Tinsel Korey:Radar Online Interview

RadarOnline has a video interview with Tinsel Korey who plays Emily in the upcoming New Moon.

“Known for the horrific scar on her[meaning the character of Emily] face, Tinsel revealed that the application took hours and that it was a painful process to go through. She also said that Kristen Stewart wasn’t acting, and that she was really taken aback by the scar the first time she saw her disfigured face.”

Read the whole interview on RadarOnline

Robert Pattinson in Cuffs

Everyone take a moment and get their mind back in PG-13 mode.  OK now that you are refocused, Robert Pattinson continues to film Remember Me, an upcoming film for Summit Entertainment, in various locations in and around New York City.

Many of the movies scenes include exterior shots that have been captured by press and fans alike. RadarOnline has the latest one of Rob “being arrested” for the film.

The movie which co-stars Emilie DeRavin and Pierce Brosnan is currently scheduled to premiere on February 12, 2010 just in time for Valentine’s Day.

RadarOnline: Montepulciano Piazza Footage

Once again since this is pretty spoilerish, we are only linking rather than embedding. The footage is video of what we only saw still pictures of the other day. Near the end you can see Chris Weitz giving direction to Robert Pattinson on where to stand and what sequence of body stances were wanted for the reveal in the sun.

Check it out on RadarOnline. TY to Mary for the heads up


Also, in case people were wondering how we decide what to link vs. what to post, here’s the deal:

If it’s officially released studio footage or fan photos/video that aren’t uber spoilery (like Jessica and Bella standing outside a movie theater: granted in the book, but not what you would call a high intensity plot point) we post the pics/vid.

If it’s behind the scenes of footage that is grabbed by people standing behind public barricades that is of a high intensity plot point (like the Volterra scenes) we only link.

If it’s illegally obtained (like breaking into the prop trailer) or is of a harrassing nature to the actors on their private time, we don’t post.

If we are given access to footage that we can only release on a certain date and time, we don’t release even if it leaks early elsewhere as it would be a violation of a contract.

Justin Chon’s Retail Sneaker Paradise

RadarOnline caught up with Justin Chon at his store Attic  in Orange County and they got the grand tour of the place. Now if you are not a California native, but you love the product, you can order it online here. they also have a really cool blog highlighting the merchandise, the store owners, the SoCal scene, etc. here.

Check it all out on RadarOnline.

Jackson Rathbone Talks With Radar Online

Jackson Rathbone spoke with RadarOnline about is 100 Monkeys Plans and how Twilight has affected his private life.

RadarOnline: Your character in Twilight, Jasper, is so withdrawn and cold. Do you think fans are a little hesitant to approach you in public? Especially compared with some of your castmates?

Jackson Rathbone: People rarely recognize me, which is actually pretty sweet. I try to change my look in every role I take on: clothing, hairstyle, walk, facial expression, and the way I speak. Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s not, but as I am not a blonde in real life, people often do the double look before approaching me.”

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Robert Pattinson in Moviefone Part II

Moviefone has part ii of Robert Pattinson’s interview up. He mostly talks about his upcoming work in Little Ashes, but he also mentions the Taylor Lautner casting controversy.

What was your take on the whole Jacob casting drama? When it was possible that Taylor Lautner wasn’t going to get the part.

It was weird. When I came back, I hadn’t seen him in ages, hadn’t seen him since the summer and when I saw him, I saw him just before he got casted, and he put on like 100 pounds! I was like “Jesus Christ! If he doesn’t get it, it’s ridiculous.” But what are you going to do? There was a video of him on set the other day doing all these kind of fight stunts. That kid is incredible; he is one of the most stunning athletes I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know, I think it’ll be interesting. I haven’t seen any of his stuff yet, but everyone’s going a little bit crazy over him.”

Radar Online also just reviewed Little Ashes and this is what they had to say:

“Little Ashes gives him a chance to show his range as Dali, who boomerangs between cocky confidence and insecurity. And not to worry—during the scenes set in the early 20s, Pattinson looks as dashing as ever in suits and slicked-back hair. Overall, Pattinson’s brooding good looks and intensity make the couple’s tortured love affair feel very real—just as they do in Twilight. Be prepared to shed a few tears in this flick!”

Check out full details on Radar Online

TY to Stacey for the link correction.

New VMan Outtake Photos Exclusive on Radar Online

Radar Online has all the outtakes from the VMan Men of Twilight Photo shoot back in October.  Some of the pics you ahve seen some you haven’t but they are all worth a second look!!