic

Hot topic has products with officially licensed images from the movies. They have rolled out a couple of new items for Christmas from tees to necklaces. There’s also a new throw that we haven’t seen before. Note: Hot Topic tees can run small. Their Torrid counterpart sells roomier and plus sized merchandise.