Italian Fans Meet New Moon Cast

A bunch of Italian fans literally ran into Robert Pattinson, Charlie Bewley, Ashely Greene, and Kristen Stewart in a local restaurant.

You can read the full account in Italian here, but loosely translated the group was walking around in Montepulciano to see the New Moon sets. They got hungry and decided on a random place to eat. All of a sudden they recognized the New Moon cast. They approached Charlie Bewley because they were kind of shy about approaching actors and as the newcomer they felt the least uncomforatble about approaching him.

They made some small talk about welcome to Italy, and then asked if they could take a photo with Charlie if it wasn’t a bother. Charlie said it was no bother because he wasn’t doing anything important. In short order Robert Pattinson came over and the group got a photo with Rob and Charlie. The group was pretty shy and didn’t want to intrude, but they realized that Ashley and Kristen were standing to the side and willing to take a photo with the group so they got a photo with the girls too.

Word for word translation now available here.


  1. Ugh, I wanna be Italian!!

  2. my mom has an apartment in italy we use to go there all the time but moneys pretty tight right now im also part italian..

  3. ooooh they really should be lucky!!!!!!

  4. CeeCee29 says:

    I’m moving…… 🙂

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  5. Kristen looks sooooooooo happy as usual

    • I know! Kristen looks thrilled. Ughhhh.

    • We all know that kristen is not good with this kind of stuff LOL!!! Shes probably just tired or maybe having a PMS moment…

      • LOL! Probably. Everyone has bad days, but Kristen never seems to be happy in photos. Her smile, (a rare thing), always seems strained.
        Is she a manic depressive? JUST KIDDING! xD

    • AlbertaJenn says:

      Yup, she always seems like it is something she HAS to do, not something she WANTS to do. Unlike the other stars, who always seem really excited to meet fans.

      Belligerence with fans and media is not an attractive suit in an actor. Especially one that has the role others would kill for.

      • Now, Now, perhaps fans should be more understanding of Ms. Stewart’s angst. I mean it must be grueling to be waited on hand and foot in Tuscany, while making millions of $$$ for a few months work, and making out with the hottest young actor in film. Perhaps she cannot find any good weed in Italy …

      • alberta jenn, i was thinking it was just me-she does always seem like its such a bother-i’ve never said that out loud- its kinda refreshing. the others always seem so happy to be a part but she isn’t. this is the life ‘she’ chose and it should not be an imposition to her. its not just one pic but all of them! pms might account for now and again but hey, ashley and rachael are girls too. she’s like that all the time. no one hates her but where’s the joy?

        • I agree with you 100%

        • AlbertaJenn says:

          No, it’s not just you. I meet many like us everyday online who get tired of the mood swings, the glares, the negative comments in the press, the pot smoking, etc, etc, etc.

  6. God, Kristen looks positively thrilled.

    Charlie looks hilarious. I love him. He’s just awesome.

  7. i love kristen, so cute always

  8. I love Kristen. I Don’t understand why everybody gives her such a hard time. That’s just not really her thing, and I don’t blame her for it.

    • If it isn’t her thing, then she picked the wrong profession, doing the fan thing is part of it, the fans make or break you. She is beautiful, talented,
      and at the moment has the world at her feet, looks like she could show a little happiness now and then.
      She is a actress, act like you enjoy it now and then. If she hates it then she should think of maybe directing or some other form of expression where she isn’t in the lime light.

      • Julie M. says:

        If this is really what you think, then you don’t know anything about Kristen at all.

        • deedee81 says:

          Well said, it feels like being stuck in Ground Hog Day listening to all the negativity, I really wish everyone would stop with the hating and the bashing and grow up. There has been many fan encounters where they have said how lovely Kristen was…everyone should remember how she always stopped her car and got out to great fans, take pictures and sign autographs. Everyone needs to chill and grow up.

      • Good for you. I completely agree. I’m tired of seeing Kristen looking like that in photos. I try to like her / understand her, but I just don’t.

        • FYI: I agreed with Kara, not the two after it.

        • Julie M. says:

          Again, if this is really what you think of Kristen, then you don’t know anything about her at all!

          • AlbertaJenn says:

            You’re right: we don’t know her personally; but then, neither do you.

            However, anyone who calls me a f***ing retard, I tend not to like.

  9. Over 30 says:

    I am so tired of seeing Kristen looking too good for all of this. It’s bad enough she brings zero to the character. She doesn’t have any range of emotion other than bored. Glad the rest of the cast are gracious and genuine.

