New Statue in Montepulciano

According to Twilighters 2.0 a new statue appeared in the town square. They were speculating maybe a saint for St. Marcus Day. If you look closely it’s on what looks like a platform that people could carry the statue around in the street (think the statue of the Madonna traveling around in Godfather II).  It looks like there are actually two statues: one in the background, that is golden and probably St. Marcus, and the other in the foreground that is probably a chained vampire.

They also talked about a newly “installed gutter” I think they mean the storm drain kind, not the kind on the side of the building, which would probably be the entrance to the Volturi’s lair.


  1. shareen says:

    the ‘vampire’ statue looks creepy

  2. oleander says:

    That’s incredible! I really can’t wait to see what they do with the entire book. NM is my favourite in the series and I’m excited to see how it’s handled. Seeing this just makes it all the more intriguing.

  3. It does look old and creepy. They did a great job.
    Its getting closer- they ‘seem’ to be detail oriented in the staging. I hope that plays out in the writing.

  4. they really seem to be doing it right for this movie, getting all the details and even adding a few to make it more authentic.

  5. I can’t to see New Moon…!!!

  6. CeeCee29 says:

    WOW! This is awesome!!! I am way pumped to see the movie! Things are comming together well from what we have seen! YES!!!! They are paying attention to detail this time around! Don’t get me wrong I love the first movie but a little more detail was needed. I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way. 🙂

  7. I am totally going to quote one of our twifriends a big and fantastic “SQUEEEEEEEEEE”!!!!!!!!!! I think that sums it up nicely.

  8. I’ll have to agree with everyone but with a minor adjustment.
    I do think they’re being very detail oriented WHEN it comes to the outdoor Italy scenes. I hope beyond hope that they were this meticulous when shooting the rest of the movie. Because as we all wait for the end when Bella and Edward are reunited in history, there’s a TON of story/book/movie before that which should build up to it….

    bleh…i’m just psyching myself out again, ITS GONNA BE GREAT! [i hope!]

    • ‘reunited in history’ … did i really write that? well crap, i’ll take a mulligan on that one >.<

      it should have been Italy, not history. Look at what the suspense of waiting for this movie is doing! eep!

  9. Thanks for your interpretation of the statue I saw this picture yesterday and I couldn’t figure out how it tied into the movie clearly.
    This is a nice bonus to the movie and giving the St. Marcus holiday more substance than Bella’s loose interpretation of it.

  10. Those statues look amazing!

  11. Jane R, says:

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t find this statue remotely beautiful. That’s my opinion.

    To me it looks overdone. The whole chained vampire and gargoyles is what turns me away from it. It feels like they just added those in as an afterthought. I feel they should have kept the statue of “St.Marcus” and the gazebo he stands in.

  12. That is AWESOME! 🙂 As someone who went to Italy last summer, I think this statue fits right in. Very ornate and detailed, which fits with older European Catholic designs. And I love all the red and the gold… It’s perfect for setting the mood in these scenes.

    Seriously, this makes me more excited than almost anything else I’ve seen, because it shows all the detail they’re putting into this movie. Love it!

    (Also, I’m kind of crazy about that vampire… It looks so perfectly creepy. Awesome!)

  13. WannabeMrsCullen says:

    I think its great that they have added it in. My parents went to Italy and took pictures of what the squares and old buildings look like so i think it will fit it well. I am so excited for this movie i can’t explain!!!

  14. Julie M. says:

    This statue looks awesome. I absolutely love the vampire statue. It looks so cool and creepy!


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