Kristen Stewart in Vogue 120

Vogue is featuring the 120 people under 45 with the biggest influence on fashion. Kristen Stewart is featured with Balenciaga’s designing powerhouse Nicolas Ghesquière who according to Vogue, “[he]began as a backroom boy at Balenciaga when the company name meant virtually nothing. The career trajectory of the most innovative French designer of his generation has long since placed the house at the apex of Parisian influence; his blend of high-tech, sci-fi thinking and haute couture technique is inimitable (though many, many try). He’s here with Kristen Stewart, who wears Balenciaga constantly and is the face of its new fragrance, Florabotanica.”


  1. LadyLovesLeo says:

    Careful Kristen, that’s how rumors get started. Love the freaking awesome picture of Flo on the horse!

  2. Was this before the scandal or after it?

  3. Gigi Cullen says:

    I totally agree with Daniel Giardiello Jr, Kristen Stewart is a great young actor and should be supported. Why oh why is she being condemned and Rupert Sanders is getting nothing. It takes 2 to tango people and she is the only one be blamed. Nice double sandard. Plus, What happend with her and Sanders has nothing to do with her acting at all, end of story. BTW, is is a beautiful young woman and always looks amazing as well.

    • so. here is my soapbox… i have been struggling with this and whether to say anything or not. daniel and gigi, i completely agree and decided to get this off my chest. double standards are so rampant in the world today. and kristen is getting the worst of it. what happened was wrong. but, i don’t know of any other instance of people tearing down any another celebrity like this. this fan base can build kristen back up if we choose to. and we should. she has apologized, asked for forgiveness and wants the healing process to start for everyone. as strong as we are, we can help her do that. we can help them all do that. we have moved mountains before, let’s do it again. for a woman who is being destroyed who shouldn’t be. and for the cast and the crew and our community that doesn’t need to tear itself apart anymore.

    • I think part of it is because Kristen is so famous. Seriously, did you even know who Rupert Sanders was before “the scandal?” I certainly didn’t. I couldn’t have cared less who produced SWATH.

      I am a late-comer to the “Kristen Stewart bandwagon.” I thought the first Twilight movie was HORRIBLE and can’t stand watching it to this day. However, seeing her in other films HAS made me a fan, let the critics say what she will. And her personal life has NOTHING to do with her movies.

      As far as “the scandal” goes, I’m not condoning her actions but there is NO person on this planet who has the right to judge her. We have all made mistakes of some kind in our life and none of us should be casting the first stone.

  4. Christina says:

    She’s gorgeous, but that beauty hides an ugly soul. 🙁 A very sad realization for Twilight fans. 🙁

    • Because she made this one mistake, you say she has an “ugly soul???” That’s rather harsh isn’t it? I hope your friends and family are not this harsh to YOU when you mess up & trust me, NONE of us are perfect!!!

  5. Love you Kristen !!!!!!

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