Kristen Stewart in Telva Interview

Kristen Stewart talked to Telva Magazine about On The Road and Twilight. here are some of the Twilight details.


“Suddenly there were thousands of people who wanted to see us. The bosses of Summit were there rubbing their hands. I could see the dollar sign in their eyes. I thought ‘what the hell is this?’ And in fact that’s when the craziness, the tight schedules, the photoshoots and the interviews started.” she tells. I ask her when she felt the turning point happened. “When I couldn’t take a stroll without having to watch my back.” she says with an expression of horror. And Kristen was already familiar with this world. She was born in the San Ferdinando Valley, LA; her parents, “eccentric, funny and kind of hippy” as she describes them, worked in the business. Her childhood was happy and stable – “I come from a close-knit, warm and loyal family” – which is something rare for young stars.



I’ll be clear, Kristen has never turned into someone she is not. Nor does she feel like she has to free herself from Bella’s characters in order not to be type-cast. “I’d go crazy if I did it. Thanks to Bella I don’t have to fight for every role I want to play.”


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  1. I still think she’s young and very, very immature, although I like her. Maybe she is that way because she was raised the way she was. She will grow out of it, she just seems to be taking longer than most. Please no hate coments, because I really don’t hate her, I just am not crazy about her acting or her attitude. Compared to Ahley, Taylor, and well, all of the rest, she is just silly & immature. This to shall pass, she will go on to do huge things, and be a good actor eventually, just not now. I do think she’s very beautiful, and who wouldn’t want to be her.

  2. Kristen is so real. People call her fake all the time, but I don’t think so. She’s very down-to-earth and I’m not surprised at all she came from a good family. Yeah, maybe her acting can get just a little better, but I think she is awesome at what she does. Kristen really is gorgeous. She doesn’t have that common kind of beauty. She’s unique. I’m a big Kristen fan 😀

  3. Kessehu James says:

    I love Kristen. She is one of my favorite actress. I can’t wait to see her coming projects and where her future career takes her.

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