Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson in Reunion Photos

The pictures are pretty spoilerish. So we are only going to link rather than post so people aren’t forced into seeing if they don’t want to.

Also despite reports that a stunt woman would be plowing through the fountain, Kristen clearly did it herself. Also Robert ( as much as you can tell from the telephoto lens) has obviously been working out.ย  Not quite Taylor’s 8 pack, but ripped nonetheless.

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  1. shareenmy says:

    The pictures are awesome!!!! Beyond awesome!! o gosh..i’m obsessing over it.

    • They are amazing! I love how Kristen isn’t pressing her upper body against him. I would plaster myself to him if I had the chance. LOL

  2. Bella Cullen says:

    All i have to say is… totally hot!! And i am so excited!!

  3. I don’t usually squeak when I see pictures and stuff from the set but let me tell you, I did this time. XD Oh my goodness, I am so excited about this movie! I can not wait until November.

  4. Charlee says:

    Hey…whats with the dots on robert’s face??

    • heather says:

      the dots on his face and arm are motion tracking dots so that they can track his position in post-production to add the sparkle effect

      these pics are awesome…. is it November yet?

      • Switzerland says:

        thanks for being smarter than me ๐Ÿ™‚
        i was honestly like, “okay, WTF is all over him?? does he have chicken pox or something??”
        this def clears things up ๐Ÿ™‚

      • but why are they adding sparkle Edward doesnt make it into the sun. as if he did demitri and felix would have finished them both.. in the book only a slight glint was shining off him from the refracted light off the pavement, then bella launches herself at him and tells him to snap out of it and get back into the ally way or they are both dead!… if they put full on sparkle on edward then the rest of the books are null and void

        • CelestialMajique says:

          I agree… I just finished reading the book yesterday, just as a refresher (plus, it’s my favorite of the saga), and no – he never stepped out. But, I guess we’ll have to see what happens. Even still – I totally wish that was me attached to those lips :X

          • The dots will used for the sparkle effect and when it appears in Alice’s visions. That’s why they will have him sparkle Alice and the audience will see the outcome and his decision in the movie. That’s why they have him sparkling.

      • Yes thanks a lot!!! I was thinking he had some ugly moles that I defiantly didn’t see in the first movie!!!

      • OMG!!! CALM DOWN EVERYONE!! Before Twilight (and after in my opinion) Robert Pattison was never hot. He isnt hot. He never will be sexy/ hot. He is just an actor in the right role. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I agree on this comment. Have you taken a good look at Kasey Kahne (Nascar). That is HOT

          • AlbertaJenn says:

            Sorry. I’m a Carl Edwards girl, all the way! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But Kasey is pretty cute. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • I can’t wait for the movie to come out in nov. My daughter says I am crazy…

          Twilight MOM……

        • Hmmmm…this is different. Not something you read around here.

        • He is a man of many different faces. Most are very nice faces…..And I can only see him getting better with age…after that boyish look disappears. MMMMMMMM.

    • probably for the CGI effects to make him sparkle. They have them on his back, too.

    • I can’t breathe, I’m so excited. Thank God my boyfriend refuses to watch anything Twilight with me. I can drool over Rob all I want at the theater. Rob is looking delicious. Can’t wait!!!

  5. Sweetdevil says:

    Omg ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    The pictures are really beautiful(& hot of course :D), but why are they standing in the sun ? :s
    The dots is probably for the sparkling things, since they are stading in the sun.

  6. I think those dots are for post production sparkle effects.

    • Luna Nueva says:

      thats what i thot the dots were to..BUT what iw as wondering is why they re doing the sparkel affect when she is supposed to slam into him BEFORE the sun hits him so he wont be exposed. I guess thats just another change they are making.

    • La Bruja says:

      I thot thats what the dots were was for the sparkel affect but i wonder why they decided to do it that way shen Bella is supposed to slam into him and stop him BEFORE the sun hits him so he wont expose he is a vampire. I guess its another change they decided to do. I’m not complaining though.
      AND he does look better than in Twilight. at first i thought all his chest and body hair was gone but i took a closer look and its still there but not as much as before it seems.hahaha

  7. Wow ! The kiss wasn’t in the book but THAT’S HOW Stephenie describes it !! I DON’T CARE FOR SPOILERS because I’ll watch it nonetheless A MILLION TIMES LOL .. I CAN’T WAIT !!!