    • Envy loves Wrath says:

      I agree. I think she should be a little happier that all these fans love her so much. (I sure don’t)

    • perhaps they should have cast her as marcus…she pulls off boardom so well..

      • Danni, you hit it on the nail head, boredom is the word she puts out. Wish I was so bored, they would have to wipe the grin off my face, how bout you?

    • im seeing differing view on KStew one that shes shy and really rather sweet the other that she feels self impotant ( i am a movie star you know!)

      well sometimes severe shyness is often mistaken for snobby behaviour.. i will say this though KSTEW in the unlikely event you come on this site or read this post ….Suck it up girl!! youre in the movie busness you of all people should know what that means and it usually envolves flash bulbs!

      even if you stomach is doing flip flops suck it up smile and say oh thank you so much im glad you enjoyed it, blah blah blah

      you cant afford this kind of publicity you know the negative kind!! after all its not hard to pretend to like something or someone…they have a name for this ..oh what was it again?… ah! i believe its called acting or something like that

  10. It was still very, very gracious of the cast to pose for pics with total strangers. Nice to hear about this.

  11. She has already said many times she gets nervous and doesn’t know what to say to the media. Should we hate her because she’s not naturally a articulate or socialable person? I don’t think so.
    Every time I hear of a fan meeting her they say she’s really nice. She even told the driver to stop when she was in Vancouver and pulled over in the cold to get out and sign autographs for fans. Awful person right?
    Can we cut her some slack for not having an ear to ear grin in this pic? I’ve seen a ton where she does.

    • Melissa says:

      Totally agree !! i Love Kristen !! she’s super nice with the fans; with the paps that’s another thing ……

    • This wasn’t the media, she does a ‘little’ better with. This was just a few star struck italian girls
      who were just happy to be there.

    • AlbertaJenn says:

      Rob is nervous in front of the media and fans, and he has NEVER insulted the fans, the media, or Twilight.

    • AC, Im not a hater or anything so I hope this does not sound rude but why would u post such garbage????This is crazy and childish.This is just media junk and rude…..

    • Melissa says:

      I just love the way she is ! a normal person !! not like this other Hollywood stars that think they deserved the world!

    • Julie M. says:

      What does this even have to do with this topic?

  12. HA! Gotta love random fan encounters…those are always the best ones 🙂

  13. Julie M. says:

    Some of these comments are just ridiculous. You people are judging on one photo here. So what if she’s not smiling. We have no idea what the interaction with the fans was. As Amanda commented above with Kristen stopping in the cold in Vancouver, there is a video of that and she is very nice and gracious with her fans. She doesn’t like getting her picture taken, big deal!!! This hating on Kristen is sooooooooo old.

    On a POSITIVE note, that was very nice of them to take photos with the fans. I would love to see a better view of Kristen’s outfit, it looks really cute. Rob and Ashley look awesome too!

  14. veronica says:

    It’s getting really old that people are hating Kristen. I think she seems like a cool girl and she can act, just watch some of her other movies. She’s more ‘normal’ and doesn’t like being followed by fans all the time and come on would you guys like having an audience 24-7?? I wouldn’t so let her be herself=]

  15. Twilight_News says:

    You know. Let’s put it into context I wasn’t there and neither were the people responding on this thread. However the people who were there and actually took the picture with Kristen spoke about how great the whole group was and that it was like chatting with old friends.

    Seriously, it’s completely ridiculous that she is expected to be “on” all the time. When on set yes, when at a public event yes. A star owe your nothing, zip, nada, nothing when not at an event like that.

    • Not on all the time, this was a few little italian fans who bumpped into them, and she never seems to be happy. No one hates her but how many would gladly trade places and be thrilled? Be honest.
      This is her profession of choice, and yes, it does extend to after hours. Thats just part of being an actor.

      • Twilight_News says:

        Respectfully you are wrong and that is the problem. Actors on their private time eating, with family etc. owe you nothing and the expectation that they do is sad. It is not part of the job to give up every hour of your personal life every time one wants a photo, autograph, etc.

        If they are at a public event, they do. You can even argue coming off a set they do. This was their own time, and they (ALL OF THEM) were nothing but gracious according to the girls who took the photo.

