The Porsche Scene

Video that a fan taped from her apartment window overlooking the Porsche scene has surfaced.

The scene is where Alice tells Bella to run to save Edward. We are linking rather than embedding because it is very spoilerish if you are trying to stay spoiler free.

Via TwiCrack


  1. You see the double of kristen and a few minutes a yellow porsche the rest of the time you see THE DOUBLE talking….
    not very interresting…

  2. It’s just Kristen’s double…

  3. Really not that spoiler-ific. Have no fear curious kittens!

  4. Peace.Love.Twilight. says

    Okay it only had ONE minute of actually filming…(probably not even a full minute). Like LisCat said, no need to fear, “curious kittens!” Really it’s not all that hyped up as I thought it was. The doubles were seen most of the video (about 7 1/2 minutes…the video was like 8 minutes) and then you see fans take pictures with the doubles… Trust me, all I could hear was “Where?” exclaimed by Kristen in the porsche scene. That’s it.

  5. I’m going to try very hard not to watch.

  6. Madeline says

    Only watch 0:00 through 1:55!These are the best parts worth watching and includes Kristen and Ashley.But 1:56 to the end is only Kristen’s double drinking water and not that interesting.but I would watch the begining it’s nice to see some preview from italy I just wish there was more.

  7. W-w-w…wha…what the hell is Alice wearing?!

    • U took the words right out of my mouth!!! Im sorry but so far the clothes dont look so good.Boy summit could use some money in the wardrode department.I know its mean but come on.Ill let the clothes slide with bella but the cullens(alice especially)are supposed to be clothes whores..Not even a designer scarf.But still cant wait 4 n.moon.

  8. I am such a huge Twilight fan that I even know all of the cars the cullens own, colors, and which belongs to who!

  9. well.. its not totally a spoiler..(not at all)
    it more like sneak peek.. or the making of new moon.. only a moment we can see the cast..(2 only) after that just the crew and cast double..
    so i dont think its a spoiler at all..
    but i get the feeling this saga will be HUGE!! cant wait.. lots of love to all twifans!

  10. Jennifer says

    Don’t know if anyone else had this problem, but this website went viral on me. As soon as I closed the window 100s of others started opening. aND LIKE THE hYDRA, each one I closed caused 100s more to pop up so fast I could not close them before I had 5 rows of windows open in my status bar. I had to hard-kill my laptop. CLICK THE LINK AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    • The same thing happened to my computer too, enter at your own risk. I had to quickly shut down everything. I just hope no harm was done?

  11. I could tell right away it wasn’t Kristen. But interesting nonetheless.

  12. Wow, heres the awesome thing to me, she was looking out ‘her’ window! I mean, look out your window and imagine if that was what you saw…..lucky you. It was right in her yard! How cool is that?

  13. Magdalena says

    They did the same in “Twilight” – the dress I mean – Bella should be wearing some french designer frock, silk and chiffon, “deep blue, frilly and off the shoulders” and stilleto hills with satin ribbons (one of them, anyway) – but in the movie she got some cheap, 20 bucks dress and a converse shoe 8/ And now Alice and her granny sweater. Is the movie budget really so low?.. It’s a fairytale, it should look good 8/

    • agree.. but i heard but the shoe.. they say to put some bella in the dress.. but hello.. dress and converse shoe.. thats awful.. but.. i will fall in love with the movie no matter how she dress..

  14. pami11195 says

    am i da ONLY ONE who thought da Alice’s sweater wasnt dat bad…i mean it was kinda, da scarf made it WAY worse.n i felt da same with da dress, n bella doesnt wear her blue blouse in port angeles, n she doesnt forget her jacket in jessicas car. even though these r MINOR details it still pisses me off. is it dat hard to find a blue blouse?!

  15. Magdalena says

    All those details – or rather, changing the details – is probably annoying only for people who actually read all the books – we already imagined, how everything should look like in the movie, but the director’s got other ideas… Not better or worse, but different – and we want it like it was in the book 8/

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