RadarOnline: Montepulciano Piazza Footage

Once again since this is pretty spoilerish, we are only linking rather than embedding. The footage is video of what we only saw still pictures of the other day. Near the end you can see Chris Weitz giving direction to Robert Pattinson on where to stand and what sequence of body stances were wanted for the reveal in the sun.

Check it out on RadarOnline. TY to Mary for the heads up


Also, in case people were wondering how we decide what to link vs. what to post, here’s the deal:

If it’s officially released studio footage or fan photos/video that aren’t uber spoilery (like Jessica and Bella standing outside a movie theater: granted in the book, but not what you would call a high intensity plot point) we post the pics/vid.

If it’s behind the scenes of footage that is grabbed by people standing behind public barricades that is of a high intensity plot point (like the Volterra scenes) we only link.

If it’s illegally obtained (like breaking into the prop trailer) or is of a harrassing nature to the actors on their private time, we don’t post.

If we are given access to footage that we can only release on a certain date and time, we don’t release even if it leaks early elsewhere as it would be a violation of a contract.