RadarOnline: Montepulciano Piazza Footage

Once again since this is pretty spoilerish, we are only linking rather than embedding. The footage is video of what we only saw still pictures of the other day. Near the end you can see Chris Weitz giving direction to Robert Pattinson on where to stand and what sequence of body stances were wanted for the reveal in the sun.

Check it out on RadarOnline. TY to Mary for the heads up


Also, in case people were wondering how we decide what to link vs. what to post, here’s the deal:

If it’s officially released studio footage or fan photos/video that aren’t uber spoilery (like Jessica and Bella standing outside a movie theater: granted in the book, but not what you would call a high intensity plot point) we post the pics/vid.

If it’s behind the scenes of footage that is grabbed by people standing behind public barricades that is of a high intensity plot point (like the Volterra scenes) we only link.

If it’s illegally obtained (like breaking into the prop trailer) or is of a harrassing nature to the actors on their private time, we don’t post.

If we are given access to footage that we can only release on a certain date and time, we don’t release even if it leaks early elsewhere as it would be a violation of a contract.


  1. WOw, that is heart-breaking at the end when he steps out into the sun-light…

    This whole movie is gonna be a tear-jerker. God, I can’t wait!!

    • I didn’t want to see any photos/videos of this anymore because I want to be surprised (oh, it is such a temptation though!). But could those of you who are seeing these please tell me….Edward in the book does not step into the sunlight (or the Volturi would immediately kill him), but it seems that in the film he does. What is the consequence of this? This would change the story completely. Don’t get too specific please, just tell me if the entire storyline here has been changed or not. Thanks.

      • Twilight_News says

        Honestly since we don’t know what the final cut is it’s really hard to tell. Judging from what we can see Edward comes out from doorways to an ancient building takes his shirt off and steps into the light (but whether that is actual light after the studio does it who knows. Also he is away from the crowd, and the crowd focus is cheering at something else. Bella practically tackles him and drags him into the shadows. So the rest remains to be seen.

        • I read somewhere that they are filming what Alice sees in her visions, and she sees him stepping out into the sunlight in one of her visions. That may be what they are doing in some of these shots,

      • Nonono.. i’m sure edward steps into the sunlight as bella jumps on him so they’ll probably just cut out the long bit of him standing in the sunlight.

        And wow his new body.. mmmmm.

        BTW i once saw robert pattinson in a london sandwich shop because i live in london! This was before twilight though.. he was just cedric at this point!

  2. Cool:)

  3. Im feeling weepy just watching this! I hope I can control my sobs when im in the cinema..lol.. and with NM there is so many scenes which are cry~worthy so bring tissues with you!

  4. I could never watch to much of this …I have watched it over and over again. I know this is going to be a great movie. Thanks Chris

  5. Sexcellent.

  6. Not very romantic, seeing them part immediately after they cut the shot… it kind of breaks the illusion! I know it’s only natural for the actors, but what I mean is, I imagined the would went on kissing during the same shot, instead of Bella going back to where she came from without even saying a word… I hope I won’t remember this video when I eventually get to see the movie!
    I found the comments of the Italian man and woman (unintentionally) hilarious… Their voices in the video were completely out of place, wondering aloud what the problem with the videocamera was… LOL!

    • Twilight_News says

      That was pretty hilarious wasn’t it. I’m like folks your camera is fine, you’re shooting though the window of your apartment. Refracted glass doesn’t photograph so well.

  7. Captivating!

  8. that was so awesome! i didn’t want it to end 😀 i can’t wait till november!

  9. Jeannaly says

    i had always sais that i´ll marry the men that make my my dreams come true… so…Chris weitz marry me!

  10. Mrs.Cope says

    Kudos to Twilight Lexicon, your standards rock! Job well done!

  11. At the end, all I could think was, “Oh yeah, take off the shirt…that’s it.” I felt like such a creep, lol.

  12. That was great!! Watching how the scene is shot and unfolds. Very cool! I just kept thinking, it must be so difficult to re-animate those intense feelings of suicide for each take. It proves how difficult it is to be a convincing actor and Rob is obviously talented.

  13. TY lex, I really apreciate all care that u guys have to run this place… in my own opinion is without a doubt THE BEST. I’ve been in another webs as well, & is really disappointening: any s***t that they can find about anyone involved with the movie they post it… is really annoying. Once again, TY 4 being imparcial, TY 4 really support the series & TY 4 only give attention 4 what really matter!!!!!!!!! XOXO 😉

  14. The woman in the video is mumbling about the camera and a few comments like “Here he is” and how good looking he is etc The ‘bella’ comment, I think is referring to Rob.

    It’s nice knowing Italian 😀

    TL Thanks for a great site.We sadly do not get all the news/media coverage here in Canada, so its nice to have links to sites that do have stuff.

    OH YES we can’t view any videos off the MTV site at all, which really sucks.So you posting them here is a treat.

  15. BloodSuckingLeech says

    Beautiful. Thanks Lex. Thanks to the Italian fans for the footage! Beautiful, beautiful.

  16. Thank you Lexicon for keeping us spoiler free!

  17. Twilight Nymph says

    that video was good. More than good, I can’t wait for November. It’ll be so sweet.

  18. Julie M. says

    OME! Those abs! Wow! I loved how after the first take all the people cheered for them. I love the giggles between Rob and Kristen too. Did anyone else notice how Chris W. was wearing red? I thought that was funny. It amazes me how long it takes between each take. Really, great video! This movie is going to be awesome.

  19. I don’t like the fact the Rob put his arms put before she tackle him. Edward didn’t even see her comming and didn’t react until she was pushed back from the force of colliding lol