New Moon: It’s Almost a Wrap

According to his Twitter, Charlie Bewley has finished his part.  Pretty much you can logically infer that if he’s done so is Daniel Cudmore, and quite possibly Dakota Fanning.
extras marching in on piazza grande on TwitpicI'm pretty sure that's kristen... blurry too *crying* on Twitpic

Photos via Twitter, Bauxine7.

On today’s agenda is the Bella dashes across the plaza with 1,500 extras in red cloaks scene. Given the temperatures (over 90 degrees yesterday) we hope they have plenty of water on hand, because those folks in the cloaks are going to be dropping like flies otherwise. Of course, since the weather never cooperates, it was uncharacteristically cloudy this morning.

There are masses of people who have flocked to Montepulciano from all over the world.  Barricades are up for the crowds to stand behind. Yesterday the crowds could see the walk through and rehearsal in the main piazza, but today all has been blocked off.


  1. shareenmy says:

    Charlie has twitter?

    As usual, can’t wait for New Moon!!!

    • shareenmy says:

      googled for charlie’s twitter a/c..its ‘alchemission’ for those that didn’t know. unless I’m the only one that’s missing out.haha

  2. Lynn Aquin says:

    Jamie’s twitter name is easy – jamiebower Sam Bradley is on twitter also @samueltwitt1 He’s in LA right now and will be at TwiCon in Dallas at the end of the month with Bobby Long and Marcus Foster.

  3. Twinutter says:

    aww man were almost done! i loved checking updates on the film. oh well we still got 2 to go 😉

  4. Lynn Aquin says:

    MY BAD Sam, Bobby and Marcus will be in Dallas at the end of July not this month. Wish I could be there! I guess Jamie Bower will not be in Eclipse unless they change the book to show the Volturi planning to send Jane, Felix and Demitri to check on the vampire activity in Seattle. I can’t wait for all the films and yet…what will we do after they’re all out and no more to come!!!

  5. i really cannot wait – they’re showing a clip of new moon at the mtv music awards, im so upset since i dont have that channel!

  6. Julie M. says:

    Does this make anyone else kinda sad that’s it coming to an end? Now we have to wait till November. I guess August actually, because that’s when Eclipse starts filming. 🙂

  7. Despina says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the website Twilighters 2.0? Why isn’t it available anymore?

  8. I really love the twilight series..awesome aren’t they?

  9. twilight saga was stunning, the effects are so good. I really loved it, im so excited to see the eclipse movie.

    check for twilight eclipse behind the scene pictures and videos..


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