MTV Interviews Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner Breaking Dawn part 2

The footage should go live circa 8:00pm


  1. smitten_by_twilight says

    I love Josh but MTV clips bite worse than vampires … guys, when you break a 30 minute video into 5 minute clips, there is at least 6 times the chance of video failure. Why not one long clip with commericials embedded, if its important to you to structure the ads in the middle of everything?

  2. FINALLYYY, we get to see Rob and Kristen speaking togerther publically. A lot of laughter. Nervous laughter if I’m not mistaken… Seems like they’re doing well- Rob and Kristen. Taylor’s just there, Haha. It was interesting to watch how they interacted. Really awkward interview.

    • I agree. It was kind of sad to watch Rob. He seems more cynical, and like he doesn’t want to be there. Like it’s Kristen’s thing not his. Stop it Rob! We have loved you from day 1 and still do!!!! The drama between Robsten is a little apparent even though they are trying hard not to let it show. It’s still just too soon… I’m rooting for them.

  3. They SO look like they want to be anywhere but there.

  4. smitten_by_twilight says

    I disagree. They look just the same as they do for every interview … they are not people who philosophically like to prep much for interviews, they aspire to being sincere and forthright without a lot of prep. Taylor is always the smoothest, Rob is always funny, self-deprecating, and Kris is always really sincere and fairly serious with her answers. They always slouch (which drives me crazy) and they always giggle. Kris always seems physically more comfortable with Taylor because she and Rob always try so hard not to PDA during filmed interviews. They’re in their groove.

  5. Anybody know where we can see these videos in the UK?

    As is usual, MTV UK doesn’t think we need to see them