The Porsche Scene

Video that a fan taped from her apartment window overlooking the Porsche scene has surfaced.

The scene is where Alice tells Bella to run to save Edward. We are linking rather than embedding because it is very spoilerish if you are trying to stay spoiler free.

Via TwiCrack

Chris Weitz At Italian Press Conference

Twilight Italia has edited the video they took at the Chris Weitz press interview in Italy. They have also been kind enough to supply an English article that explains the backstory.

“We’re very proud to show you, as a Twilight exclusive, the video of the Press Conference which was held in Montepulciano last week, on May 25th, to officially communicate the start of the filming in Italy with the cast of New Moon. We were the only fan site allowed to be present to the Press Conference, thanks to our constant cooperation with Volterra in these latest months to support and help the initiatives of the Tuscan Town.”

See the full report here. (Note the instructions on how to play the video.)

RadarOnline: Montepulciano Piazza Footage

Once again since this is pretty spoilerish, we are only linking rather than embedding. The footage is video of what we only saw still pictures of the other day. Near the end you can see Chris Weitz giving direction to Robert Pattinson on where to stand and what sequence of body stances were wanted for the reveal in the sun.

Check it out on RadarOnline. TY to Mary for the heads up


Also, in case people were wondering how we decide what to link vs. what to post, here’s the deal:

If it’s officially released studio footage or fan photos/video that aren’t uber spoilery (like Jessica and Bella standing outside a movie theater: granted in the book, but not what you would call a high intensity plot point) we post the pics/vid.

If it’s behind the scenes of footage that is grabbed by people standing behind public barricades that is of a high intensity plot point (like the Volterra scenes) we only link.

If it’s illegally obtained (like breaking into the prop trailer) or is of a harrassing nature to the actors on their private time, we don’t post.

If we are given access to footage that we can only release on a certain date and time, we don’t release even if it leaks early elsewhere as it would be a violation of a contract.

New Moon Piazza Photo Montage

One fan has strung together a series of photos all acquired from different sources and angles to represent what the filming looked like from Edward’s appearance, to Bella’s run through the fountain, to the kiss, to Bella finally dragging Edward back into the shadows.

Again we are linking so if you are trying to stay spoiler free you aren’t forced into seeing images.

Filming continues today in the piazza, close-up shots of previous footage and additional background.

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson in Reunion Photos

The pictures are pretty spoilerish. So we are only going to link rather than post so people aren’t forced into seeing if they don’t want to.

Also despite reports that a stunt woman would be plowing through the fountain, Kristen clearly did it herself. Also Robert ( as much as you can tell from the telephoto lens) has obviously been working out.  Not quite Taylor’s 8 pack, but ripped nonetheless.

Just Jared



New Moon: It’s Almost a Wrap

According to his Twitter, Charlie Bewley has finished his part.  Pretty much you can logically infer that if he’s done so is Daniel Cudmore, and quite possibly Dakota Fanning.
extras marching in on piazza grande on TwitpicI'm pretty sure that's kristen... blurry too *crying* on Twitpic

Photos via Twitter, Bauxine7.

On today’s agenda is the Bella dashes across the plaza with 1,500 extras in red cloaks scene. Given the temperatures (over 90 degrees yesterday) we hope they have plenty of water on hand, because those folks in the cloaks are going to be dropping like flies otherwise. Of course, since the weather never cooperates, it was uncharacteristically cloudy this morning.

There are masses of people who have flocked to Montepulciano from all over the world.  Barricades are up for the crowds to stand behind. Yesterday the crowds could see the walk through and rehearsal in the main piazza, but today all has been blocked off.

Video From Montepulciano

Via Twi-Crack, several fans have filmed footage of the Montepulciano filming from test driving the Porsche to actor arrival.

Robert Pattinson After a Hard Days Work

According to all reports, the weather in Montepulciano is postivitely stiffling. Hot doesn’t begin to describe it.  After spending months in the Pacific Northwest, we can only imagine how the cast feels to be in yet another temperature extreme.

Robert Pattinson Who has photos(one seen above) a fan snapped from behind the public barricade of rob leaving the set.

Italian Fans Meet New Moon Cast

A bunch of Italian fans literally ran into Robert Pattinson, Charlie Bewley, Ashely Greene, and Kristen Stewart in a local restaurant.

You can read the full account in Italian here, but loosely translated the group was walking around in Montepulciano to see the New Moon sets. They got hungry and decided on a random place to eat. All of a sudden they recognized the New Moon cast. They approached Charlie Bewley because they were kind of shy about approaching actors and as the newcomer they felt the least uncomforatble about approaching him.

They made some small talk about welcome to Italy, and then asked if they could take a photo with Charlie if it wasn’t a bother. Charlie said it was no bother because he wasn’t doing anything important. In short order Robert Pattinson came over and the group got a photo with Rob and Charlie. The group was pretty shy and didn’t want to intrude, but they realized that Ashley and Kristen were standing to the side and willing to take a photo with the group so they got a photo with the girls too.

Word for word translation now available here.

New Statue in Montepulciano

According to Twilighters 2.0 a new statue appeared in the town square. They were speculating maybe a saint for St. Marcus Day. If you look closely it’s on what looks like a platform that people could carry the statue around in the street (think the statue of the Madonna traveling around in Godfather II).  It looks like there are actually two statues: one in the background, that is golden and probably St. Marcus, and the other in the foreground that is probably a chained vampire.

They also talked about a newly “installed gutter” I think they mean the storm drain kind, not the kind on the side of the building, which would probably be the entrance to the Volturi’s lair.