Italian Fans Meet New Moon Cast

A bunch of Italian fans literally ran into Robert Pattinson, Charlie Bewley, Ashely Greene, and Kristen Stewart in a local restaurant.

You can read the full account in Italian here, but loosely translated the group was walking around in Montepulciano to see the New Moon sets. They got hungry and decided on a random place to eat. All of a sudden they recognized the New Moon cast. They approached Charlie Bewley because they were kind of shy about approaching actors and as the newcomer they felt the least uncomforatble about approaching him.

They made some small talk about welcome to Italy, and then asked if they could take a photo with Charlie if it wasn’t a bother. Charlie said it was no bother because he wasn’t doing anything important. In short order Robert Pattinson came over and the group got a photo with Rob and Charlie. The group was pretty shy and didn’t want to intrude, but they realized that Ashley and Kristen were standing to the side and willing to take a photo with the group so they got a photo with the girls too.

Word for word translation now available here.