New Moon: It’s Almost a Wrap

According to his Twitter, Charlie Bewley has finished his part.  Pretty much you can logically infer that if he’s done so is Daniel Cudmore, and quite possibly Dakota Fanning.
extras marching in on piazza grande on TwitpicI'm pretty sure that's kristen... blurry too *crying* on Twitpic

Photos via Twitter, Bauxine7.

On today’s agenda is the Bella dashes across the plaza with 1,500 extras in red cloaks scene. Given the temperatures (over 90 degrees yesterday) we hope they have plenty of water on hand, because those folks in the cloaks are going to be dropping like flies otherwise. Of course, since the weather never cooperates, it was uncharacteristically cloudy this morning.

There are masses of people who have flocked to Montepulciano from all over the world.  Barricades are up for the crowds to stand behind. Yesterday the crowds could see the walk through and rehearsal in the main piazza, but today all has been blocked off.