Kristen Stewart Talks About Being Welcomed By Fans and On the Road

More videos of Kristen Stewart from the Toronto Film festival red carpet


  1. Kristen Stewart looks so good !! that dress is absolutely divine and i loved seeing her out and about again. i am so excited for the film !

  2. Love her!
    I just want to give her a big ol’ hug! (and I’m not really a hugger type)
    Can’t wait for this film!!!!

  3. After the last few months, its really nice to see Kristen out, looking beautiful, and promoting a movie she is so proud of. People are down on her, but lets be honest, she is young, and in Hollywood. Compared to what other young Hollywood stars are doing, she has handled herself well.

    I think she is a rare gem among young actresses. She does the roles that appeal to her, she has her own personal life, she doesn’t seek attention outside of her job, and does not cater to the idea that she has to fit in a mold. She doesn’t flirt and bat her lashes through interviews, she is just raw, stuttering, and real. I just love her, mistakes and all

  4. I have never been much of a Kristen Stewart fan. I must say that she has grown on me throughout this entire series. People have always made comments about her, but she has never changed who she is to make the media happy and I applaud her for that. In regards to her “affair,” I don’t know all of the details, but I think the media is making it much larger than it is. First of all, “an affair” is something that is on-going and involves more scandalous things than kissing…at least in my book. From the pictures I’ve seen, Rupert is the one that seems to be all over her and most likely initiated it. Why is it that nobody seems to be upset with the MARRIED man? How many of us had a moment of indiscretion in our lives…especially when we were young? Now that I’m married, I would never cheat. It’s a different situation when you’ve committed yourself to one person legally and spiritually. I’m sure this is hard for Rob too. Even if he wanted to forgive Kristen and take her back, he would always be “that guy” who let his girlfriend cheat on him. Hollywood has already put the kabosh to this relationship. Only Rob and Kristen can decide whether it’s the pressure of the business that is making their decision for them or if it is their true feelings.

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