Gil Birmingham Q&A Italy Twilight Convention

Gil was great as usual. The other actors are teasing him because the Italian accents make “Gil” sound like “Jill”.

Q & A With Dan Cudmore, Booboo Stewart, and Alex Meraz: Italy Convention

The guys were having the best time at the Italy convention. You can totally see in this photo montage how they think of Booboo as a little brother. Team coverage from us and Kimmy of His Golden Eyes.

Justin Chon at the Italian Twilight Convention

Kimmy from His Golden Eyes and Pel have been teaming up to bring you video coverage of the event. Yesterday was Justin Chon’s birthday and the crowd spontaneously serenaded him.

Italian Twilight Convention–Day One

We’ll have video later and a full write up! The Italian fans and organizers are AWESOME!

Photos From Italy Convention Press Conference

Video and a full report later

The Porsche Scene

Video that a fan taped from her apartment window overlooking the Porsche scene has surfaced.

The scene is where Alice tells Bella to run to save Edward. We are linking rather than embedding because it is very spoilerish if you are trying to stay spoiler free.

Via TwiCrack

Chris Weitz At Italian Press Conference

Twilight Italia has edited the video they took at the Chris Weitz press interview in Italy. They have also been kind enough to supply an English article that explains the backstory.

“We’re very proud to show you, as a Twilight exclusive, the video of the Press Conference which was held in Montepulciano last week, on May 25th, to officially communicate the start of the filming in Italy with the cast of New Moon. We were the only fan site allowed to be present to the Press Conference, thanks to our constant cooperation with Volterra in these latest months to support and help the initiatives of the Tuscan Town.”

See the full report here. (Note the instructions on how to play the video.)

Ashley Greene: Italy Was Crazy

RadarOnline: Montepulciano Piazza Footage

Once again since this is pretty spoilerish, we are only linking rather than embedding. The footage is video of what we only saw still pictures of the other day. Near the end you can see Chris Weitz giving direction to Robert Pattinson on where to stand and what sequence of body stances were wanted for the reveal in the sun.

Check it out on RadarOnline. TY to Mary for the heads up


Also, in case people were wondering how we decide what to link vs. what to post, here’s the deal:

If it’s officially released studio footage or fan photos/video that aren’t uber spoilery (like Jessica and Bella standing outside a movie theater: granted in the book, but not what you would call a high intensity plot point) we post the pics/vid.

If it’s behind the scenes of footage that is grabbed by people standing behind public barricades that is of a high intensity plot point (like the Volterra scenes) we only link.

If it’s illegally obtained (like breaking into the prop trailer) or is of a harrassing nature to the actors on their private time, we don’t post.

If we are given access to footage that we can only release on a certain date and time, we don’t release even if it leaks early elsewhere as it would be a violation of a contract.

New Moon Piazza Photo Montage

One fan has strung together a series of photos all acquired from different sources and angles to represent what the filming looked like from Edward’s appearance, to Bella’s run through the fountain, to the kiss, to Bella finally dragging Edward back into the shadows.

Again we are linking so if you are trying to stay spoiler free you aren’t forced into seeing images.

Filming continues today in the piazza, close-up shots of previous footage and additional background.