    The dots are for the CGI they have to add.

  8. Miss Temple says:

    Aaaaah, so beautiful. *sigh* This is going to be great!

    @Charlee: I suppose the dots are needed to mark certain points in his face for the sparkling effect.

  9. When they reunite it’s right before Edward steps in the sun. He never does. I think the black dots are special effects for his white, hard as marble stone body. They’ll probably end up cutting out the sun in the scene.

  10. Holy crap!! This is what the first kiss should have been! I can’t WAIT until November. Maybe they’ll release early since they’re wrapping so soon… Here’s hoping!!

  11. i have one question what are those black dots all over Robert? Are they freckles and how come you never normally see them on his face then? they are on every picture and its not the camera

    • i reckon they’re using it to track Rob’s body movements and the way the light hits him, so they can go in with a computer and CGI the sparkles on his body.

      if you ever seen the making of some movies like Watchmen and POTC: Dead Man’s Chest, where an actor has to transform in some way, they mark their bodies with balls or a suit or something…. so the camera can pick it up and CGI is applied.

  12. CullenChik says:

    Oh. My. Gaaaaaah.

    Robert with his shirt off…and those arms…and the smolder…and we still have another 6 months to go?!?!!? November 20th cannot get here soon enough!!!!!!!!!

  13. OMG this already look 100 times better than Twilight Movie…Catherine stay away.

    • CullenChik says:


    • CullenChik says:

      And…is that chest hair I see? I think it is. Muah hahaha!! There was kind of having a whole chest hair debate on the post with Rob’s open-shirted pics from yesterday…needless to say I’m anti-waxing unless you’re a total werewolf! Way to go Rob for keeping your chesthair! =)

      [Just my opinion. I’m 23 though – when I was a teenager I thought chest hair was nasty…]

      • I agree with you! Much more masculine looking, keep the chest hair.

        • Of course if you are going for authenticity, Edward did not have chest hair. He was smooth, hard marble. They can get rid of that with CGI. Remember, Catherine said the sparkles hid his chest hair in the forest scene.

          And I certainly second that. Catherine, STAY AWAY.

        • Ditto big time…..he’s not that hairy. Makes him more manly.

      • CeeCee29 says:

        Agreed!!!! Unless it is out of control leave it! My hubby “trims” his and I HATE it. Looks wierd/dumb. BLEHK!

        • CelestialMajique says:

          Again – I wish I was attached to those lips at that moment… or every moment… forever…

  14. i was looking at those photos thinking i don’t remember him having moles on his face but i realize now they must be his sparkles lol

    it’s looking so good very very excited for november.

  15. someone get me a bucket…i’m drooling hardcore…


  17. wow…I was getting anxious for New Moon recently but this pushed me WAY over the edge. I want November 20th to be tomorrow!!!

  18. Melanie says:

    WOW!!!!! Words can’t describe.

  19. Vampire says:

    What are those blobs on his face ? I dont know why but i find them revolting

  20. HOLY.

    I think I held my breath far too long, I feel lightheaded now..or maybe just staring at Rob’s sexyness is doing that to me.

  21. Maybe the dots are for the CGI that will be added on later, you know like ….idk how to explain it but that’s all I can come up with.

  22. AMAZING . . .

    also this would explain Rob’s unbuttoned shirt and his smiles in yesterday’s pictures — because he just kissed Kristen. haha

    anyways, awesome pictures. I can’t friggin wait.

  23. Aleandre Mendes says:

    Great photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jessica says:

    Did anyone notice Bellas arm? It looks like the Bite from James is there in a whitish color. Loved the pics!

    • CullenChik says:

      Yes, I noticed that and was super impressed! I bet they’ll add some shimmer to that later. I am completely wowwed with everything I have seen about New Moon so far!

  25. okay i’m married… i shouldnt be having these thoughts in my head!! but those pics…. he is so freakin HOT!!!!!!!!!

