MTV Interviews Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner Breaking Dawn part 2

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Kristen Stewart Announces Honor for Jodie Foster

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Kristen Stewart Explains Halloween

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Kristen Stewart Live Blog Breaking Dawn 2 Press Conference

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Now Bella as tiger out of cage what was it like to play vamp and non vamp bella and rights of passage

I was so lucky to play her human so long and her gift comes from her well rounded humanity

It’s a more realized version of who she has been

She can now stand up and say it’s all been worth it

It’s kind of like breaking bella in as a car

Keeping stuff from set

All teh rings

the mood ring reminds her of catherine harwicke they are extremely important to her

On stunt work

She broke her thumb the first day I think I was little over zealous

I so enjoyed getting to do what I was waiting to do for four years

On every movie I kept thinking I could do that I want to do that

This was also my question and I thanked her on behalf of Twiligth fans for taking us seriously and being the biggest twilight champion for four years

On what is the best moment in time age to be frozen

No idea she’s not there yet

Effect on career

Things have always fallen in her lap she feels lucky and will be happy if that continues

I’m now at point of more confidence and want to dig deeper

on acting and bella

Question everyithing it makes you better. It makes you push harder for the truth of the story

On seeing final moments of movie

It’s so crazy to have the beautiful moment that it is. It was a good thing that no one was around her when she saw it. tresured the moment. Bill Condon put his finger on what drives Twilight romantic and not in a sappy sense it’s stirring. Bill hit the right tone other directors wouldn’t have Bill is a huge fan of the story

On playing a mom

YOur born or not to be strongly, strongly maternal. One of my favortite things from day one was that there could never be enough of that for me. Stephenie felt the same and totally supported this. It was the one aspect I was most exicted to play. What better way to show animalistic side that maother protecting. I’ve always had a great relatioship with my mom. She can be a bit feral but all moms are like that. I can’t wait to be a mom…BUT…I CAN WAIT!

Endong of franchise

I don’t feel like I have to walk away from this I will always carry this (she says this with huge smile on her face)

Glad it’s over? Happy that the story is completely and fully told in 5 years. But not excited just to be done with the experience. reshoots conversations with past directors it’s just falls back into a wonderful feeling will miss that constantly happening. It is a little sad and strange things move. But again I don’t feel like I’m giving this up

On Phenomena

I can’t define that and I get asked all teh time. Jokes “If I could I’d phenomena all day”

Would I do another franchise

It’s a huge committemtn and I’m not a fan of anything on particular like comic books that I feel super passionate about, but never say never

What would she get for Christmas

Kristen stewart says “I don’t know” looks at the Twilight sites and asks us. We all froze and then I said “lots of babysitting from Rosalie”

Would she live forever


On buying herself anyspecial with twilight money

no not really

Kristen Stewart in Telva Interview

Kristen Stewart talked to Telva Magazine about On The Road and Twilight. here are some of the Twilight details.


“Suddenly there were thousands of people who wanted to see us. The bosses of Summit were there rubbing their hands. I could see the dollar sign in their eyes. I thought ‘what the hell is this?’ And in fact that’s when the craziness, the tight schedules, the photoshoots and the interviews started.” she tells. I ask her when she felt the turning point happened. “When I couldn’t take a stroll without having to watch my back.” she says with an expression of horror. And Kristen was already familiar with this world. She was born in the San Ferdinando Valley, LA; her parents, “eccentric, funny and kind of hippy” as she describes them, worked in the business. Her childhood was happy and stable – “I come from a close-knit, warm and loyal family” – which is something rare for young stars.



I’ll be clear, Kristen has never turned into someone she is not. Nor does she feel like she has to free herself from Bella’s characters in order not to be type-cast. “I’d go crazy if I did it. Thanks to Bella I don’t have to fight for every role I want to play.”


See the full interview on Twilightish

Video: Kristen Stewart Talks About Breaking Dawn’s Impact and Her Next Project Potential

Kristen Stewart sat down with MTV’s Josh Horowitz at the TIFF and this is what she had to say.

Kristen Stewart Talks About Being Welcomed By Fans and On the Road

More videos of Kristen Stewart from the Toronto Film festival red carpet

Video: Kristen Stewart Jokes About Her Roundhouse Kick in the Breaking Dawn Trailer

MTV caught up with Kristen Stewart at the TIFF red carpet where her movie On the Road Premiered. She thanked fans for support and joked about why she beats up on Mountain Lions

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VMA host Kevin Hart Says Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Present at VMAs

According to Contact Music, Kevin Hart said the following:

From what I understand they’re both still gonna be here. I’m not really up to speed on the whole soap opera that’s been going on between them. I know they’ve got a movie to promote. ‘Twilight’s coming out so it makes sense for them to show up at the VMAs if you ask me.

“[Although] I don’t really care.”

Kristen Stewart in Vogue 120

Vogue is featuring the 120 people under 45 with the biggest influence on fashion. Kristen Stewart is featured with Balenciaga’s designing powerhouse Nicolas Ghesquière who according to Vogue, “[he]began as a backroom boy at Balenciaga when the company name meant virtually nothing. The career trajectory of the most innovative French designer of his generation has long since placed the house at the apex of Parisian influence; his blend of high-tech, sci-fi thinking and haute couture technique is inimitable (though many, many try). He’s here with Kristen Stewart, who wears Balenciaga constantly and is the face of its new fragrance, Florabotanica.”