Ask Julia Jones on SEGN!

SEGN has landed an interview with Julia Jones who was just announced is playing Leah Clearwater.

Here’s the info:

Tweet me your question @segn or email me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it – Deadline is tomorrow (Wed August 19) by 2pmET!”

via Twicrack

Video From Montepulciano

Via Twi-Crack, several fans have filmed footage of the Montepulciano filming from test driving the Porsche to actor arrival.

High School To Host New Moon Shooting

Since this one has made the airwaves (radio and TV) in Vancouver, it’s hardly under wraps anymore.  The New Moon movie has converted a local high school into mataching the look of last year’s Portland area schools so that they can film a variety of interior high school scenes there.  Exact filimg times are not known, though rumor has it they will be shooting during evenings and vacations so as not to disrupt the normal school schedule.

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