    • I’m just wondering, why ppl bother so much if she smile or not? It seems to me that some folks think that she is just only an actress & have forgotten that she is in first of all a human being b4 all this mess. Why this reaction? Only ‘cuz she hang out with the moment hottest guy ? Really 4 me this is only another sour grapes case…

  16. When a fan met Kristen in Vancouver she did mention to them she hates how she looks in pictures and I think she doesnt like to smile and show her teeth…shes just a normal person that has insecurities like the rest of us…usually she looks happier in pictures with fans because you can see her eyes and since her eyes are hidden it gives her an unhappy look. anyway I think she’s a great low key normal person and is dealing with all of this the best she can. 🙂

  17. shareen says:

    I love Kristen! I couldn’t care less about how she looks in pictures. And Ashley, always so adorable.

    I think a lot of the fans are just bias, they adore Rob but totally hate Kristen, what a suprise! Not.

  18. Hey guys.
    I just wanted to tell you that here in Italy we are experiencing a very strong heat wave. It is umbelivable
    how hot it is. Where I live, near Milan, today there are
    30 Celsius degrees.
    In Tuscany the weather is a lot worse..
    I do not envy all the people who are shooting new moon right now.
    So be kind with poor Kristen, ok?
    I wolud like to see you work all day in such a climate and
    under the unforgiving Mediterranean sun and not look tired.. ciao

    • ok, its hot- wonder why rob and charlie, and even ashley didn’t look like sour pusses, she was the only one with sun in her eyes, oh wait, the sun glasses she had didn’t work. only one with head hanging too. stop making excuses, girl needs some joy, joy, joy!!! come on kristen, you are gorgeous,
      eighteen, flown all around the world, be happy girl, life is freakin awesome!

  19. totally argee heat wave in Greece too, couldn’t work today I feel sorry about them same inhuman conditions like forks last year but the other way around. Perfect for shirtless Rob though…LOL

  20. I think what has happened here is Kristen has actually fallen asleep and the fans (not wanting to miss a photo op with her)have proped her up on her feet to take her photo with them!
    But joke aside.. The reason everyone is saying how grumpy she looks is because we are all comparing her to lovely Charlie who has the biggest grin/smile ever waiting fot those luckly fans! (bless him) 🙂

    • To Jodie: that post made me laugh out loud. Finally, I see other people’s words that I’ve been thinking all along.

      • Thank you..I think people are being a bit harsh towards Kristen because if you do consider my sleeping theory then she cant help the way she looks as shes asleep!

  21. CullenChik says:

    Geez, I just remembered why I never read the comments on any post related to Kristen or Nikki. Kristen is not my favorite either, but come on people, where is the love?

    Thank you Lexicon mods, for, as always, your words of truth. =)

  22. the translated text states that kristen was friendly and nice to them. the photo might have been snapped when she happened to look down or whatever. no one states in that blog that she was rude or anything near that.

    “We were getting ready leave, since we thought we had been bothering them, when we got a look from Ashley and Kristen. It seemed like they were waiting for their turn to come take a picture with us. That simple photo quickly turned into a conversation among friends: talking about everything from fashion to the weather” (copy pasted from that link).

    i know ive got plenty of photos of me that i wish i could retake or not have taken at all. luckily i dont have thousands of people judging my every move.

  23. One word:LUCKY!

  24. I think some people just are biased against Kristen and nomatter how many stories come out of her being super sweet to fans they will still find something to hold against her. I for one love we have an accomplished young actress to play Bella. It’s funny how people so easily judge someone they don’t even know, or haven’t even met from a photo, kind of sad too, and definitely meaningless.

  25. hmm, again? the more i run through these comments, the more i feel sad about why wouldn’t ladies be a little more supportive for their own kind… i wonder if this is a trend for female fans to go goo goo over a guy and throw darts at the lady who is “standing beside their fav. guy”..

    come on ladies, after all the show is about bella isn’t it? why wouldn’t the female fans put themselves out there and see if they will survive all those critical comments.

    I am not a hardcore twilight fan. So looking things in perspective, I find that all these putting down on the lead lady thing is getting out of hand. I pity her. I really do. I suppose one should judge themselves first before judging others. Say peace.

  26. kehacakes says:

    A photo catches a person in one second of expression, give her a break, she may have been in between smiles.

  27. Margaret says:

    That could have been ME! I lived in Montepulciano for 5 weeks last summer as a study aboard. Wow. If I had have waited one more year!!!

  28. I enjoyed twilight saga. Can you imagine Edward and Jacob’s beautiful faces on an even bigger screen?? Imagine no more! You can experience it come June 30th as @Twilight announced via Twitter today that twilight Eclipse will be released on IMAX screens on it’s release date! Im sooo excited, cant wait for the eclipse movie.

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