VMA host Kevin Hart Says Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Present at VMAs

According to Contact Music, Kevin Hart said the following:

From what I understand they’re both still gonna be here. I’m not really up to speed on the whole soap opera that’s been going on between them. I know they’ve got a movie to promote. ‘Twilight’s coming out so it makes sense for them to show up at the VMAs if you ask me.

“[Although] I don’t really care.”


  1. i doubt it. kristen is gonna be in toronto promoting OTR. whatever happens between kristen and rob is between kristen and rob. it’s really none of our business

  2. Whoa! I didnt’ expect to see that. However she is scheduled to attend the TIFF tomorrow. Perhaps she and Rob will appear briefly to present the trailer and then leave. They’re both known to not stay at award show functions for very long. It will be good to see both of them again,drama aside.

  3. Haha the last part, ” although I don’t really care” lol.

  4. I luv the last part lol cuz I seriously dnt care anymore and if they do it I believe their b professional but not b next to each other like b4

  5. Some tend to forget that they started out as friends first. So I don’t ever think it will be awkward for them to be around each other. They have a bond that no one else understands,except them. So whether they both appear at the VMAs tomorrow night or not,doesn’t make a difference in their friendship.

    • Believe me, I know from personal experience that no matter how good of a friendship you had before the romance it is ALWAYS awkward to be around your ex after a breakup like that. Especially in a crowd where everyone knows the reason for the breakup. It will be impossible for it to NOT be awkward.

      • I agree. She cheated on him & it was huge news around the entire world. It will definitely be awkward…

  6. I doubt Kristen will be there she is in Toronto. Maybe they made two seperate videos of them. I wish it could be a different situation but dreaming does no cost a thing!?

  7. I think that they are both good enough actors that they can put on a good front for at least a few minutes.

  8. I mean, I hope we can see them there. But Kristen is at TIFF. They might be doing a pre-recorded video of them. Or Rob is there, but Kristen could be skyping in or something.

  9. anntaylor16 says

    woo! that would be cool