MySpace Video: Kristen arm wrestles, Rob steals underwear and Taylor wants to sparkle

Host Andrew Freund sits down with the ‘Twilight’ cast for MySpace and plays a hilarious game of ‘Who’s More Likely

“Who’s More Likely To…” with the cast of Breaking Dawn Part 2

TrailerParkToo | Myspace Video

Video: Kristen Stewart Plays Giant Quarters With Jimmy Fallon and More

Kristen Stewart had a blast hanging out with Jimmy Fallon last night.

Video: Bill Condon Talks Fierce Warrior Kristen Stewart with VH1 and Kristen has her Own Take

Vh1 sat down with Kristen Stewart and Bill Condon to chat Breaking Dawn part 2.

Video: Kristen Stewart on Today Show

Kristen is making the rounds of New York talk shows today.  She started on the Today Show this morning.  Even though she mentions several aspects of playing vampire Bella, its her answer to the last question that will keep everyone talking.  “Are you back together with Robert Pattinson?”  Watch the video and find out! 

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Video: Kristen Stewart on Jay Leno

Video: The Improper Asks Rob, Kristen, and Taylor about Past and Future

Video: Kristen Stewart Talks Bella’s Newborn Strength

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on Mind Blowing Love Scenes, trio relationship

What is amazing vampire sex like, how od the three of them interact, and looking back over the years.

Video Kristen Stewart defining the Twilight ride and more on Access Hollywood

Kristen talks being a mom on screen and the Twilight ride.

Full Video of Kristen Stewart Q & A at Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference

You can watch the video, or read the full transcript here if the player is slow. Laura asked Kristen question at the 4:50 mark. Later on in the video (21:00 mark) she is asked what Bella would want for Christmas and she says “I don’t know” and asked all the fansites what we thought. It was funny because we were all live blogging and had our heads buried in our laptops and didn’t realize at first she was talking to all of us and when we figured it out we totally froze. I finally shouted out babysitting from Rosealie