  26. i noted the black dots on Rob… they’re gonna go in later and CGI the sparkles…

  27. ooooohhhh wish i was kstew!! of course i would not have been able to stop myself(and film a new take) they would have to peel me off of him…AAHH that handsome “BLOODY BRIT”!!!

  28. OME! I almost starting getting teary eyed when I saw these… they really capture the emotion of the moment. I CANNOT wait for the movie! my heart is thumping in my chest right now… too bad my hubby isn’t home ๐Ÿ˜‰ Rob looks fantastic- the passion in his face is just so great… November cannot get here soon enough!

  29. Twilightfan says:

    I don’t really care for Taylor or his abs – and in comparison he is no where near as awesome or great as Rob, as far as I am concerned.

    I love these pictures <3333 And the one where Bella slams into Edward. SO AMAZING.

    And yes those dots are for CGI – Ralph Fienes/Voldemort in the Harry Potter and GOF wore them too so they can CGI his nose as snake-like.

  30. Thank you so much for NOT posting the pics. That is something I want to see for the first time at roughly 1:45am on November 20th on the big screen. I GREATLY appreciate you not wanting to spoil it for the approximately 10 people who actually want to wait to see it.

  31. *dreamy sigh*

  32. Mrs. Pattinson says:

    One word–Incredible, this movie is going to take the cake–it seems like every aspect is going to be better! I can’t wait for the trailer release on the 31st!! I completely fell in love with Rob all over again. I do appreciate all his hard work, I heard he was working with a trainer, you can CERTAINLY tell!! His pelvic bone sent a shiver down my spine. Deliciousness!!! I adore the picture of Bella jumping into his arms…awwww. ๐Ÿ™‚ Come on 11-20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CelestialMajique says:

      I noted is female-like shaped hips. YUM. I’ve never noticed it on any man, with the long lines leading down… *ahem* I must say, I will forever more :X

  33. Hot.

  34. I can’t wait for November!!!

  35. these are sooo great!!! how could you go all the way 2 november spoiler-free?!?!

  36. OMG! Amazing pics! I can’t wait for Novemeber! Rob with his shirt off is *sigh* can’t say, no words can describe it. Hot!

  37. Holy cow, that just totally made my day…or week for that matter.

    Oh man, what to do now, after seeing a spoiler (Edward) like that…November…dang it!!! I shouldn’t have looked, but I’m sure it would have probably made it ways to my eyes some how.

  38. I said I wasn’t going to look for an hour, but I did, and I am sooo glad I did. Rob looks unbelievable..breathtaking, gorgeous, and yummy. Kristen is sooo lucky. Wish this movie was coming out sooner

  39. LaTuaCantante says:

    Drool (all I have to say)

  40. Wowsers! and… um… YUM

  41. one word HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Lovin it…cant wait for November so I can watch New Moon at least 100 times.

  43. One more time, can’t wait for november!!!

  44. i wasn’t all that excited about the new moon movie until i saw these pictures. i guess because i was disapointed in the twilight movie and how they made him look like a cheap dollar store sticker or sweat drops on his face when he was supposed to be shinny like a million diamonds.
    however after seeing these pictures i think the twilight fever has been ignited once again… 6 more months yay!

  45. OH MY!! They are soo amazing!! I can’t wait for Nov!! He look soo amazing!


    i literally screamed when i saw these pictures! i really am excited, if only i could have been there ๐Ÿ™‚

    i think im going to cry when i see new moon :'(

    I know you should not watch spoliers but I dont care!! I need my NM fix anyway possible! Nov is so far away *sob* GREAT pictures awww those pictures… cant breath again!! *faints*

  48. HOLy HotTness!!!! November just seems too too far away!!

  49. Wow. That’s all I can say. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Sweetdevil says:

    When is the trailer finally coming ? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • not long to go now MTV movie awards May 31 @ 9p/8c
      and then i suspect it will be absolutly every where from youtube to metacafe..

      • Is it gonna be on Saturday the 30th or Sunday the 31st? I’m sure Twilight Lexicon will remind us. I can’t wait.

        I really hope the clip is at least a couple of minutes long…or movie trailer would be great too.

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